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Home Alone House Protection

PROTECTING YOUR HOUSE НOME ALONe STYLE Crafty scoundrels are trying to make their way into your home. Now, we could call the police straight away, but that would be too simple right? Let's have a look at how you can deter intruders, using some creativity and brute force, 'Home Alone' style. Marv Harry "The Wet Bandits' The Ground Floor 4 Living Room Foyer Kitchen Dining Room (2 (1) Location: Kitchen Entrance Marv and Harry Method: Gun through catflap Marv - injury to head Harry - shot to crotch (lasting effects unknown) Victim: Injury: 2) Location: Main Entrance Marv and Harry Victim: Method: Icy steps Injury: Marv - slips on stairs, sustains swinging crow bar to the head Harry - slips on stairs, repeatedly.. (2 3) Location: Basement Entrance Victim: Marv Method: Swinging hot iron Tar on stairs Injury: Facial burns and possible concussion Sticky bare feet 3 4) Location: Kitchen Entrance Harry Method: Door handle flame trigger Burns to the scalp, Victim: Injury: loss of hair (7 (5 11 5 Location: Living Room Victim: Marv Method: Glass Christmas baubles on floor Injury: Lacerations to feet 6 Location: Dining Room Harry Victim: Method: Clingfilm, glue, feathers and a fan Injury: Insult 7 Location: Foyer Victim: Harry and Marv Method: Toy cars to slip on, swinging paint cans from bannister Injury: Injured backs, head injuries Harry loses a gold tooth! 8) Location: Top of stairs Victim: Harry and Marv Method: Trip rope Spider Crowbar 8 Injury: Unconciousness due to tripping over rope Marv tries to kill spider on Harry with crowbar but hits him in chest, Harry retaliates with crowbar - bruising and cuts to head and torso Treehouse The Attic 9) Location: Zip wire from attic to treehouse Victim: Harry and Marv Method: Cutting zip wire Injury: Rope burns to hands, swing back into brick wall (high impact, possible bruising), fall into snow (likely frostbite) 10 Location: Outside house Harry and Marv Method: Old man with spade Concussion, black eye Victim: Injury: FINAL ASSAULT. ARRESTS MADE. SUCCESS! Brought to you by: berkeleybuild

Home Alone House Protection

shared by BoomOnline on Jan 18
You’re leaving your house, you lock the door, it clicks into place and you’re on your way…but something isn’t right. You feel like something is missing. You’ve lost all the joy and wonder of...


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