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How to Build LEGO Megastructure?

HOW MANY LEGO WOULD IT TAKE TO BUILD SCI-FI MEGASTRUCTURES? With LEGO, it's often said you can "create your own universe." So to get your imagination running wild, we've decided to LEGO-fy some of science fiction's most memorable icons. From hoverboards to Death Stars, here's how many LEGO it would take to make just a few of the classics, along with a couple of real-world items to help put it all in perspective. (Also, please put your toys away when you're done. Your mom isn't going to be happy if she has to pick up a quadrillion LEGO off the living room floor.) REDELEGO IDENTITY DISC 850 RED PILL/BLUE PILL (THE MATRIX) 12TH DOCTOR'S SONIC SCREWDRIVER 300 (TRON) LEGO MATTEL HOVERBOARD LEGO (DOCTOR WHO) LEGO 2,050 (BACK TO THE FUTURE 2) BABY GROOT 550 BENNY'S SPACESHIP 940 LEGO (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) (LEGO MOVIE) LEGO NIKE AIR 2015 SHOES 1,500 LEGO (BACK TO THE FUTURE 2) "Larger models need both a steel structure and gluing of the bricks to prevent them from collapsing on their own weight. I've made a 1.5x1x1.5 m model with no glue at all, although in retrospect I probably should have glued it." JOHNNY 5 17,450 (SHORT CIRCUIT) R202 16,000 LEGO LEGO (STAR WARS) (BACK TO THE FUTURE 2) FLYING DELOREAN 573,314 LEGO "A working car has been built from LEGO. A steel structure would be necessary, real tires (if we want it to run smoothly), real engine... also I'm quite sure the LEGO bricks wouldn't fancy the temperatures around the engine.". POLICE BOX LIGHT CYCLE 120,217 LEGO (TRON) THE TARDIS 150,977 (DOCTOR WHO) LEGO "A much more precise number for a life-size LEGO TARDIS: about GROOT 334,235 150,000 bricks. This is from a friend of (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) LEGO mine who actually made one. You have to decide whether you want to build its outside or inside. The latter ECTO 1 955,200 would be much more fun." LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS) AT-AT 12.4 million LEGO (STAR WARS) SCORPION GUNSHIP 3.2 million (AVATAR) LEGO X WING 5.5 million LEGO BATMOBILE (STAR WARS) 918,589 (BATMAN '89) LEGO THE MILLENNIUM FALCON 15.5 million LEGO (STAR WARS) (AMERICAN SPACECRAFT) LEGO SPACE SHUTTLE 58.3 million "I am not sure how LEGO would survive the constant radiation and extreme temperatures. It would definitely be an interesting (albeit expensive) experiment to perform!" NASA has shown that plastics are pound-for-pound more effective for shielding against cosmic radiation than aluminum! SATURN V 104.9 million LEGO (AMERICAN SPACECRAFT) S.H.I.E.L.D. HELICARRIER 81.7 million LEGO (AVENGERS) | "In space, it would be hard to keep Itrack of pieces, in addition to the | space suit making it difficult to grab the pieces and build precisely." DISCOVERY ONE 186.3 million LEGO (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY) THE HEART OF GOLD 162.1 million LEGO (HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY) FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE 850 million LEGO (SUPERMAN) MOTHERSHIP 999 million LEGO NSEA PROTECTOR (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) 1.5 billion LEGO (GALAXY QUEST) "A full-size house has in fact been built, as part of James May's Toy Stories series. The Avengers Tower would definitely be an interesting one to build! Definitely not a life-size one, but a nice scale model would be cool to do." THE STARSHIP ENTERPRISE 13.5 billion LEGO (STAR TREK) AVENGERS TOWER 6.6 billion LEGO (AVENGERS) SPACE ELEVATOR 18 billion LEGO (SPACE CONCEPT) THE DARK ASTER 42.5 billion LEGO (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) THE AXIOM 463 billion LEGO (WALL.E) THE BORG CUBE 255 billion LEGO (STAR TREK) SPACEBALL ONE 544 billion LEGO (SPACEBALLS) HALO MEGASTRUCTURE 102 trillion LEGO (HALO) THE DEATH STAR 435 trillion LEGO (STAR WARS) "It would be a really nice experiment to see how many bricks it takes before a structure collapses on itself due to its own gravity (e.g., Death Star). A bit unfeasible though, I'm afra :)" The average 2x2 brick withstand 950 pounds. Comments by LEGO Certified Builder Matija Puzar http:/ EBATES

How to Build LEGO Megastructure?

shared by ebates on Apr 03
The LEGO building blocks are great for building pretty much everything, including your favorite sci-fi megastructure! Whether you want the Millennium Falcon or a space shuttle, its totally possible! C...



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