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A Guide to Tron Light Cycles

'RON Light cycles are two-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles that exist in the Tron Universe. They are incredibly fast and agile and generate nearly indestructible light barriers behind them as they travel. Light cycles are LIGHT CYCLES powered by a program's energy and generated from each program's AND OTHER TRON VEHICLES baton. These cycles never break, but derez upon destruction. Programs are electronic beings Batons are incredibly high-tech multi-tools used by programs. They generate light cycles and Derez describes someone or The vehicles' primary that are created something in the by a computer users. They have a unique trait of looking exactly like their user counterpart in the real world, However, programs live on pure energy and have glowing circuitry all over their bodies. Tron universe that use is in competition between programs. is disappearing or dissolving, essentially resulting in deletion. can be encoded that with a variety of tools. Players create a wall of light behind them as they move. If players hit a wall, they are out of the game. EVOLUTION OF THE LIGHT CYCLE: Hard to Handle FIRST When on the Game Grid, GENERATION light cycles can only turn at Designed by Syd Mead for Tron (1982). 90-degree angles making them very hard to control. Vulnerable A single direct hit by a tank arrow can destroy the lightcycle and derez or mortally wound its driver. SECOND GENERATION + Fastest Vehicle • On The Tron Grid Designed by Syd Mead for Tron (1982). Redesigned by Persistent Power Source + Very few programs can ride Darren Gilford and the second generation Daniel Simon for The second generation because of its speed. Tron Legacy (2010). cycle is one of the few that does not require a baton to create it. No Canopy 2010 technology finally allowed for a vehicle Stealth Mode FIFTH This wall of light can be toggled on or off in almost any GENERATION that was not fully Redesigned by Darren Gilford and enclosed. environment. Turning it off also turns off the glowing circuitry on the cycle and driver to Daniel Simon for Tron Legacy (2010). create a stealth vehicle. Driver can increase speed by stretching the light cycle length OTHER VEHICLES IN THE TRON UNIVERSE: SOLAR SAILER This vehicle was used to escape the Game Grid in order to destroy the Master Control Program. No Gas Required Speed Boosting Sails The sailer flies on data transmission Normally sails are translucent, but the beams that send information to other sails can turn opaque and give the vehicle an incredible boost in speed. parts of a local computer. THE RECOGNIZER This fast-flying vehicle used for pursuit and security patrol on the server. Enormous Program Possessors The recognizer's legs have the ability to capture programs. The recognizer is much larger than other Tron vehicles. TANK Adjustable Cannon The tank is used by hacker and military-security programs. The powerful cannon mounted on top can rotate 360 degrees. 360 Major Threat The tank's projectiles can take out light cycles and even recognizers. LIGHT RUNNER Wide Wake The light ribbons created The light runner is is very similar to the light cycle and used for transportation by programs in Cyberspace. by the light runner are wider than the light cycle's light ribbons. Room for Two One of the primary differences between the light runner and the light cycle is the ability for the light runner to carry two people. Sources: | | | | | | Carlnsurance Information Provided By:

A Guide to Tron Light Cycles

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If you have seen both Tron and Tron Legacy, you have witnessed the awesome power and capabilities of light cycles. These fictional vehicles are lightning fast and produce barriers of light with which ...


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