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The History of Riddick

RIDDICK IN CIN EMAS SEPT 4 HOME WORLD PLANET OF ORIGIN RACE FURYA FURYAN A near-extinct warrior race. Biologically stronger and hardier than other species. “FURYANS, DEFIANT TO THE END." AEREON BELIEVED EXTINCT / CURSED • LANDSCAPE ECCENTRIC ORBIT PLANETARY SYSTEM FURYA UNKNOWN Orbit: Eccentric and undefined Environment: Extremely harsh due to tidal and geological fluctuations SUN SKILLS/POWERS ATTRIBUTES ALPHA FURYAN ENDURANCE Riddick's superior strength and instincts are found in primal Alpha Furyans, who possess powers far superior to the normal Furyan race. STRENGTH SPECIAL SKILL DISLOCATION STAMINA SPEED RESISTANCE ACUTE SENSES TO INJURY Riddick is able to self dislocate his joints to help evasion and escape when imprisoned. QUICK RECOVERY AGILITY KEY POWER NIGHT VISION Riddick's unique 'eyeshine' sight, a blessing and a curse. PROS EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO LIGHT CONS ENHANCED SENSES GOGGLES MUST BE WORN IN DAYTIME ORIGINS SPIRITUAL MEDICAL Shirah: a spirit or madness? Whichever she is, As Riddick tels it, he had a near fatal 'surgical shine job' operation while in Slam City prison to help his prison break. Only Riddick knows the truth. her influence lead Riddick to take the Necromonger throne and, possibly, awoke the eyeshine power within him. CORNEA AQUEOUS NO ANAESTHETIC AVAILABLE DRILL Procedure involves cutting the cornea and drilling into the eye in order to inject a reflective chemical. This would leave Riddick's eyes extremely sensitive to light. He would now have to wear goggles to protect his eyes. LENS lur 20 1,000 CREDS VITREOUS COST OF SHINE JOB PROCEDURE MENTHOL BOVINE VETENRINARIAN RATE KOOLS Deal agreed where Riddick would pay a down payment of 20 Mentol Kools. WEAPON OF CHOICE ULAKS An expert with virtually any weapon, blades are close to Riddick's heart... and his enemies' throats. SECONDARY SERRATED EDGES KNIFE TYPICALLY USED IN TANDEM TEACUP COMPLEMENTS NATURAL MOTIONS OF USER'S ARMS AND HANDS IN CLOSE COMBAT MACHETE HISTORY Pursued by Merc 'Toombs' See CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Destroys Dark Athena Merc crew Kills Necromonger Lord Marshall Zhylaw See ASSAULT ON DARK ATHENA See CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Born on Furya/Zhylaw Furyan massacre Becomes Lord Marshall Betrayed/imprisoned/escapes Deep Storage See CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Joins Company Rangers Imprisoned on Crematoria, escapes See CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Gains infamous 1 million Credit bounty Imprisoned/escapes Butcher Bay Prison See ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY The Hunter Gratzner Crash See PITCH BLACK Captured by/escapes Kublai Khan See DARK FURY PRISON BREAKS CURRENT BOUNTY 1,000,000,000 WANTED MAN IMPRISONED / ESCAPED 5 PLANETS 6 IMPRISONED 3 SYSTEMS ***** 6 ESCAPED PRISONS HUBBLE BAY L BUTCHER BAY RIBALD S TANGIERS SLAM CREMATORIA PENAL FACILITY CORRECTIONAL PENAL CITY INSTITUTE COLONY ESCAPED EACH PRISON EASILY PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION VIOLENT SOCIOPATH AND A M RDERER WHILE IN SLAM CITY 11HRS:22MINS TIME INCARCERATED BEFORE ESCAPING In the process of escaping Riddick joined a mercenary team, he was the only one of 500 who managed to leave the planet alive. Rumour has it he killed most of his platoon. RIDDICK I DIED DURING ATTEMPTED ESCAPE I SURVIVED WHILE IN BUTCHER BAY *2 MINUTES DAILY TIME INMATES ALLOWED TO BE AWAKE IN TRIPLE-MAX CRYO-SLEEP SINGLE-MAX ESCAPED VIA SEWER SYSTEM 00 DOD DOUBLE-MAX ESCAPED VIA EXPLOSION IN MINING FACILITY TRIPLE-MAX DISCOVERED FLAW IN SYSTEM, HIJACKED ESCAPE SHIP RESEARCH LINKS · · VIN DI ESEL RIDDICK RU L E TH E DA R K CINEM AS SEPT 4 O 2013 RIDCICK PROOUCTIONS, INC. AI Rights Reserved.

The History of Riddick

shared by abundantuk on Sep 03
To celebrate the release of Riddick, we thought it time to educate you all about his origins. From Furya to Butcher Bay we've pretty much covered everything you could possibly need to know about Riddi...


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