The Houses Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

GAME OF [HRONES WESTEROS 101: THE HOUSES OF HOUSE STARK EDDARD STARK BENJEN STARK CATELYN STARK LYSA ARRYN HOUSE ARYNN KEY LYANNA STARK JON ARRYN SPOUSES DEAD DEAD Eddard and Benjen's sister. Former love interest of King Robert Former Hand of the King Mentor of Eddard Stark and King Robert OFFSPRING JOSEPH MAWLE First Ranger of the Night's Watch at the Wall MICHELLE FAIRLEY Lady of Winterfell and sister of Lysa Arryn KATE DICKI Thied wife of Jon Arryn, sister of Catelyn Stark SIBLINGS ROBIN*ARRYN SEAN BEAN Lord of Winterfell and the new Hand of the King. Helped King Robert depose the previous ruler of Westeros, King Aerys Targaryen. HOUSE TARGARYEN KING AERYS TARGARYEN ROBB STARK SANSA STARK ARYA STARK BRAN STARK RICKON STARK DEAD LINO FACIOLI KOlled in the rebellion and Heir to House Arryn and Lond of the Eyrie replaced by Robert Baratheon PRINCESS DAENERYS PRINCE VISERYS TARGARYEN TARGARYEN RICHARD MADDEN SOPHIE TURNER MAISIE WILLIAMS ISAAC HEMPSTEAD-WRIGHT ART PARKINSsON Eldest son and heir to Winterfell Eldest daughter, Betrothed to Prince Joffrey Baratheon Youngest daughter Middle son Youngest son JON SNOW THEON GREYJOY MAESTER LUWIN EMILIA CLARKE HARRY LOYD Exiled with her brother and given in marriage to Khal Drogo. Also known as "Daenerys Stormborn" Deposed heir to the Iron Throne. Lives across the sea in Pentos, and plots a return to Westeros by forging an alliance with the Dothraki KIT HARINGTON ALFIE ALLEN DONALD SUMPTER Bastard son of Eddard Stark Hostage/ward of Eddard Stark and heir of the Iron Islands Counselor and tutor for House Stark KHAL DROGO ILLYRIO MOPATIS JORAH MORMONT TYWIN LANNISTER HOUSE LANNISTER QUEEN CERSEI BARATHEON KING ROBERT BARATHEON JASON MOMOA Warlord of the Dothraki people ROGER ALLAM IAIN GLEN Anexiled knight in service to House Targaryen Wealthy magister of the city of Pentos. The Targaryens' host and advisor CHARLES DANCE RENLY BARATHEON Widower, Lord ofCasterly Rock MAESTER PYCELLE SANDOR CLEGANE TYRION LANNISTER JAIME LANNISTER GETHIN ANTHONY Brother to King Robert, Master of Laws and Loed of Stom's End LENA HEADEY MARK ADDY Married King Robert to join the Ruler of Westeros and Lord of King's Landing. Overthrew King Targaryen in "Rober with Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn JULIAN GLOVER RORY MCCANN Sworn shield to Prince Joffey. Aso known as "The Hound" houses of Lannister and heon Rebell Counselor and healer for House Baratheon PETYR BAELISH VARYS PRINCESS MYRCELLA BARATHEON PRINCE JOFFREY PRINCE TOMMEN BARATHEON BARATHEON PETER DINKLAGE NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU Younger brother of Jaime and Cersei. Nicknamed "Imp" for his dwarfism Twin Brother of Queen Cersel and heir to Casterly Rock AIDAN GILLEN Master of Coin. Aso known as "LItefinger CONLETH HILL Master of Whispers "Robin Arryn's name has been changed from its original version (Robert) in George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones Information compiled from: HBO, and SCREENRANT Image created by Michael Crider. ©2011 Screen Rant, LLC. SCREEN RANT.COM HOUSE BARATHEON JACK GLEESON Eldest son and heir to the Iron Theone Rotrothed to Sansa Stark AIMEE RICHARDSON CALLUM WHARRY Only daughter Youngest son "Game of Thrones' ©2011 Home Box Office Inc.

The Houses Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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‘Game Of Thrones’ has finally begun, and following the various characters and families won’t be easy. We’ve compiled an infographic to help get viewers acquainted with family tree of Westeros.


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