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How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa?

How Much Would It Gost To Be Santa? Number of children, cost and weight of toys Children in the world: 32.8% of the world's population is aged 0-17, giving us a total of 2.43 billion childrent, 2, 3 They are split up across the world in the following ways: North America Europe and Russia 190m 291m Africa East Asia 399m and Oceania 988m4 South America India 139m 411m To produce a toy for each child in the world, we must first assign a budget. One McDonald's Happy Meal toy costs 43 cents to produces, so we can comfortably assume a $10 budget per child to cover manufacturing, packaging and wrapping paper and producing a nice toy for each child. The total cost to manufacture a single, packaged and wrapped toy for each child would be $24.3 billion In order to ship the toys, we need to know the volume and weight. We will assume a weight of 2kg per child, and a volume of 0.01 m³. In total then, we need to ship 4.86bn kg, with a volume of 48.6m m3. Manufacturing headquarters Although Santa lives in the North Pole (or Finland, or Alaska, depending on who you ask), setting up the required manufacturing operation in these locations isn't feasible. Therefore the most sensible location for a modern headquarters would be China, specifically Shenzhenº. This will be our origin for all shipping calculations. NORTH POLE relocated to Shenzhen Shipping the toys As much as you might want to take to the skies on your reindeer powered sleigh, becoming Santa will unfortunately mean a more realistic approach. This means you'll need to ship the toys to the world's children, and there's only two ways of doing that – by air or by road and ocean. By air isn't possible, as there simply isn't enough planes available. Modern cargo aircraft range in capacity from around 39,780 kg7 to 134,200 kgº. If we were to take the average of 80,000 kg per plane, we would need 60,750 long-haul flights, plus the same again in short-haul flights. The world has approximately 20,000 civilian aircraft° and 20,000 military aircraft20, most of which are not capable of long-haul flights. This mean you'll need to ship everything out by ocean and road, which (luckily) is the most cost-effective option. A standard 40-foot shipping container can take about 6,000 presents", meaning we'll need 405,000 containers. The world's largest container ships can carry about 9,000 containers2, so we'll only need 45 ships to carry all of the presents. To ship from China to each area will cost (worked out as cost / container x number of containers)13: Europe and Russia Hong Kong to Rotterdam $750 x 48,500 = $36.4m North America Asia Hong Kong to Los Angeles $1400 x 31,667 = $44.3m Hong Kong to Shanghai $400 x 507,167 = $39.5m South America Africa India Hong Kong to Panama $1450 x 23,167 = $33.6m Hong Kong to Egypt $625 x 66,500 = $41.6m Hong Kong to Mumbai $600 x 68,500 = $41.1m The presents will then need to be transported by road to their end destinations. The only way to work this out is to take an average distance – in this case, we'll use 3,853km (about the distance from California to Philadelphia)14. This would cost around $1100 per container in the USA, so using this as the overall cost we get a total of $446m. Total ocean shipping cost = $236m Total shipping cost (ocean and road) = $683m Room and board for your Elves Once Christmas is over, you'll need to relocate your elves back to the North Pole or Alaska, where presumably they'll undergo intensive product development, prototyping and research for next Christmas, as well as welcoming visitors to your year-round Christmas wonderland. Let's assume you have a full-time workforce of around 50,000 elves, and we're giving them a bedroom each. Using the average rent in Alaska of $1,050 for a two-bedroom apartment15, thať's $2.6m per month, or $31.5m for the year. As for food, the average cost for a family of four is $122 per week15, which works out to $1.5m per week, or $18.3m for the year. Total food and board costs = $49.8m Other costs Health insurance for elves You want to be a good employer, and if we're assuming the elves live in Alaska most of the year, you will need to provide them with adequate health insurance. The average annual health insurance cost per person in Alaska is $5,11216. Total health insurance for elves = $255.6m General insurance According to brokerage firm Towergate, to provide Father Christmas with non-standard home insurance, commercial property insurance, fire, theft and flooding cover, employer's liability insurance, vet insurance, travel insurance, commercial insurance, public liability insurance, goods-in-transit insurance and performing arts insurance would cost over $35m7. 2000000 Total insurance costs = $35.8m The suit You will, without question, need a high quality Santa suit, and you'll want at least ten of them to ensure there's always one available (even when some are being dry cleaned). A high-quality, custom-made Santa suit can easily cost $1,00018, so you'll be looking at ten times that cost at a minimum. Suit cost = $10,000 %3D TOTAL COST TO BE SANTA (FOR A YEAR) = $25,334.2m ($25.3bn) SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5's-happy-meal-toys/ 6 7 8 9 10 11 A standard shipping container has an internal volume of 67.6 m3. Accounting for fork life pallets, etc. you'll have around 60 m3 available per container. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Special thanks to Kynan Eng: PRODUCED BY AN EXPERIENCE IN FLOWERS

How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa?

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