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Harry Potter Facts Revealed

not cbangeable For potions, erfrses or beres. March 2011 Published Daly In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, dragon iblood is revealed to be an effective oen cleaner. AS OF 2008 HARRY POTTER BOOKS HAVE SOLD 400 HARRY POTTER: APPROXIMATELY COPIES, AND HAS BEEN TRANSLATED INTO SIKTY-SEVEN FACTS REVEALED LANGUAGES "DUMBLEDORE“ IS AN OLD EXCLUSIVE: ENGLISH WORD MEANING was released en julp 21, 2007, and : seld 11 million copies on the first dan. of its release, breaking roulitg's earlier records for the fastest selling bonk of all time. rowling is the first reduced at the current rate, bp the afternoon of renelafion: "BUMBLEBEE" AS OF 2005, IF ALL THE PUBLISHED COPIES, HARDBACK AND PAPERBACK, IN ALL MINISTRY DECLINES TO COMMENT. har potter and the deathlp hallews was released on julv 21, 2007. and seld 11 million copies en the first day of its release. breaking rowling's carlier recerds for the fastest selling book of all time. rowling is the first persen tn become a billinnaire dellars) writing borks. rowling's beoks were the first children's books included on the new pork bestseller list since e.b. twhite's charlotte's tweb in 1952. when harry potter and the prisener of azkaban was released in great britain, the publisher asked stores not to sell the book until schools were closed for the day to prebent truancn. to person become billienaire TRANSLATIONS. (was the st Per son to becone a OF THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS WERE LAID FLAT, EDGE TO EDGE, THEY WOULD ENTIRELY COVER BRAZIL! (u.s. april 17. 2057, there twould be room enlv for a single-bolume tetuer of all the published copies of the, by then: hacy potter boeks. it Kiowling harrm made the american library asseciation (ala) list of 100 most frequently challenged books for five consecutibt vears. a challenge is a formal, written complaint filed with a ttbrary or sthjool requesting aT materials be removed because of content or apprepriateness. potter bonks E-3 writing bnnks. seven POTTER tu ruld CONTROVERSY! 48.977 it would be the only uneks bisible from miles the tirst rowling's beoks were children's books included on the nrw verk bestseller list since e.b. white's charlotte's web in 1952. when harto potter and the prisener of azkaban was released in great britain, the publisher asked stores not te sell the book until schools were closed for the dan to bigh. as of 2005. Copies, bardback if all the published and mars. i.k. rewling's a n nual in six harry laid tarnings 2007-2008 tweuld were harry potter truancp alfegations.... harrp potter tri WHEN HARRY POTTER AND THE entirely cover estimated tn be us$300 million brazil. ROWLING dolars) (£130 PRISONER OF AZKABAN WAS 2005: hotvever, brazilian rainforest continued te be if. the NOW 14TH RICHEST FEMALE MUGGLE IN THE million) according to the 2008 forbes celebrity 100 list released on 11 june 2008. RELEASED IN GREAT BRITAIN, THE PUBLISHER ASKED STORES NOT TO SELL THE BOOK UNTIL SCHOOLS WERE CLOSED FOR THE DAY TO PREVENT TRUANCY. mere than 16,000 toug BOOK 1l. Motts SALES: children in the u.k. and II.S. auditioned for the rele of harry potter. I arge st first-edition print run e dueita Ja1od daaeg *su0! vbane drue 3Hod daeh (u. 239) - the release of order of the phnenix in june 2003 marked the largest first-edition print run ever, at 8.3 million copies. lourish prevent truancn. GLOBAL HARRY POTTER FIRST 24HRS BOOK SALES: ROWLING'S books were the first children's 5 1 91 harry potter and the deathlp hallows became the fastest selling boek in historp, mobing 11 million units in the first twenty-four hours of celease 2.7 millien copies in the uk and 8.3 millien in the us. books included on the NEW YORK BESTSELLER harry petter and the deathly hallews MORE THAN 16,000 list since E.B. White's Charlotte's Web in 1952. CHILDREN IN THE U.K. AND U.S. AUDITIONED FOR THE 2003 2005 2007 ROLE OF HARRY POTTER. THE ORDER OF THE HALF- THE DEATHLY THE PHOENIX BLOOD PRINCE HALLOWS DESIGNED BY: SOURCES: HTTP://EACTS.RANDOMHIISTORY.COM IITTP://WWW.TWWN.NE HTTP://WWW.RUZZLE.COM HTTP://WWW.TIMESONLINE.CO.UK WAYNE DORRINGTON HTTP://WWW. WIKIPEDIA.ORG www.WAYNEDORRINGTON.CO.UK TANGLED WEB: otter triuancp APPLY AT 242 DIAGOR WITHOUT YOU, legations. harrp p ,(U.S billionaire ECHANTED LIMBS Syoog OF 2010, HARRY POTTER BOOKS MADE THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (ALA) LIST OF 100 MOST FREQUENTLY * CHALLENGED BOOKS FOR FIVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS. A CHALLENGE IS A FORMAL, WRITTEN COMPLAINT FILED WITH A LIBRARY OR SCHOOL REQUESTING THAT MATERIALS BE REMOVED BECAUSE OF CONTENT OR APPROPRIATENESS. a RICHES:

Harry Potter Facts Revealed

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This infographic provides information, facts, and data concerning the Harry Potter books. It provides empirical data to show the popularity of Harry Potter books based on worldwide sales and translati...


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