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A Guide to Superman's Kryptonite

A Guide to Superman's Kryptonite Kryptonite is the name given to the debris of planet Krypton after its destruction, Many people know that this alien ore is our Man of Steel's greatest weakness. But here is the challenge: How many do you know? 75 YEARS First, 4 things you need to know about Kryptonite: Exposure to the different colours Green Kryptonite And there are. Kryptonite is >15 HARMFUL is not the only type kinds of Kryptonite recorded in DC Comics to everyone including human and Kryptonian - due to its toxic radiation can generate different effects on Superman of Kryptonite in DC √úniverse COMMON COLORS Green Kryptonite: The most common form of Kryptonite. It generates waves of toxic radiation that slowly depletes Superman's powers, causing pains and even death, In various stories, Superman is shown to have become immune to the effects of Green k due to either repeated non-fatal exposure, continuous long-term absorption of solar radiation, or extremely high short-term exposure to the sun, Damage: Red Kryptonite: Red K was once Green K that passed through a red cosmic cloud en route to Earth. Effects of Red K is unpredictable and temporary. Superman has transformed into a dragon, a dwarf, a lunatic, a non powered giant, an ant-headed humanoid and a villain when being exposed to Red K on various occasions. Damage: Blue Kryptonite: Blue K is the imperfect duplicated version of Green K manufactured by Superman using Prof. Danton's "Duplicator Ray" machine. Blue K is generally harmless to Kryptonians but is deadly to Bizarros, In the Super Friends episode "Terror from the Phantom Zone," Blue K heals Superman from the effects of Red K. Damage: -- Gold Kryptonite: It appeared the first time in Superman #167 as one of the more rare variations of Kryptonite found in DC Universe. Theory suggests that Gold K is produced by exposing both Green K and Red K to intense nuclear radiation. Gold K can permanently remove superpowers from the victim by damaging the Kryptonian cells' ability to recharge solar energy. Damage: White Kryptonite: White K is harmful to all plant life and was used mainly to destroy Virus X. It causes immediate decays to plants within the radius of 25 yards. In the TV show Superboy, White K is harmless to Superboy, but when being exposed to Bizarro Superboy, it calmed his mind and made him stable. Damage: - RARE COLORS Black Kryptonite: Black K first appeared in the Smallville television series, in the fourth season premiere episode "Crusade". Black K has the ability to split a Kryptonian into two separate entities - good and evil - as well as the ability to reverse this whole process. In the series, Black K can be created by super-heating Green K. Damage: O Silver Kryptonite: In the TV series "SmallVille", Silver K is created by Prof. Milton Fine (a.ka Brainiac) from a normal earthy rock and the liquid metal that his body is made of. When Clark Kent was exposed to Silver K, he experienced paranoid delusions, altered personality and a loss of inhibitions. Damage: Pink Kryptonite: From Supergirl (vol. 4) #79, there is a comical scene where Superman is exposed to Pink Kryptonite. It affected Superman by giving him gay tendencies temporarily. Damage: O Purple Kryptonite: In an early appearance of Kryptonite (Adventure Comics #171, 1950), the Kryptonite rock was seen in a purple shade instead of green, but with similar abilities. Many people speculated that Purple K was a very rare form of Kryptonite. Others believed that its appearance was either because of the author's indecision over color or nothing more than a coloring error. Damage: ?? Gemstone Kryptonite: In Smallville Season 9 episode "Persuasion", this new Kryptonite gives Clark the ability to make others want to fulfill his wishes. Simple conversations with a gemstone infected person influence others to do whatever they perceive was asked of them. Green Kryptonite will remove the infection. Damage: -- Periwinkle Kryptonite: In Superman Family Adventures, Periwinkle K makes Superman "fabulous." It caused him to dance with Lois and imagine that he sees disco balls and pink walls. Lois then lays a chunk of Periwinkle K on Clark's desk and the two dance, proving that Lois knows Clark's secret identity. Damage: ?? SOURCES: Collectibly

A Guide to Superman's Kryptonite

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Kryptonite is the name given tot he debris of planet Krypton after its destruction. Many people know that this alien ore is our Man of Steel's biggest weakness. But here is the challenge? How many do you know?


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