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Gold on the Silver Screen

GOLD ON THE SILVER SCREEN Art imitates life ..or was it the other way around? Either way, much like in the real world, gold has played an important role in movies (and yes, their literary origins) basically since the start. We were curious how much some of our favorite golden items from Hollywood would be worth in real life if they were in fact made of solid gold. With some research, math, and our best guesstimations (what's the combined weight of a solid gold pen and cufflink???) we came up with these values based on the real gold values of August, 2012. Check it out. Katniss' Mockingjay Pin The Hunger Games .53 Troy Oz. $850.52 GOLDEN TICKET DATE: FEB. I TIME: 10 AM ISHARP) PLACE: FRONT GATES TIME: DATE: FEB. I FRONT GATES 10 AM (SHARPI CHARLIE'S GOLDEN TICKET Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1.17 Troy 0z. S = $1,877.56 HARRY'S GOLDEN SNITCH Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 5.32 Troy Oz. $ = $8,537.27 SCARAMANGA'S GOLDEN GUN The Man with the Golden Gun = 23.2 Troy Oz. S = $37,230.20 INDY'S GOLDEN IDOL Raiders of the Lost Ark 43.75 Troy Oz. S = $70,207.81 HOLLYWOOD'S OSCAR AWARD 307.74 Troy Oz. S = $493,845.77 C-3PO'S GOLD HARDWARE Star Wars = 46,122.62 Troy Oz. S = $74,015,274.44 %3D Gold Price: 1975 - Present Current Price: $74,015,274.44 Price in 1977: $6,790,172.12 *Prices from 1955-2012,, based on the London PM fix Brought to you by U.S. Gold Bureau. Your leading news source for the precious metals industry. Copyright © 2012 U.S. Gold Bureau. All rights reserved. Sources: DEC 78 DEC 82 DEC 86 06 0E DEC 94 86 030 * DEC 02 90 030 DEC 10

Gold on the Silver Screen

shared by winformatron on Aug 30
This infographic takes some of the most iconic golden items from film and measures their dollar value if they were made really made out of pure gold.


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