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The Halloween Economy

ÄÄLLOWEEN THE ECÔNOMY It's a common opinion that Halloween is a epooky time of year, but the moet chilling part of all? The spending! When you add up the coet of candy, costumes, and cards, expenses can be more frightening than the most terrifying of horror movies. Learn all about the Halloween economy and see how it compares financially to other national holidaye in thie ecary infographic! FACTS EACH YEAR SPOOKY AMERICANS COLLECTIVELY SPEND: $320 MILLION ON CARDS $1.67 BILLION ON DECORATIONS $2 BILLION ON CANDY THE AVERAGE 54.77 Average spending AMERICAN on Halloween WILL SPEND has increased SINCE 2005 $75.03 $300 Haunted on Halloween candy, costumes Houses MILLION INDUSTRY &e decorations are a снLng ) COSTUME COSTS AMERICANS SPEND ANNUALLY. $1 BILLION $1.2 BILLION $330 MILLION ON CHILDREN'S COSTUMES ON PET ON ADULT COSTUMES COSTUMES TRENDING COSTUMES FOR Duck Dynasty Miley Cyrus 2013 Sharknado Breaking Bad Characters Flo – The Progressive Insurance Lady Twinkie Grumpy Cat ****** ADMIT ONE TOP TEN HIGHEST GROSSING HORROR MOVIES Jaws $260 Million World War Z $202 Million What Lies Beneath $155 Million Gremlins $148 Million The Blair Witch Project $141 Million The Conjuring $137 Million The Ring $129 Million The Grudge $110 Million Paranormal Activity $108 Million Interview with the Vampire $105 Million HALLOWEEN SPENDİNG ОТНER NATIONAL HOLİDAYS VS In 2010, Halloween made up just 2.6% of the $228 billion Americans spent during the holidays, putting it behind: CHRISTMAS 59.2% THANKSGIVING 13.47 VALENTINE'S DAY /.77. MOTHER'S DAY 6.5% EASTER 6.17. FATHER'S DAY 4.57. SOURCES -300-million-in-pet-costumes/247531/,desc ONLINE TRADING • ACADEMY •

The Halloween Economy

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The amount of activity around Halloween continues to increase each year: higher spending, elaborate costumes, more candy. This infographic shows just where all that money goes and how Halloween spend...


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