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How to Live Like Sitcom Family?

THE COST OF LIVING LIKE YOUR FAVORITE SITCOM FAMILY How much does it cost your favorite sitcom families to live their day-to-day lives? We went in search of the answers. THE SIMPSONS Though the show never mentions what state the Simpsons live in, creator Matt Groening has alluded to Springfield, Oregon, as the place they call home. HOMER'S SALARY: $51,544/year HOMER'S TAB AT MOE'S TAVERN: THE SIMPSONS' HOUSE: GROCERIES: MOE'S $182,500 $1,465/month ($927 monthly mortgage) $264/month for the family of five. (not counting tips) RUGRATS SALARY: Didi is a part-time teacher and child psychologist. Assuming she works two eight-hour days a week as a teacher and two eight-hour days as a child psychologist, she would bring home a year. HOUSING: GROCERIES: FAMILY DOG: The Rugrats' house in Yucaipa, California, would cost For Tommy's family (including his little brother, Dill): Keeping the Pickles' family dog, Spike, happy and healthy would cost $293,000 ($1,461 monthly mortgage). $799/month $567 a year REPTAR TOYS: Though Tommy's dad, Stu, is a toy inventor, he doesn't own the rights to the Reptar franchise, so the family still needs a toy budget. TOMMY'S FAMILY $742 WOULD SPEND yearly on toys. For all the kids in the show combined, toys would cost $2,226 annually. FAMILY GUY SALARY: Holding down a reliable job isn't Peter's strong suit (or Lois' for that matter), but his steadiest job to date has been at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toys factory. In this job, Peter would bring home about HAPPY- GO-LUCKY TOYS, INC. $23,320 a year. HOUSING: GROCERIES DOG FOOD: A house in the fictional town $1,169/month $21/month of Quahog, Rhode Island, would cost (for the humans) $219,100 The Drunkee Clar ($1,038 monthly mortgage). PETER'S TAB AT THE DRUNKEN CLAM: $480/month (not counting tips) COST OF THE CUSTOM PETERCOPTER (NEW): $463,800 + $11,658 yearly in insurance + $111 per hour of operation KING OF THE HILL SALARY: HOUSING: As a propane salesman, Hank would bring home about $51,000 A house in fictional Arlen, Texas, would cost a year. $217,700 (S1,030 monthly mortgage). BEER: GROCERIES: LAWN UPKEEP: $17/month, ALAMO including gas for the riding mower and lawn watering costs $119/month $1,165/month MARRIED.. WITH CHILDREN HOUSING: SALARY: As a shoe salesman, Al would bring home about a year. No wonder Peggy nags him about his low paychecks. A house in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, would cost $187,400 ($904 monthly mortgage). GROCERIES: PEGGY'S HAIR: One blowout each week at a mid-priced salon would cost the Bundys $192 a month. $1,048/month COST OF RUNNING NO MA'AM: Al Bundy's pro-men organization NO MA'AM probably raised donations for projects like starting a baseball team and opening a church, but it still would spend about $304 a month on bowling and beer. NO MA'AM THE BRADY BUNCH SALARY: As a city councilman, Mike Brady would pull in a handsome salary of $178,789 GROCERIES But he's also an architect, a job that brings in (including Alice, the housekeeper): $88,741 All together, Mike Brady would make $2,366/month or $267,530 $28,393/year a year. yearly. HOUSING: COLLEGE: Assuming all the kids went to public universities in California, college tuition for the six Brady kids would cost the family $55,038 each year. $2,100,000 Textbooks would cost ($13,479 monthly mortgage) the family another $18,000. FULL HOUSE SALARY: As a stand-up comedian, we can safely assume Danny would make while Uncle Jesse would make $51,000 Joey $42,000 yearly as a TV is bringing in next to co-host, from his work in the nothing. advertising business. All together, the adults of the household make $93,000 A YEAR. HOUSING: The average house in San Francisco costs: $1,155,000 (ouch!) That's a monthly $6,829. mortgage of The house featured in the show is estimated at $4,074,130! ($19,283/month) Uncle Jesse's hair products: $29/month GROCERIES: $2,178/month or (one bottle of high-quality volumizing mousse and one bottle of high-quality hair gel) $26,146/year DID YOU KNOW? The real Brady family house is in Studio City, California, and has had the same owner since 1973. Springfield, Massachusetts, is the only large Springfield in America that has a nearby gorge. In King of the Hill, Bobby Hill has a Bart Simpson doll on the top of his bookshelf. Rugrats is the second-longest-running Nickelodeon show of all time. Spongebob Squarepants is the longest-running Nickelodeon show. fat walet com Source:

How to Live Like Sitcom Family?

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