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The History of Superman

THE HISTORY OF SUPERMAN In the Superman story, change is the only constant. Since the 1930's when we first got a glimpse of the world's most treasured superhero, the storyline has been altered and updated many times. He is constantly reinventing himself so that every generation has a different version of Superman, making him relevant in any decade. Here is a brief look at the history of Superman starting at the very beginning. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the villainous Superman character who used his powers to terrorize criminals, he was soon changed into a hero instead The story was rejected by over 17 publishers before Siegel and Shuster had any success Superman's original powers included being: 1930'S SUPER STRONG (could lift a car over his head) SUPER JUMP (he was able to jump an eighth of a mile into the air!) SUPER FAST 1938 The Superman character was introduced as the sole survivor of the planet Krypton, his father Jor-El sent him to Earth where he was found and The first Superman story was published by fostered by Jonathan & Martha Kent. TAgTON DC Comics in "Action Comics" They brought him up on their farm in Smallville, Kansas where Clark began to develop superhuman abilities. Clark and his foster parents decided to COMICS "Action Comics" is where the original Superman story was laid out, he takes on a create a secret identity to allow him to use his powers in public and so... job as a news reporter so that he can be the first to know when and where crimes are SUPERMAN WAS BORN! taking place Superman's character is very much based on what is right at this stage, as opposed to what is legal 19305 LEX LUTHOR Lex Luthor (originally just "Luthor"), Superman's archenemy was introduced, he is a master strategist and finds ways to use peoples weaknesses against them His powers increase and Superman is now able to fly, has x-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision and heat vision. His body is now virtually indestructible and he has the ability to time travel 1940's "The adventures of Superman" series aired on radio starring Bud Collyer where audiences could hear for the first time the 2 voices that distinguish Clark Kent from Superman SUPERBOY 1941 1945 Superboy was introduced as an adolescent version of Superman where we learnt about Clark's high school days, young love and parents. Superboy also introduced Clark's dog Krypto, the heroes sidekick for fighting crime Fleischer Studios produced the first Superman cartoons in a series of eight short animated films which were followed by eight more produced instead by Famous Studios 1940 1952 THE ADVENTURES OF BRANIAC 1958 SUPERMAN Brainiac was introduced, the green robotic supervillain originally from the planet Colu. He uses advanced technology and spacecraft in his battles against Superman BIZARRO Superman's doppelganger foe, Bizarro was The first TV series named " The introduced, a grey skinned man who seems adventures of Superman" aired starring George Reeves to embody the complete opposite character to Superman 1959 SUPERGIRL (KARA ZOR-EL) Kara Zor-El as she is known in Krypton is introduced as Supergirl, Superman's cousin. On Earth she has similar powers to Superman and goes by the secret identity of Linda Lee Danvers 1950'S It was revealed that Superman's source of power was the Earths yellow sun which provided a surprising weakness of the hero, that without the sun he was powerless 1960's We found out that the hostility between Superman and Lex Luthor actually dates back to when the two were teenagers 96 Danny O'Neil begun writing the Superman comic series and changed Superman's job to a television news reporter Lana Lang became his co-anchor which created a love triangle between the two and Lois Lane 1971 1973 The TV series "Super Friends" aired where Superman was teamed with other heroes such as Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman in approximately 109 episodes SUPERMAN I (CHRISTOPHER REEVE) The first of 4 movies starring Christopher SUPER FRIENDS Reeve as Superman premiered directed by Richard Donner. The film follows the story of Superman arriving on Earth as a kid and using his found powers in adulthood for good against arch enemy LexLuthor 1978 1970'S SUPERMAN II 1980 Superman Il was released starring Christopher Reeve directed by Richard Lester. With Lex Luthor an escaped convict Superman has to choose between his love for Lois Lane (Who discovers the real Superman) or stopping his rival SUPERMAN II 1983 Superman IIl was released starring Christopher Reeve directed by Richard Lester. Clark Kent goes through some psychological issues as he starts questioning his use of power after being contaminated with Kryptonite DC Comics published a 12 issue series called "Crisis on Infinite Earths" which was used as a way to alter the histories of many of their characters including Superman 1985 SUPERGIRL WAS KILLED OFF by DC Comics in the Crisis NEW SUPERMAN 1986 Writer Alan Moore ended the Superman comic book series in "What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" THE MAN OF Writer John Byrne not long after brought STEEL the Superman stories back SUPERMAN IV 1987 The fourth and final Superman film "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" featuring Christopher Reeve was released. Lex Luthor returns after he escapes from prison with his mind set on destroying Superman. After taking a strand of hair from Superman he creates a clone super-human "Nuclear Man" who instigates a fierce battle between the two over Metropolis. NUCLEAR MAN 980'S LOIS &CLARK THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. 1992 1993 The new TV show called "Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman" aired starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher which was heavily concentrated on the SUPERMAN couple's relationship DIED! DC Comics kills Superman! The hero suffers major injuries in a fight with Doomsday which results 1996 in him dying in Lois Lane's arms... Lois and Clark got married after A number of new characters the hero finally revealed his double identity to her appeared claiming to be the original Superman including Steel and the new Superboy before the real Superman was finally resurrected 1990 SMALLVILLE "Smallville" the Superman TV series starring Tom Welling which focused on Clark Kent's life before he became a superhero 2001 2000's In Smallville it was revealed that Superman's famous "S" shield was more than just a family 2003 shield, it actually represented 'hope' back on Lex Luthor's character transitions from a his home planet of Krypton mad scientist to a business man and in a major storyline shakeup later becomes President of the United States of America 2006 2013 SUPERMAN RETURNS "Man of Steel" is released which "Superman Returns" movie was released starring Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey tells the Superman story from his infancy, stars include Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Amy Adams 20004 SOURCES webtise.

The History of Superman

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In the Superman story, change is the only constant. 8 Ball take a look at how the Superman story developed from the 1930's to the modern day Superman people recognise.


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