How To Make An Animated Movie - Horror Movie - Action Movie

I WANT TO MAKE A SHORT FILM CONCEPTION -PRE- How do we get there? Van OK PRODUCTION Hitchhiking Do Thave an idea? NO YES Ineed equipment hаppу-camрers-r-и It's the story of a lumberjack who cuts off all contact with his family and goes off to live as a hermit in the forest. I PREPARE THE SCENE 1 Webcam? Camera? Mobile Phone? NO NO O NO (Long take of the lumberjack walking in the forest by night.) PUT TOGETHER A CAMPING BUDGET TOO LONG It's the story of a lumberjack who cuts off all contact with his family. YES try the music video ACTION! TOO LONG CASTING 1? .. 5? 8? -SCENE 2 It's the story of a lumberjack who cuts everything. SCENE 3- How many days are we shooting for? Tlook for I look for drama students I look for one of my relatives PROBLEME WITH THE SHOOT OK a young talent The camera has broken down Cost: 9000 € Talent: 75% Cost: 100 € Talent: 40% Cost: 0€ Talent: 2% I KNOW A Money: 0% Motivation: 120% Where is DudeJoe85? PRODUCER NO YES NO He is happy to produce. COOL THE SHOOT I need a film crew. but he wants to ЕН? change the script I DO AN INTERNET SEARCH I ask some friends Cost: 4 € . Experience: 1% he wants it to be set on the beach NO AH! There he is! Can he fix the camera? OK NO NO CYES SCENE 8 I LOOK FOR ANOTHER FINANCING I have a cameramen (DudeJoe85) and a soundman (Beethoven1770) - END OF THE SHOOT Already? advance purchase Itry and get regional funding ask the National Film Center my savings Only forests NO by day so far. I NEED TO FIND THESE LOCATIONS AND A 550 € - FOREST + OK AT NIGHT ? d a forest at night a lake a log cabin The first edit is 41 mins long. NO Ifound a lake down south near an abandoned cabin. For festivals, it's 40 mins max. Money: 40 % Motivation: 200% Cut the forest scene. OK Has somebody got some editing software? YES send the short to film festivals FAIL (Try Cannes) n°2456 NO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL my short gets an award YES MOVIE we'll just do one long take -POST- Send my movie to distributors. RELEASE PRODUCTION it was too short Twant to do a feature CANAL+ SHOOTING A FILM ISN'T THAT SIMPLE CANAL+ SUPPORTS THOSE WHO MAKE MOVIES

How To Make An Animated Movie - Horror Movie - Action Movie

shared by kcatoto on Dec 28
Everybody loves a well thought out flowchart with lots humor built-in. And these 5 ads from Canal+ has just that, plus they are very well executed. (Click on each flowchart to see the large version).






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