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How To Survive a Stag Do for Beginners

The Ist timers guide to surviving a stag do Stag nights are bound to be eventful, especially if it is planned right. However, to make it a celebration worth remembering for the right reasons, here is the ultimate survival guide to which a first timer should stick. For the first timer: If you have been invited for the first time to a stag do, here's what you will have to keep in mind: Eating is not cheating: It is always wise to eat before drinking, as food helps lower the alcohol absorbing capacity of the body. Avoid drinking in rounds: It is wise not to drink faster to keep up with everyone else, just drink enough to have a good time. Know the meeting point: Each stag should know the meeting point so that nobody gets lost before the party. Stay hydrated: Drinking a glass of water between two drinks will keep you from dehydration and prevent you from getting drunk too quickly. Don't mix it up: Mixing up different drinks will cause worse hangovers and will take much longer to get absorb. For the best man: If you are the best man putting a stag do together for the first time, here are things you should keep in mind: Talk it out: Talk to the groom about his level of endurance (obscene games, comedy strippers, etc.). You don't want the groom to feel awkward or mildly humiliated at his own party! .--- Date it right: Make sure the party isn't too close to the wedding so everyone has plenty of time for recovery. Just in case! Choose the destination: You may hit an up-market pub or club, or just have a house party depending upon the people you are planning for. Plan ahead of the hangover. It's best to have prior backups to beat post-party woes. Tips for the post-party morning: NHS recommends the following to tame Other tips that might come in handy:: your stomach: Sugary food/ fruits: To absorb the alcohol from Keep Paracetamol-based painkillers to beat the terrible headache that might follow. your stomach. Lots of water: Prevents dehydration. Get yourself back to bed to let your body regain its form. A steaming bowl of veggie soup: To keep you high on nutrition. Do not drive. Call a cab or keep a designated driver who remains sober through the night. Fruit juice: To restore the drained-out Vitamin A, B, and C. A caffeinated drink is proven to provide short-term help. It's not just about boozing: You can always skip the drinkathon and have an adventure stag weekend instead. Here is a list of popular activities the party goers can indulge in on their adventure trip: Clay pigeon shooting 4*4 Field Quad Highland Off-Roading archery safari games Top adventure destinations for a stag-do: In the UK, the top 5 destinations for a fun-filled stag do are: Cardiff Bristol Brighton Edinburgh London Don't forget: Here are some essentials you should keep in mind while packing your bag for the stag getaway for the first time: Toothbrush and toothpaste 8 Passport Camera Travel first aid kit Boarding pass/ tickets Details of destination Shaving foam and razor Wallet Prescription medicines References: mad máx O-

How To Survive a Stag Do for Beginners

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So, it’s your first stag experience and you’re probably wondering what to expect. Take a look at this visual and gain some valuable advice to help you survive a stag do.



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