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Homes & Headquarters: 18 of the Best Home Bases in Fiction

HOMES&HEADQUARTERS: 18 OF THE BEST HOME BASES IN FICTION TOP SECRET Heroes, villains, and all the characters in between need a place to kick their feet up and plan their next adventure. These homes and headquarters aren't just interesting because of what they are - but also for the awesome gadgets and features hidden within them! Ever wonder what kind of team it would take to outfit the Batcave or the Power Rangers' Command Center? Let us give you a tour! Below we've listed some of our favorite headquarters, their features, and the primary elements of home design and care that go into maintaining them. THE BATCAVE THE BATCOMPUTER: (Batman universe) A supercomputer with all the capabilities of a modern national security agency, the Batcomputer is used to monitor crisis points in Gotham and beyond, synthesize new compounds, and perform light-speed research. BATMAN'S GARAGE: Featuring a hydraulic lift and turntable, this is where Batman keeps his jets, helicopters, and of course the Batmobile. Main Home Elements Garages, Doors, and Openers Additions and Remodeling THE LUCKY 38 (Fallout: New Vegas) MR. HOUSE'S SUPERCOMPUTER: While Mr. House's body slumbers in his hibernation chamber. his brain is linked to this sophisticated information network. From this SECURITRON ARMY: Not so much a secret, but a great feature. Controlled from the Lucky 38. the securitrons are New Vegas's security and Mr. House's private army. One of them is even programmed to be his girlfriend. Mr. House can communicate remotely through any of them. computer, an army of robot securitrons and the Lucky 38's security system are controlled. This allows for near immortality and effective omniscience over New Vegas. 38 Main Home Elements Roofing and Gutters Senior In-Home Care THE COMMAND CENTER (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) ZORDON'S PLASMA TUBE: The wise galactic sage Zordon communicates through this tube from outside of normal time, His wisdom is key in the fight against evil. ALPHA 5: Daily maintenance of the Zords, weapons, and Command Center THE VIEWING GLOBE: Look to the viewing globe! This device allows you to pinpoint any evildoers in the nearby area. facilities falls to this excitable, but diligent, little robot. Main Home Elements Home Theater System or Media Center Installation Maid Service THE USS ENTERPRISE (Star Trek series) CAPTAIN'S COMMAND CHAIR: Displays information about all the ship's systems. Voice commands can be issued to any part of the ship from here. REPLICATOR: Dematerializes matter and rematerializes it into a new form - such as a cocktail, clothing, or even machine parts. BIOBED: Can diagnose and treat wounds and illnesses of all kinds. Primarily designed for internal surgery and intensive care. Main Home Elements Electrical & Computer Installation Energy Efficient Appliances THE END OF TIME (Chrono Trigger) SPEKKIO: The self-titled "Master of War." A PORTALS THROUGH TIME: great teacher of magic. These portals allow access to key moments in history. Main Home Elements Construction Manager Decks, Porches, and Patios THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE (Superman universe) PHANTOM ZONE PROJECTOR: Used to send and call beings to and from the Phantom Zone, a prison realm outside of normal space-time. THE BOTTLE CITY OF KANDOR: An intact city from Krypton, shrunken and stolen from the planet before its destruction. Coveted throughout the universe for the secrets it holds. Main Home Elements Home Security Winterize Roofing/Gutters THE OBLIVION BAR ALWAYS OPEN: (DC Comics) The bar has entrances and exits in many places throughout the world and the multiverse. CONNECTIONS: The Oblivion Bar is a gathering place for those with magic powers. If you need a ciue about something magical, it can be found here. Main Home Elements Cabinets & Countertops Windows & Doors THE MONEY BIN (DuckTales) TAKE A SWIM!: The Money Bin contains three cubic acres of Scrooge McDuck's wealth. One of his favorite past-times is taking a swim in it. щи Main Home Elements Home Security II Foundation Installation ABANDONED CITY A SECRET ITSELF: Silva's abandoned island leaves plenty of room and privacy for harmless target practice, hacking, spying, and anything else a super villain's evil heart could possibly desire. (Skyfall) Main Home Elements Remodeling Concrete, Brick, and Stone Work KAMI'S LOOKOUT (Dragon Ball Z) HHI. IH" THE BOTTOM OF THE LOOKOUT: THE HYPERBOLIC TIME Passing through the Shinsenkai allows one to access all the winds of the world. Perfect for when CHAMBER: A door to another time dimension, where a day outside equals a year inside, is hidden in the Lookout. Heroes you need to get somewhere in a hurry. use this to maximize their training time. Main Home Elements I Landscaping Gazebo Construction WATCHTOWER II (DC Comics) THE WATCHTOWER COMMAND CENTER: From here, the Justice League can monitor all crime and evil-doing on Earth, It's connected to several teleporters, hangars, and living quarters, so that the League can spring into action quickly. BINARY FUSION GENERATOR: Watchtower II could expel the whole output of its nuclear power plant through a gun, making it an orbital nuclear platform. Although designed for defense, this understandably made Earth's politicians nervous. Main Home Elements Home Solar Energy I: Central Air Conditioning THE WARNER BROTHERS WATER TOWER (Animaniacs) YOUR VERY OWN LOG FLUME!: Why wouldn't you want one of these in your house?! SECRET ROLLER COASTER: The Water Tower is "bigger on the inside," which leaves room for more of the basic necessities of life. Main Home Elements Swimming Pools & Spas Walls & Ceiling Remodeling ZIM'S HOUSE (Invader Zim) UNDERGROUND LAB: For the aspiring alien to plot world domination. Also a great place to store vehicles, inventions, and science specimens. PARENTAL UNITS: Perfect for keeping pesky missionaries, salespeople, and neighbors away. Main Home Elements Plumbing Home Security & Alarms THE ROOM OF REQUIREMENT (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) JUST WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR: Lost something? Chances are you'll find it here. SAFE HAVEN: The room's unique features make it the perfect sanctuary for any secret organization. Main Home Elements Waste Material & Junk Removal Fireplaces STARK TOWER (Marvel Comics) STARK A SUIT FOR EVERY J.A.R.V.I.S. : In addition to being the perfect butler, this Al companion can assist with science experiments, run calculations, and produce complex engineering blueprints. OCCASION: Iron Man's suits can be deployed at a moment's notice - with or without a pilot - making them an excellent security system. Main Home Elements Patio Installation Electrical & Computers MOJO JOJO'S OBSERVATORY HIS EVIL (The Powerpuff Girls) VOLCANO LAIR: Townsville's volcano mountain is an inconvenience to EYE IN THE SKY: some, but a source of power for others. Just make sure to keep kids from swimming in the moat. A telescope is the perfect device for spotting evil opportunities across Townsville! Main Home Elements Geothermal Energy Skylights THE TARDIS (Dr. Who series) CAMOUFLAGE: A well-kept secret because it's.well.broken at the moment. But if it weren't, POLICE BOX POLICE E BOX you could disguise your hideout as anything! As a police telephone box, it has a retro charm. Main Home Elements Frequent Remodeling Lighting & Design THE VENTURE COMPOUND (The Venture Bros.) ALL-PURPOSE The Venture Compound's massive estate contains hangars and a full service runway for any type of aircraft. BROCK SAMSON: The ultimate security system. Forget the lasers, robots, and the Oo Ray - you're safe with Brock. He's a good mechanic, to boot. Main Home Elements Handyman Services Driveway Laying Sources: | HomeAdvisor | |

Homes & Headquarters: 18 of the Best Home Bases in Fiction

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Our favorite fictional characters are always out on adventures. But at the end of the day, they need a place to kick their feet up and relax. Within every secret headquarter is contained a bevvy of hi...




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