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How structure must propel your story

How structure MUST PROPELYOUR STORY A VISUAL GUIDE The best films & plays will explore essential aspects of human nature. To do this well, they need structure THE ART OF STORYTELLING + CHARACTER PLOT Who is your protagonist, Why do we care? What do they want? What is the story about?, What journey will you take your audience on? 1 Exposition/Set-Up Introduce your characters What is the What is their flaw? world that they inhabit? What are they lacking? Your main protagonist will be forced to confront their lack/flaw by the arrival of... 2 THE INCITING INCIDENT This will awaken a character's desire Louise shoots a man who is trying to rape Thelma Luke Skywalker's aunt & uncle are murdered by the Empire Michael's father, Don Vito Corleone, is shot by a rival family Luke decides to help Princess Leia Thelma & Louise decide to Michael Corleone is compelled to avenge his father go on the run The Midpoint A change or shift, for better or worse, in your protagonist's affairs. Thelma & Louise meet J.D (played by Brad Pitt. Luke, Han, Chewie, & Obi-Wan are taken aboard the Death Star. Michael Corleone kills Solozzo and Captain McCluskey 4 Falling Action/Reversal The character may face a reversal of fortune, or a new tension or drama may throw new obstacles in their way. 城 Thelma & Louise are forced to rob a convenience store Vito Corleone dies, leaving Michael as the new Don. Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan Kenobi whilst Luke watches Climax/Resolution The character or protagonist finds release from their predicament. Thelma & Louise gain true independence Luke Skywalker opens his mind to the Force & and destroys the Death Star. Michael Corleone destroys his enemies and solidifies his power. As they overcome their flaw, we see them become whole. End

How structure must propel your story

shared by SallyBraith on Feb 11
Structure is key to any play, film or novel. Whilst there is some discussion over how many acts your story will need, there is a broad consensus that any blockbuster film or auditorium-filling play/mu...


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