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The History Of Zombie Walks

ZOMRIE THE ABRIEF INSIGHT INTO THE WIDE SPREADING PHENOMENON The rapidly emerging phenomenon of 'Zombie Walking'has been taking the UK by storm over the last 3 years. Organised Zombie Walks are now quite common in large cities. Zombie Walks are essentially organised gatherings of people dressed up in zombie costumes, who meet at well known public places. As well as walking in a zombie-like fashion along a predetermined route, the walkers also affect strange sounding zombie 'noises' and mannerisms. OCTOBER 2003 AUGUST 19, 2001 THE FIRST ZOMBIE GATHERING RUN AS A NON-PROMOTIONAL EVENT AND BILLED AS A "ZOMBIE WALK" WAS HELD IN TORONTO, ONTARIO. IT WAS ORGANIZED BY THE EARLIEST ZOMBIE WALK ON RECORD WAS HELD IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA. THE EVENT, BILLED AS "THE ZOMBIE PARADE," WAS THE BRAIN-CHILD OF BRYNA LOVIG, WHO SUGGESTED IT TO THE ORGANIZERS OF THE TRASH FILM ORGY AS A WAY TO PROMOTE THEIR ANNUAL MIDNIGHT FILM FESTIVAL. LOCAL HORROR MOVIE FAN, THEA MUNSTER, AND HAD ONLY SIX PARTICIPANTS. IN SUBSEQUENT YEARS THE TORONTO ZOMBIE WALK GREW TREMENDOUSLY IN SIZE. ONE OF THE FIRST PARTICIPANTS IN THE TORONTO ZOMBIE WALK, HEATHER MCDERMID, MOVED TO VANCOUVER, B.C. AND SPREAD THE ZOMBIE WALK TRADITION JULY 27, 2002 IT WAS HELD AGAIN AND HAS SINCE BECOME AN ANNUAL EVENT. TO THAT CITY. THE ZOMBIE WALK STARTED ONE GLOOMY SUNDAY, A WEEK BEFORE HALLOWS EVE IN 2003. A HANDFUL OF THE LIVING DEAD ROSE FROM THEIR GRAVES TO WANDER THE STREETS OF TORONTO IN SEARCH OF BRAINS. THE PLAGUE RETURNED EVERY YEAR, AND THE ZOMBIE COUNT GREW INTO A LARGE AND DEADICATED LEGION. NOT ONLY DID THE PLAGUE HIT TORONTO, IT HIT NEW YORK, VANCOUVER, OTTAWA, MELBOURNE AND NUMEROUS OTHER CITIES WORLD WIDE. 2011 MARKS THEIR NINTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH AN EXPECTATION OF OVER 5000 ZOMBIES! GITIES THAT HAVE ALL READY BEEN HIT BY THE 2OMBIE FEVER IN THE U.K Birmingham, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Worcester, York RECOMING A 2OMBIE: A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE CREATING YOUR ZOMBIE COSTUME This can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want: the only rule is, whatever you choose to wear will generally end up being unwearable afterwards. A) In-ground Zombies: If you were in the ground, you had to get out, right? This means it is time to get muddy! Did you have a nice burial? Youl need to ruin a nice dark suit B) Above Did you get bitten by a zombie whilst playing football, scuba diving or cooking in your kitchen? As a zombie, you aren't the most agile creature on earth and sometimes, your lunch fights back. Consequently. your wardrobe can take a beating rips and tears occur. Rip and tear your clothes cuts tend to be too clean and break the illusion. Knees, elbows, and seams are good areas. ound Zombies: Blood: Have you eaten yet? If sa you'll probably want to leave some stains. Use some common sense in placemen and the more the merrier: but, if you are going to be at a party for a few hours it's probably a good idea to be a bit restrained with the blood or it will end up all over the Eyes: To finish the undead zombie look, contact lenses are worth their weight in gold. If your zombies still have human eves then they will lose something in their translation. White contacts are good for that final touch. carpet, bathroom, hosts and walls if you're not careful Colours and Shading: There are as many colours of Zombie as there are fish in the sea, dark browns, greens, somethi traditional is probably best. Speech: This means grunting and groaning. Purists who draw their definitions feom the original Romero Living Dead films will claim that a zombie would never have the ability to call for brains' and furthermore that a zombie needs only living or freshly killed flesh for its sustenance, Zombie Make-Up: If it shows, Paint It. If your knee shows through a hole in your pants, it better not be nicely tanned, or it will spoil the look. If you reach for something you should not see bare skin or where the paint ends. and not the brain in particular. Accessories: Get a little creative with it, have fun. Wearing slip-ons? Maybe one slipped off, lose a shoe. Are you a bitten business boy? Carry around an open briefcase, and prepare stare at are at your watch a lot. Have you lost a limb? Make or buy a fake arm to get that to vacantly undead Zombies, as far as flying running and aerobics are concerned, are terible. From the moment that you have died your body begins to break down, muscles waste away, injuries do not heal and apart from an unearthly ignorance of pain, things in the motor department do not function well You fall down, conk into things and get caught on obstructions. WALK THE WALK 1) Move slowly: Your muscles have decayed since your death. Shuffle. 2) Your neck is broken, so let your head roll from side to side with 3) Have a limpc Dragging one of your leas behind you to catch un h the other always looks good uld weara 4) Let your hands and arms hang loosely from your sides only begin to raise them to grab your prey or open doors Vour movements, looking ahead of you with just one eye, only adds character to the zombie. but also gives you nicely bloodshot evyes and an inhuman s not of your foot and then thick socks as though your ankle has snapped. gaze PLANNING A ZOMBIE WALK 1. Plan your route: O Plan your route in advance. Talk to people or businesses who live or operate along the route, see if any of them will have a problem with a mob of zombies passing by. Be clear about the purpose of your event and what it plves. Most people are not going to have a problem with a good-spirited event that they've been notified about in advance. 2. Know your numbers: Any kind of event these days, once it's on the internet, can spread like wildfire. So try to keep an eye on who you're telling, and how many people are coming. If you think you'll have hundreds of zombies turning up, then as the organiser you're going to need to make sure there is a place to go and a place that knows you're coming. 3. Be sensible: Whether you're organising an event or just taking part, make sure you take responsibility for your actions. No matter how much make up you put on, you're still human. Don't do anything you wouldn't normaly do. So, don't be an idiot don't harass people or damage public property. And don't do anything ilegal. 4. Have fun: It's the whole point of zombie events right? Have fun, dressing up as zombiest The Resistance: O7HER CHARACTERS If you don't have time to dress up or want to be part of the walk without being a zombie, there are other options available to fit the theme. Some participants occasionally dress up as soldiers who are called in to contain the outbreak, or survivors who are trying to defend themselves from the onslaught of the zombie horde. Spreading the zombie virus: A strategy used to gain more realism, some zombie mobs will 'eat' victims to create new zombies. The better coordinated zombie mobs will establish a route and an easily recognizable signal, so that other participants can plant themselves, appearing as an otherwise ordinary human, along the route in old, tearable clothes, and as the mob shambles along it can discover and devour new victims. As the zombies surround the new victim to loudly feed, concealing him or her from witnesses' view, they tear clothes and quickly apply makeup and fake blood, to create a new zombie, who then shambles along with the ever-expanding pack to find new victims. http:/ walkaworld_records http:/

The History Of Zombie Walks

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Zombie walks have been a growing phenomenon in the past few years, but where did it all start, and how?


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