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The History of Graffiti - in an Infographic!

GRAFFITI THROUGH THE ACES 15000 BC - 9000 BC (11015-17015 years ago) Cave Paintings at Lascaux Discovered in 1940 by 4 French and 600 1500 engravings Finest examples of European Paleolithic Art Some of the oldest marks people have made on the world. teenagers. paintings. BC AD 15 (2000 years ago) Latin Graffiti from Ancient Rome Translation: "Apollinaris, doctor to the emperor Titus, had a good crap here." Written in Herculaneum: "Apollinaris, medicus Titi Imperatoris hic cacavit bene. 315 (1700 years ago) Ancient Greek Graffiti on the wall of an Egyptian School Included: A passage about drugs from the Odyssey. 500 - 1500 (515 - 1515 years ago) Graffiti from the Middle Ages Influenced by an undercurrent of paganism running just beneath Christianity. Circles scratched into church walls to ward off evil. Coceyl 1OHNGORDON 1800's IRILL (215 years ago) European Graffiti in Ancient Egyptian Ruins European explorers couldn't help but write their names everywhere. 1900's |(115 years ago) Birth of the Graffiti Meme 1910 World War I Australian Soldiers wrote: "Foo was here". KLROY NAS HERE World War II US Gls wrote: "Kilroy was here". English solders recognized 'Mr. Chad," who would ask about whatever wartime supply was scarce at the time: "Wot, no tea?" 1920 KİLROÝ WAS 1930 HERE 1960's (55 years ago) 1940 Graffiti Meme Gets Intense CLAPTONG Graffiti Gets Political 1950 GÖD May 1968: Student protests and general strikes. Fiery words cropped up on walls all over Paris: "It is Forbidden to Forbid!" "Clapton is God" appeared all over England. 1970's & 1980's (45-35 years ago) Hip-hop + Graffiti = 1980 Whole new genre of lettering and art styles that have influenced urban culture tremendously. Styles were popularized in movies like Wild Style (1983) and Style Wars (1983). 1990 Distinct east coast styles, west coast styles, chicano styles, etc. Though this kind of graffiti is illegal, walls have been set aside for legal murals in graffiti style, and it has become a coveted art form. LATE 1980's AND 1990's |(25-35 years ago) Street art takes root Featuring strong contrast graphics and stencils. Sometimes with political messages and sometimes with quirky iconography. Artists like Shepherd Fairey and Banksy started on the street and leveraged their designs into books, films, t-shirts and other lucrative commercial products. ANDRE 7'4 520LB THE GIANT HAS PossE at. MARKY Sign up for more 000SL 315 008L 0061 0961

The History of Graffiti - in an Infographic!

shared by CarlaJohnson on Apr 30
One of our earliest posts was I, Claudius Was Here: Graffiti Through the Ages, where we broke down some great examples of early graffiti - from cave paintings to Latin scrawl on Roman public bathrooms...





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