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How to formulate the perfect escape plan

How To Formulate The Perfect •ESCAPE PLAN• Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. KNOW THE LAYOUT Deceived and wrongly imprisoned in the most protected and fortified prison ever built, his only chance to survive is to devise a daring, Be Able To Navigate It Blind elaborate, nearly impossible escape plan. This is his cognitive map, his mental checklist. There is no margin for error. His future depends on flawlessly executing HOW MANY SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ARE THERE? WHERE ARE THEY? every detail. WHAT MATERIALS ARE USED IN THE STRUCTURES? RAV BRESLIN INMATE #33057590-300 JUST HOW SECURE IS SOLITARY? X3 10 DIGIT COMBINATION GUARD KEY WHAT KIND OF LOCK IS ON YOUR CELL? WHERE DOES EACH HALLWAY LEAD? HOW MANY GUARDS ARE IN YOUR IMMEDIATE PATH? UNDERSTAND THE ROUTINE A Moment Can't Be Missed WHEN DO THE GUARDS CHANGE SHIFTS? HOW MANY GUARDS ARE ON DUTY AT ANY GIVEN TIME? WHERE DO THEY TAKE THEIR MANDATORY BREAK? HOW OFTEN DO THEY TAKE BATHROOM BREAKS? WHEN IS EACH SHIFT'S MEAL TIME? 3 GET HELP FROM OUTSIDE OR IN You Can't Do It Alone WHO HAS A NEED THAT CAN BE EXPLOITED? WHICH INMATES CAN YOU TRUST? WHAT CAN (AND CAN'T) BE SEEN FROM THE GUARD TOWER? WHAT OBSTACLES ARE BEYOND THE WALL? HOW CLOSE CAN A DRIVER GET? 1 ESCAPE

How to formulate the perfect escape plan

shared by Beynart on Sep 21
This is he 2-nd infographic with Sly Stallone and is featured for one of his new Action films: Escape Plan.


lionsgate ENT




prison jails


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