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The Hobbit Insurance

HÖBBIT INSURANCE BILBO BAGGINS £211.25 Annually [Building and Contents] *Insurance is invalid during escapades that involve leaving the house for 60 days or more. LOW RISK FLOOD Situated on a hill at a safe distance from any rivers, Bag End was assessed as having minimal flood risk. STORM Despite Erebor's very low chance of flooding, the materials and labour that would be required to rebuild the complex mean we unfortunately can't give Smaug a Buildings quote. * The Shire's usually temperate weather means Bag End was assessed as having negligible storm risk. A Erebor is much more likely to be subject to adverse weather conditions (especially at SUBSIDENCE the top of the property), but the construction of the mountain is pretty solid. Thanks to the sound construction techniques used by Hobbits, Bilbo gets a chunk shaved off his premium for having minimal subsidence risk. BURGLARY It's rumored that Bag End has riches hidden away in the walls, so you'd think Bilbo would have added some window locks. But alas, the Hobbit (who has been labelled as a Being a mountain, Erebor is likely to be subject to some subsidence over the next few thousand years. Not knowing how far down the mines go makes Erebor a risky bet professional burglar himself) has overlooked this basic bit of home security. to insure. SMOKE & FIRE Forbes estimate Smaug's wealth at £38.4 billion. Combine that with a Both Bilbo and Frodo are regular pipe smokers with no smoke alarms in team of dwarven vandals led by a diminutive burglar and you've got trouble. Don't get us started on the unearthed mithril their Hobbit Hole. Their risk of fire is high. Erebor the Lonely Mountain also has a in the mines below. high risk of fire thanks to its inhabitant Smaug the Dragon – although his smoking habits are somewhat unconventional. HIGH RISK EREBOR (THE LAIR OF SMAUG) £3.8m Annually [Contents only]

The Hobbit Insurance

shared by Mikepiphany on Feb 18
How much would it cost Bilbo or Frodo to insure Bag End? Or what would have happened if the Dwarves had actually had contents insurance before Smaug came to visit?




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