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How to Win at Scrabble

HOW TO... BEAT YOUR FAMILY AT BOARD GAMES Everytime S. How to Win at SCRABBLE Back 2 School Learn some 2 and 3-letter words, here are some of the highest scoring: E, X, O, X, . K. I, К. А, "without" "a kind "a Sumerian "a spiritual of cow" goddess" entity" X, I, Z A, X, U, J. 0, 10 "the 14th letter "beloved one, "slang for pizza" (it's in the "a Vietnamese in the Greek coin" or darling" alphabet" dictionary!) Use Up Your Vowels There are plenty of 2-letter, vowel-only words too: AA AL A I, O, E, O, I, "lava with a "a Venezuelan "an exclamation "grandchild" in Scottish rough surface" three-toed sloth" of dismay" Or, why not try, E. euouae. (ju:'u:i) music. (In medieval music) a mnemonic used to recall the sequence of tones in a particular passage of the Gloria Patri. Know Your Tiles Don't hold out, hoping for that second "K". Make sure you know roughly how many tiles exist for each letter. KEY: Common Rare A A A A. A, A A A A, B, B. C. C. D. D. D. D. E. E, E, E, E. E. E, E E. E, E. E, F. F. G. G. G. H. H. I 1 1 I. I.1.1.1 1, J. K. L. L. L, L. M, M, N, N, N. N. N. N, O, 0, 0, 0, 0, O, 0, 0, P. P.Q R. R. R R. R. RS S. S, S, T. T, T T T, T U, U U, U, V. V. W. w. X, Y. Y. Z. Double Up With "S" Add an "S" to an existing word to pluralise it and score big! W. I,N. N, E. R.S I, C, E, Bonus Squares Play the long game and try to migrate your words in the direction of bonus squares for triple digit scores! Lay Out Your Rack Putting common word endings on the right hand side of your rack will help you spot options. [E D. I, jN.jG. ER, Look For Upgrades Why settle for "Host" when you can have "Ghost"? G, H,0, S. T, Z, Sources,,, Brought to You By: CLIMA DOOR

How to Win at Scrabble

shared by RFox91 on Jan 17
Say goodbye to discreetly looking up words on your phone to get ahead at Scrabble! You can convince your friends and family that you are a human thesaurus and up your tactical game with this infograph...


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