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ВЕHIND THЕ ВОХ ОFFICE What Influences the Films We See ADMIT ONE ADMIT ONE Last year, 68% of Americans and Canadians-228.7 million people-went to the movies. How do they decide what to see? Google conducted a study with Millward Brown Digital to learn how moviegoers research and choose the films they watch. ADMIT ONE ΟΝ ΤΗΕ WEB, TRAILERS LEAD MOVIEGOERS LIKE TO DO THEIR RESEARCH. Of moviegoers who use video sites to look for more information about a film.. 4 OUT OF 5 GO TO YOUTUBE. THE OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER PREVIEW influences their decision most... ЗХ MORE 39% 11% 8% than any other source. MOVIE A FRIEND'S INFORMATION TRAILER ON THE CAST OPINION MOVIE CONTENT HAS STAYING POWER Most views happen the month leading up to a film's release, but there's also a lot of interest in a movie after it's in theaters. VIEWS OF MOVIE-RELATED CONTENT ON YOUTUBE BY GENRE There is a jump in views right when a movie is released. A big spike occurs when official trailers Dramas still get a lot of attention after they come out, more so than other genres. are released. When movies hit the in-home market, there's a healthy jump in video views. RELEASE DATE -52 -49 -46 -43 -40 -37 -34 -31 -28 -25 -22 -19 -16 -13 -10 -7 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35 38 41 44 47 50 WEEKS BEFORE RELEASE WEEKS AFTER RELEASE HORROR FAMILY FRANCHISE DRAMA АCTION COMEDY WHAT MATTERS TO MOVIEGOERS DEPENDS ON GENRE 70% of moviegoers consider MORE THAN ONE MOVIE before deciding which one to see. PEOPLE WHO SAW... DRAMA СOMEDY HORROR FAMILY АCTION CARED MORE ABOUT... CONVENIENT SHOWTIMES DIRECTOR PLOT POSITIVE REVIEWS CAST WHEN MAKING UP THEIR MIND. TOP QUESTIONS ASKED ABOUT MOVIES People want to know about all • who plays. in (movie title) (character name) WHO • who sings in (movie title) ? (song title) • who made ? (movie title) kinds of things– cast, plot, soundtrack, ratings, • what movie should I watch? showtimes WHAT • what is and more. about? (movie title) • when does come out? WHEN (movie title) • when does dvd come out? (movie title) • where is playing? WHERE (movie title) • the movie where (something happens) • why is rated ? WHY (movie title) (rating) • why is called (movie title) (movie title) SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE OF MOVIEGOER VIEWERSHIP PEOPLE WHO WATCHED TRAILERS ON YOUTUBE FOR... BIG FRANCHISE DRAMA СOMEDY HORROR FAMILY АCTION WERE MORE LIKELY TO ALSO WATCH CONTENT ABOUT... CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE REFERENCES SKATE SPORTS HOME & GARDEN SHOPPING/APPAREL SOCCER HUMOR COMPUTER GAMES COMICS COMICS OFFBEAT ARTS SHOPPING/APPAREL CRIME & JUSTICE SOCCER SOUNDTRACK MUSIC MARTIAL ARTS Sources: Google Search Data, January 2013-August 2014 Google/Millward Brown Digital, "Moviegoer Decision Path," September 2014, Base: Moviegoers who have planned to see a movie in theater in the past six months, N=1575 Google Data, January 2013-September 2014, Indexed views on YouTube content related to 364 top movies MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics, 2013 think with Google :- IK ........... •. • •

Google Infographic

shared by QueenOfInfographics on Nov 03
An Infographic for Google explaining what influences the films we see.




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