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Hello Kitty

In the past, Sanrio has taken into account the fans' suggestions... With that in mind, I created a little survey and was lucky enough to have 202 respondents! *1 know -- not a huge deal for many of you -- but these are mostly peeps that really LOVE and ADORE Sanrio.* Sawrio 50 Cnncveriany These findings are taken from data which was collected from those who participated from February 25, 2010 - March 11, 2010. results So... This is my report. View it in all its kawaii kittilicious glory! =n_n= three apples attendance* YES NO 60 VS. 142 n_n u_u One might think that more Sanrio *SUPERFANS* would have repped at Three Apples... However, my buddies are international! I value their opinions and personally asked a few Hello Kitty Junkies from all over the world (i.e. Canada, England, France, Philippines, Singapore..) to participate in this survey! most popular most VS. purchased three apples items 1. tokidoki x HK 35th Plush three apples items 2. 3 Apples Exhibition Book 1. 3 Apples Exhibition Book 3. 3 Apples Limited Edition Boxed Plush & Plastic Figure 2. 3 Apples Plastic Figure (x2) 3. 3 Apples Mini Totes 3 Apples Exhibition Book 76 vs. 43 3 Apples Bobblehead 54 vs. 26 3 Apples T-shirts (Red, Blue...) 39 vs. 14 3 Apples Limited Edition Boxed Plush & Plastic Figure 73 vs. 21 3 Apples Plastic Figure (x2) 58 vs. 34 3 Apples Mini Totes 61 vs. 32 3 Apples Pins 42 vs. 27 3 Apples Plastic Mini Card 35 vs. 20 3 Apples Reversible Tote Bag 63 vs. 24 tokidoki x HK 35th Suitcase 48 vs. 4 tokidoki x HK 35th Watch 33 vs. 6 tokidoki x HK 35th Plush 79 vs. 28 tokidoki x HK 35th Plastic Figure 58 vs. 28 tokidoki x HK 35th Boston Duffle 49 vs. 10 tokidoki x HK 35th Tote 59 vs. 16 tokidoki x HK 35th Cosmetic Case 50 vs. 18 tokidoki x HK 35th Laptop Case 62 vs. 13 tokidoki x HK 35th iPhone Case 66 vs. 21 20 40 60 80 top 3 *wish list* souvenirs... 1. Limited Edition Plushes 2. Bags/Totes 3. Small Plush (under $10) 150 120 90 60 30 Limited Edition Plushes 130 Medium Plush ($10-$30) 102 91 32 Vinyi Figures 99 Bobbleheads 63 50 74 Magnets Mugs Pens/Pencils 80 Postcards Cards 34 Stickers 48 76 T-Shirts 101 Boxers Pins 55 129 Hooded Sweatshirts 98 Lunchboxes 51 Bags/Totes Small Plush (under $10) but we would love... Postage* Cards Towels Large Plush (over $30) Vinyl Figures Medium Plush ($10-$30) Re-ment Miniatures* Pens/Pencils Stationery Sets Postcards Pins Hooded Sweatshirts Stickers Boxers Bobbleheads Magnets Lunchboxes Gotochi Charms* Collaboration Items T-Shirts Posters Cushions Mugs Caps/Hats and maybe even... Yes, I know... Some of the above are obvious *Maria* requests! (i.e. Re-Ment Miniatures, Postage...) n_~ Umbrella Snowglobe/Waterglobe Porcelain/Ceramic Figures demographics gender 10% 2% 1% age Under 18 Prefer Not to Answer Prefer Not to Answer 3% 2% 96% 40% Male 45-54 25-34 Female -12% 35-44 34% superfan!? 1% 18-24 Not a fan... If I buy Sanrio products, you can bet it is for my friend/daughter/girlfriend/mother... 5% I spend some money on Sanrio products, but never go out of my way for it. 62% 32% I enjoy my Sanrio collection, it's a great, enjoyable, and fun hobby -- but it does not take over my life. All of my spare time goes into Kitty and her kawaii friends!!! I always visit Sanrio, Sanriotown, eBay, and anywhere else I can get the latest news! superfan feedback* 66 I grew up with Sanrio in the 1980s. I would like to see the old characters come back like Robear & Robearta, more Little Twin Stars stuff, My Melody & 66 Please do an event in NYC!!! 99 Tuxedo Sam. Reproductions of either old products or new products with those characters even if only for a limited time. More cities being visited by Sanrio items. I live in Florida and would like exhibits and more access to purchase items! 99 66 I'm really glad Sanrio's doing this! (: Off topic: It sucks because Three Apples items seem to be so classified, that a lot of small cities/towns (like Kansas City) doesn't carry it. And since we don't have a Sanrio store in KC, it's hard to find any Three Apples items anywhere. If I want anything Tokidoki or Three Apples, I always have to order online.99 66 Make international shipping available so I can buy MORE, pretty please :) 99 Oh boy!!! You guys are awesome with the feedback! Thanks for the love, it makes my heart smile... *Totally* sending everything to my Sanrio peeps! "I CANT WAIT!,, Domo arigato to all my buddies who took me your two cents! Truly appreciated! *Crossing my fingers* to see if what us "SUPERFANS" wish for will come true this year during Sanrio's 50th Anniversary!!! me to give хохо, Hello Kty JUNKII a.k.a. Maria Kitty Caps/Hats 26 Large Plush (over $30) 56 wels 57 Postage 50 Stationery Sets 78 Gotochi Charms 80 Re-ment Miniatures 54 Collaboration Items 96 Cushions 52 Posters 58

Hello Kitty

shared by maggie on Apr 05
Hello Kitty is a famous little kitty with loads of devoted fans around the world. In honor of the Sanrio 50th anniversary celebration a survey was done to find out exactly what it is that everyone lo...


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