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How Much Would it Cost to Ship Daenerys’ Army?

GAME THRONES HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST... FOR DAENERYS TARGARYEN TO SHIP HER ARMY TO WESTEROS? DOTHRAKI HORSES HORSES x 100,000 54,000,000KG TOTAL WEIGHT SHIPS REQUIRED 54,000,000KG 400 TOTAL COST £8,300,000 $10.749.330 WEAPONRY SHIELDS SHORT SPEARS SWORDS ARAKHS x 7,500 x7,500 x 7,500 x 100,000 45,000KG 9,000KG 7,500KG 178,000KG TOTAL WEIGHT. SHIPS REQUIRED 239,500KG 12 TOTAL COST £5,029,500 $6513,705.45 ROYAL COUNCIL VARYS DAENERYS TARGARYEN TYRION LANNISTER GREY WORM MISSANDEI х1 х1 х1 х1 х1 52KG SOKG 86KG 85KG 6IKG TOTAL WEIGHT SHIPS REQUIR ED 334KG 13* * Including 12 armed escort ships TOTAL COST £1,932,000 $2.503.205.46 FOOD COSTS HAY FOR HORSES DOTHRAKI & UNSULLIED PER DAY PER DAY 800,000KG 1,025,75OKG TOTAL WEIGHT (PER DAY) SHIPS REQUIRED 1,825,750KG 143 TOTAL COST (FOR 7 DAYS) £150,785,250 $195,297,055.80 DOTHRAKI TROOPS TROOPS x 100,000 9,842,954KG TOTAL WEIGHT SHIPS REQUIRED 9,842,954KG 400 TOTAL COST £7,900,000 $10.235,674.50 UNSULLIED TROOPS TROOPS x 7,500 642,987KG TOTAL WEIGHT SHIPS REQUIRED 642,987KG 30 TOTAL COST £592,500 $767,406 TOTAL COST DOTHRAKI HORSES WEAPONRY £8,300,000 £5,029,500 $10,749,330 $6,513,705.45 ROYAL COUNCIL FOOD COSTS £1,932,000 £150,785,250 $2.503.205.46 $ DOTHRAKI TROOPS UNSULLIED TROOPS £7,900,000 £592,500 $10,235,674.50 $767,406 SHIPS REQUIRED 998 TOTAL COST £174,539,250 $226,129,561.51 SOURCES GameofThrones, gameofthrones.wikia, reddit, thisisinsidertg, awoiaf.westeros, winteriscoming, quora, timeanddate, horseandhound, gdfb, starsunfolded, healthyceleb, hollywoodmeasurements, thebalance, imdb, howtallis, thehorse Exchange rates acurate as of 30th June 2017 move INTEANATIONAL "For a Faster, Safer, Smarter Move"

How Much Would it Cost to Ship Daenerys’ Army?

shared by Eavesy on Jul 05
Check out how much it would cost for Daenerys Targaryen to ship her army to Westeros by checking out this piece from 1st Move.


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