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Happy 70th birthday Christopher Walken

70th Happy Christopher Walken Celebrating the career of everybody's favourite dancer-cum-actor From Vue His wife and brothers still call him. Ronnie • 1943 March 31 st Born Ronald Walken in Queens, NYC, NY 1963 Best Foot Forward Co-starred as a dancer with Liza Minnelli in Off-Broadway revival classic Best Foot Forward 1978 The Deer Hunter Walken apparently prepared for this role by eating only bananas and rice for a week in order to look lean 1979 Wins an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Deer Hunter 1980 Nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in The Deer Hunter 1985 A View to a Kill Played "classic Bond villain" Max Zorin in Roger Moore's last outing as 007 David Bowie and Sting were in the running for the role before Walken got the nod. 1992 Batman Returns Plays Max Shreck Walken's character was created purely for this film "Sicilians are great liars. The best in the world. I'm Sicilian." 1993 True Romance Quentin Tarantino originally wanted the role of Concotti to be played by Robert Forster 66 I put aside an hour every day to go over that monologue again and again for months and every time I got to the end of it. I would crack up - Christopher Walken 1994 Pulp Fiction Captain Koons tells the uncomfortable story of Butch Coolidge's great grandfather's war watch 1999 Sleepy Hollow Walken waited until he had been cast as the Hessian Horseman before he told director Tim Burton he couldn't ride a horse. "I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!" 2000 Saturday Night Live As the Bruce Dickinson, he demands "More cowbell!" from the Blue Oyster Cult in what has become one of the most famous sketches from Saturday Night Live in the USA 2001 Weapon of Choice Starred in and choreographed the music video Weap Spike Jonze Fatboy Slim's of Choice with director The video for Weapon of Choice won six awards at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, including Walken's win for Best Choreography "You watch those nature 2002 documentaries on the cable?" Poolhall Junkies Delivers the famous 'Lion' pep talk to Mars Callahan's Johnny 2002 Catch Me if You Can Nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and won BAFTA for Best Supporting Role in Catch Me If You Can The original choice to play Frank Abagnale jr (Walken played Abagnale Sr) was Johnny Depp 2003 True Crime: Streets of LA Stars in the top selling video game as the voice of George True Crime wasn't Walken's first video game outing. It was Privateer 2: The Darkening, released in 1996 2005 Wedding Crashers The characters portrayed by Jane Seymour and Christopher Walken were both previously a Bond girl and Bond villain respectively, in Live and Let Die and A View to a Kill 2007 Hairspray When the original film version of Hairspray was released, Walked was 18 years old 2012 Seven Psychopaths Walken attended the 2012 Toronto Film Festival with his favourite co-star from the film, the Shih Tzu who played Bonny 2013 Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro directs a dark twist on the classic fairy tale, with Walken rumoured to be involved HOW DO HOLLYWOOD'S GOLDEN OLDİES COMPARE? Michael Caine Age: 80 Awards: 6 Films: 125 The Dark Knight Rises Al Pacino £712,564,400 (Highest Grossing Film) Age: 72 Awards: 7 Films: 42 Robert De Niro The Godfather £88,918,500 (Highest Grossing Film) Age: 69 Awards: 4 Films: 86 Meet the Fockers £184,014,900 (Highest Grossing Film) 66 At its best, life is completely unpredictable. 9 6I don't need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own. 99 My hair was famous before I was. 99 Walken's Words 66 You look at him and you know there's a lot going on, yet you have no idea what.99 Words on Walken Tim Burton, Director 66 I think that twinkle in his eye is always there, however scary the guy he's playing. 99 66 Some people got poetry in their blood and some don't. Georgianne Walken Casting Director and Wife Chris's is difficult to track. It's hard to figure out whether it's angelic or satanic. But it is certainly poetic. 99 Sean Penn, Actor KEEP DANCIN', CHRIS! Happy birthday! from Vue Sources Wikimedia. Jehn Harrison, David Shankione -ar 3 Flickr: Peter Martorano

Happy 70th birthday Christopher Walken

shared by Branded_3 on Apr 02
Infographic depicting the highlights of Christopher Walken's career in celebration of his 70th birthday.




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