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How To Beat Your Family at Monopoly

HOW TO... BEAT YOUR FAMILY AT BOARD GAMES Every time How to Win at MONOPOLY Buy Early & Buy Plenty Whatever you land on – buy it. The more you own, the more rent you'll collect. Know the Footfall Learn which properties see the most footfall and are therefore the most profitable. KEY: Least Landed-On Most Landed-On Orange is Best As a set, the orange properties are the most landed-on. This is most likely related to their proximity to jail. Don't Bet on Brown The cheaper brown properties are some of the least landed-on properties. Combined with their low rent returns, don't expect too much in profit. Adapted from Monopoly Heatmap Simulated Game ( by Christian Hansen Create a 'Monopoly' Getting a set of colours is called a 'monopoly' – it doubles your rent and lets you place houses and hotels on your properties. (5) x2 + Poach Properties Buy any properties you know other players are after, especially if it blocks a monopoly. You can use it as a bargaining chip later. Stations & Utilities The payback from stations & utilities is only significant if you have a full set of either. Your money is better spent on hotels and houses for your properties. Do buy a station if it blocks someone else's monopoly though! STATIONS UTILITIES Time Big Purchases Carefully Wait until you're nearly at 'Go' before buying houses or hotels for your properties – there's less chance of a financial penalty at that end of the board and you'll collect cash at 'Goʻ if anything does come up. Optimum Big Spending Zone Consider Some Jail Time A bit of jail time later on in the game is no bad thing, especially if it stops you from landing on other players' properties. Try your luck with the dice instead. Sources,,,, Brought to You By: CLIMA DOOR

How To Beat Your Family at Monopoly

shared by RFox91 on Jan 17
Grab your knuckle-dusters, someone has just broken out Monopoly. No one really wins a game of Monopoly, you simply quit when you realise your opponents are heartless, ruthless capitalists at their cor...




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