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How T.V. is Changing Our World

TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS ΤΟΤΤ ΤΥΤ HOUSEHOLDS in the world 2013 1.2 BILLION WITH TV SUBSCRIPTIONS 2013 How N. America 117 NILLION IV. Europe 177 MILLION is changing our world 380 MILLION Asia Latin America 40 MILLION Middle East/ Africa 145 MILLION EUROPE national POV battles in media European affairs: ASIA 68 OF EU CITIZENS DO NOT FEEL SUFFICIENTLY INFORMED ON EU AFFAIRS UNITED STATES Chinese censorship: What is banned? 58 79% BIZARRE PLOTS, ABSURD TECHNIQUES, TIME TRAVEL PROPAGATING FEUDAL SUPERSTITIONS, FATALISM, REINCARNATION, TALKING ANIMALS, AMBIGUOUS MORAL LESSONS, LACK OF POSITIVE THINKING By age 65, an average American will spend % TVIS THE FIRST CHOICE TO BECOME INFORMED. 9YEARS WATCHING TV With so many languages and cultures: national TV channels often report on European topics of Americans believe that By age 18, a US youth will have seen: television violence FROM A NATIONAL POINT OF VIEW FOR A NATIONAL AUDIENCE 16,000 SIMULATED MURDERS 200,000 ACTS OF VIOLENCE influences real-life violence China only allows Should the E.U. follow the UK's example? 34 FOREIGN FILMS to be released in the country every year TODAY: REALITY TV MAKES UP 15 OF THE TOP 20 HIGHEST-RATED PROGRAMS AMONG ADULTS MIDDL E EAST In the UK, they attempt to reduce bias by charging for a TVLICENSE FEE 1990'S: SATELLITE TELEVISION BROUGHT BIG CHANGE TO THE MIDDLE EAST The Arab nationalism The annual fee: f49 FOR B&W movement was revived with satellite tv Subjects that were once taboo can now be seen on television LATIN AMERICA £145.5 FOR COLOR More and more programs breach the topics of: TELENOVELAS: Funds the BBC for ad-free, theoretically influence-free news O SEX DIVORCE RELIGION Emerging telenovelas are intertwined with basic lessons to better health and education AFRICA Topic examples: O visiting the doctor regularly 14 OF FAMILIES OWN A TV E catching cancer in its early stages (sub-Saharan Africans) Jo planning for end-of-life care THE NEW AFRICAN TELEVISION MARKET "MORE THAN HALF OF [LATINOS] ARE WATCHING THEM." CONSISTS OF OVER 400 CHANNELS WwW.DIRECT-TICKET.NET 80% of television channels are run by private broadcasters (sub-Saharan Africa) SOURCES DIRECT TICKET http://w2.parentstvorg/main/Research/Facts.aspx http://www.paleycenterorg/window-to-middle-east-producers-guide Says Dr. Michael Rodriguez, a primary care physician at UCLA Pewered by DirectStarTV ΑΝΤΑPCTΓICA: There's an American base there: It gets MCCURDO STATION 3 TV STATIONS Originally had just one station that only ran vintage programs provided by the military DIVILOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

How T.V. is Changing Our World

shared by NowSourcing on Aug 20
This infographic provides a deeper look into how T.V. is changing the world around us.


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