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How The Beatles Sang eCommerce

ABANDONAID PRESENTS Do You Want to Know a Secret? How The Beatles Sang eCommerce Whether they're myth or truth, the secretmessages in The Beatles' lyrics are part of the quartet's intrigue. Their words were even deemed prophetic. And now, we finally see their prophecy, decades later, as it's divulged that the words to theirhugely popular songs can easily be attributed to eCommerce tips. Here are a few examples showing how The Beatles sang about eCommerce. 89% PLEASE ME OF CONSUMERS Customer Service 47% begin doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience MINUTES The timeframe within which 71% of shoppers expect assistance OF SHOPPERS actively seek customer service through social media ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Ratings & Reviews 50 10-20% The number of online reviews a product needs to garner a 4.6% increase in conversion rates 81% The click-through rates (CTR) increase from links originating in reviews of shoppers cite that recommendations on social media directly impact their purchase decisions 74% FROM ME TO YOU Shipping Costs 200% of shoppers abandon purchases due to high delivery charges 75% The rate at which online shoppers respond to free shipping offers versus price discounts of shoppers add items to their carts in order to qualify for free shipping Htello, Goodbye Customer Re-engagement 67% 55% originate froma re-engagement email enticing customers to of cart purchase items left in HOUR conversions their shopping carts The amount of time a company has to re-engage customers to return to purchase items abandoned in their shopping carts of cart abandoners spend even more than they abandoned after receiving an encouraging email to returm purchase DRIVE MY CAR(T) 84% 59% Personalization of marketers of shoppers see ROI benefit when say a personalized shopping experience makes it is easier to find what they're looking for 56% using behavioral targeting for personalization of shoppers who receive personalized recommendations are more likely to return Paperback Writer Published Content 75% 75% 97% 15 OF SHOPPERS believe that companies behind content are interested in of eCommerce experts building good relationships recommend hosting a niche blog with pertinent, interesting, well-written, non-sales oriented content MORE INBOUND links come from companies that blog REFERENCES Comscore's 2013 UPS Pe ofde Oulipe Socor Oline T Converion Optmation krv le a ucoeuful call oaction vou can leam from hulood Twiter is a Pottial Contender for eCommerce Dominance Bnshtocals 201 Local Coumer Reviey Sunuey Frve Wiys Nache eCo ce Stes Can eat Amaon How Every eCommerce Site Should Do Online Marketing Personalzed eCo e Systes Brdet abando t case stadin and tips to belp improve your eovenion tes SalesCvle 2013 QI Report Beorfies Of Belansoral Marketing July 2013 (CHART] RashNow Custoo xpriemce lpact Report 2011 BlogHer. Wom and Social Meia 2012 Hubpot The State of abound Madetina T0 Cutom Media Contetology y E-commerce consmer reviews why you peed them ad how to use them Retention Scimce. Report Online Shoppers More Likely To Repond To Free Shipping Offm Thn Price Descounts White House Odice of Conumer Affairn, dangton I Cat Abandoemt States What t Means to Your eConmce Site Cuntors Say Buying Decisions Are lftarmced By Online Revirns (Zended) AbandonAid | | [email protected]

How The Beatles Sang eCommerce

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This infographic shares insightful stats and tips for ecommerce merchants -- all gleaned (loosely, hehe) from the legendary music of The Beatles. Just in time for The Beatles' 50th!


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