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History of Banksy Graffiti Art

HISTORY OF BANKSY• GRAFFITI ART Taking to the streets in the dark of night, Banksy political and satirical graffiti and the increasing speculation of who he truly is. Posters, canvases, and tattoos have been sold and created for those true Banksy fans that appreciate his work as a masterpiece. known for his GORILLA IN A PINK MASK LOCATION On the side of a social club in Eastville, United Kingdom IMPACT It was accidentally painted over in 2011 by Saeed Ahmed, who told The Guardian, "I thought it was worthless. I didn't know it was valuable. That's why I painted over it." Ahmed is currently looking for ways to recover the artwork. 2001 HOPE GIRL LOCATION Can be found throughout London in various locations and is also known as Red Heart, Girl with the Red Balloon, There Always Hope Balloon Girl, etc. UPDATE A canvas version of this piece sold in 2007 for 37,200 pounds at Sotheby's auction. 2002 PULP FICTION LOCATION In London near the Old Street Tube station UPDATE London Transport workers painted over the piece in 2007 because "it created an atmosphere of social decay." 2002 ISRACL SECURITY BARRIAR' UNWELCOME INTERVENTION ESCAPISM SEA VIEW BALLOON DEBATE 2005 LOCATION On a stretch of the Palestinian side of the Israeli West Bank barrier UPDATE Guns were drawn at Banksy while he went to work adding each piece to the barrier wall. WINDOW ON THE WEST BANK ART ATTACK CUT IT OUT WALL HUNG LOVERS LOCATION On the side of a'sexual health clinic near the Bristol City Council's office IMPACT Sparked a debate with the city council until they let the public vote through an Internet poll if the artwork should stay or be removed. 93% requested it stay as is. In 2009 vandals splattered blue paint on the artwork. 2006. STROOT MAID LOCATION On a wall in Chalk Farm, North London IMPACT In 2008, Prudence Emma Staite created a version of this piece in Smarties candies that was displayed in the V&A Museum of Childhood in east London. 2006 GIRI SCARCHING LOCATION Wall of West Bank in Bethlehem "IMPACT Was used as a promotional piece for his exhibition in Santa's Ghetto to help draw a larger audience. 2007 UMBRALLA GIR. LOCATION On a New Orleans building damaged by hurricane Katrina that has yet to be reconstructed or restored. IMPACT Banksy created a stencil version on canvas that is now in the New Orleans Museum of Art. 2007 PARKNG 2010 LOCATION IMPACT Overlooking a parking lot beside Tarina Tarantino's fashion showroom in Los Angeles A local group was trying to turn a parking lot into a park near this piece of street art. This social commentary graffiti might have played a small part in the success of the park project. 1ONDON OLYMPIC9 STROOT ART LOCATION The definite location of these pieces weren't disclosed with the exception of Child Labor, which was located on a Poundland discount shop in Wood Green, London. IMPACT 14 In 2013 Banksy's Child Labor plece was legally removed and posted online to be sold in upwards of $700,000, which enraged community members. These pieces came at a time when the British Transport Police were arresting street artists and preventing them from coming anywhere near the 2012 Olympic venue. 15 GOING FOR MOULD HACKNEY WELCOMES THE OLYMPICS CHILD LABOR WHO IS BANKSY? Since the beginning of his artistic career, millions of people have been curious about the true iden- tity of guerilla street artist, Banksy. Who really is the man behind the spray can? POTONTIAL NAM0::" 16 Robert Banks Robin Banks Robin Gunningham BIOGRAPHICAL FFICTS: The anonymous artist is a male He was born in 1974 in Bristol Father was said to be a photocopier technician IDENTITY CONTROVERSY BANKSY STRIKAS FIGAIN?" People claimed he was photo- graphed in 2004 when at a Two-Culture Clash Project in Is this a new piece of work from the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy or another street artist just trying to make a statement? Jamaica. The BBC website posted a photograph in QUOTOS FROM THE ARTIST 2007 that claimed to have the true identity of the artist which was taken in Bethnal Green, "I am unable to comment on who may or may not London. be Banksy, but anyone described as being 'good British tabloid, Mail On at drawing' doesn't sound like Banksy to me." Sunday claimed Banky's true identity is Robin Gunningham. It "People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and was not confirmed or denied by Banky's childish...but that's only if it's done properly." agent. LOCATIONS OF BAINKSY'S STROET WORK The following locations have been tagged by the mark of Banksy and are featured in the iPhone app Banksy App that allows users to get directions to the following pieces, see a gallery of his work, and find out more about the famous graffiti artist. new YORK 8. No Trespassing 9. This'll Look Nice When It's Framed 1. Bad Publicity 2. Let Them Eat Crack 3. Painted over Rat 4. I Love NY Rat ISRALI. 1. Target Dove 2. Large Flower Chucker 3. Room With A View 4. Sea View 5. Art Attack LOUISIANA 1. Grey Ghost and Stickman 2. Old Abe 3. Grey Ghost and Flower 4. The Simpsons 5. Umbrella Girl 6. Girl and Mouse 6. Stable Conditions 7. Window on the West Bank 8. Balloon Debate 9. Cut It Out 10. Escapism 11. Unwelcome Intervention CALIFORNIA 1. Crayon Soldier 2. USA Bulldog 3. No More Heroes 4. Fast Food Cave Man 5. Foreclosure FIUSTRIA 1. Smiley Guard and Tag 2. Smiley Guard 6. Love Doctor GORMANY 7. Pirate Rat 1. TV Lover UNITED KINGDOMm 1. Writing Rat 2. Writing Rat (Smiley Face) 3. Boxhead 4. Petrol Vulture 5. Tesco Castles 6. Kissing Coppers 7. No Future 42. Canal Hoodie 43. Sweeping It Under the Carpet 44. Aristorat 45. TOX Tribute 46. Decorator 8. Zebra Car 9. This Is Not A Photo Opportunity 10. Quack Attack 11. Leopard & Barcode 12. Play it Safe 47. Banksy Tag 48. Banksy tag (tottenham) 49. If Graffiti Changed Anything It Would Be Illegal 50. Pap Rat 51. Bomb Hugger 52. Ratapult 53. London Doesn't Work 54. Kill People 55. You Lie Rat 13. Rollermania Shutter 14. Well Hung Lover 15. Flies 56. Placard Rat (Algae East) 57. Fisher Boy 58. Haring the Dog and Hoodie 59. HMV 60. Have A Nice Day Chopper 61. Pulp Fiction Site 62. Grin Reaper 16. Grim Reaper on Boat 17. Sniper 18. Stickman 19. Rose Trap 20. Mild Mild West 21. Take the Money and Run 22. Heavy Weaponry 23. Heavy Weaponry 2 24. Designated Picnic Area 25. Visual Warfare 26. Gorilla 27. Cats and Dogs 28. Bomb Boy 63. Parachute Rat 64. Pink Car 65. Placard Rat (Exclaimation) 66. One Nation Under CCTV 29. Birmingham Tag 30. Composition 31. Old Lady 32. Gangsta Rat 33. Giant Rat 34. One Day l'll Be In Charge 67. Photographer Rat (New) 68. Photographer Rat (Bloom) 69. Photographer Rat (Goat 70. Photographer Rat (Hyden park) 71. Photographer Rat (Cock) 72. Photographer Rat (Pimlico) 73. Think Tank 74. What Are You Looking At 75. Small Tag (Notting Hill) 76. Exit Through The Gift Shop 77. Hollow & Artist 35. No Ball Games 36. Hitch Hiker 37. Crazy Beat 38. Kill People 78. Sperm Alarm 79. Brick Lane CCTV 80. Swiss Security Guard 81. Flower 39. Artiste 40. Microphone Rat 41. Tesco Flag SOURCAS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.êrset/8114184.stm 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. COPYRIGHT 2013 CANVASELITE.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

History of Banksy Graffiti Art

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History of famous graffiti master, Banksy. This infographic traces his early roots to more recent works, with a list of confirmed art locations.






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