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How Fast are Sci-Fi Ships?

THE FASTEST SHIP UNIVERSE IN THE RELATIVISTIC SHIPS ACCELERATION IN G FORCE (G = 9.8M/S^2] VOYAGER 1 (NASA) Gravity Assist OG DISCOVERY ONE (2001: A Space Odyssey) Nuclear-powered magnotoplasmadynamic thrusters 0.000026 RED DWARF (Red Dwarf) Hydrogen engines, fuel collected via large scope at front 0.000033G RAGNAROK (Final Fantasy VIII) Reaction-model 12-step compression turbines 0.015G DELOREAN (Back to the Future) Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor / flux capacitor 0.346 JUPITER 2 (Lost in Space) Two deutronium-annihilation atomic motors 0.55G THUNDERBIRD 3 (Thunderbirds) lon drive / chemical rockets 1.12G SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY (NASA) Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 3G SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM [SLS] (Interstellar) Solid fuel, liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen 3.8G SATURN V, APOLLO 11 (NASA) Saturn V SA-506 3.946 SERENITY (Firefly) Trace compression block engine 4.2G CYLON RAIDER (Battlestar Galactica) FTL drive 7.56 MOON ROCKET X-FLR6 (Tintin) Nuclear rocket engine 8G COLONIAL VIPERMARK VII (Battlestar Galactica) 3 turbo-thrust engines 96 THUNDERFIGHTER (Buck Rogers) Fusion 9.46 KAL-EL'S ESCAPE POD (Superman: The Movie) 11G THE EVENT HORIZON (Event Horizon) lon drive 30G SWORDFISH II (Cowboy Bebop) Rolls-Royce AF-15C axial fusion aero-spike turbine 50G PROJECT ORION (NASA) Nuclear pulse propulsion 100G DEATH (humans) 100G TIE FIGHTERS (Star Wars) Twin ion engine 4, 100G Acceleration of a proton in the Large Hadron Collider 27-kilometer ring of superconducting magnets 1,900,000,000G FASTER THAN LIGHT SPEED IN C [C = 299,792,458 M / SI USCSS PROMETHEUS (Prometheus) 4 ion-powered plasma engines 19.5C FIREBALL XL5 (Fireball XL5) Nutomic reactor 24C USCSS NOSTROMO (Alien) Rolls-Royce N66 Cyclone thrust engines 44C THE ARK (Transformers) 4 hyperfuel intake accelerators 115C THE USS SULACO (Aliens) Hyperdrive tachyon shunt ---- 271C USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 (Star Trek) Warp drive 512C PILLAR OF AUTUMN (Halo) Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine 959C USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 D (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Warp drive 1,649C USS VOYAGER (Star Trek: Voyager) Warp drive 1,909C BORG CUBE (Star Trek: The Next Generation) 7,912C PRAWN MOTHERSHIP (District 9) 11,119C EAGLE 5 (Space Balls) Liquid Schwartz 89,998C ASCENDANT JUSTICE (Halo) 333, 164C MOYA (Farscape) Starburst 365,250C THE GUNSTAR (The Last Starfighter) Stardrive hyperdrive system 701,280C DEATH STAR (Star Wars) Sepma 30-5 sublight engines 1,142,500C THE RODGER YOUNG (Starship Troopers) 1,300,000C GALACTICA [BS-75] (Battlestar Galactica) 1,680,000C AXIOM (Wall-E) 2, 190,000C IMPERIAL II-CLASS STAR DESTROYER (Star Wars) lon engine 2,285,000C TRIMAXION DRONE SHIP "MAX" (Flight of the Navigator) Phaelon technology / David's brain 4,460,000C X-WING T-65 STARFIGHTER (Star Wars) Thrust engines and hyperdrive 4,570,000C SAMUS' GUNSHIP (Metroid) Dual engines 6,500,000C SLAVE 1 (Empire Strikes Back) lon engine 6,500,000C MILLENNIUM FALCON (Star Wars) Class 0.5 hyperdrive 9,130,000C DAEDALUS (Stargate) Asgard hyperdrive 60,000,000C SPACEBALL 1 (Space Balls) Secret hyperjets 1,360,000,000C PLANET EXPRESS (Futurama) Dark matter reactors with afterburners that move the universe around the ship; Later, whale oil 4,870,000,000,000C THE TARDIS (Dr. Who) The sentient 'Heart of the Tardis' is powered by both the Time Vortex and the Eye of Harmony, which is an exploding star permanently suspended in time 10,000,000,000,000,000C HEART OF GOLD (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Improbability drive FAlet. SOURCE: com

How Fast are Sci-Fi Ships?

shared by archaznable01 on Aug 13
Spaceships are on the verge of becoming important part of our daily lives, at least this is what sci-fi fans hope for. No matter whether you like old classics or you are passionate about modern sci-fi...



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