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Since he first devastated Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has paid visits to Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco as well as returning to Japan numerous times So, how much has mankind's biggest mistake cost us since he first devastated Tokyo in 1954? CALCULATING THE COST OF 60 YEARS OF GODZILLA'S RAMPAGES THROUGH THE MOVIES CHRYSLER GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, USA BUILDING LAND MARKS DESTR ΟΥED NYC, USA In Godzilla 1999, military helicopters fire missiles at Godzilla which accidentally hit the Chrysler building. In 2009 a 90% stake of the building was sold to the Abu Dhabi Investment Council for $800 Million. Based on this, the cost to rebuild the Chrysler Building today would be. In the trailer for Godzilla 2014 it looks like the King of Monsters can be seen taking out the Golden Gate Bridge. According to, it would cost over $1.2 billion to build the bridge in 2003. Based on the rate of inflation, this would cost. POW £528 £951 MILLION MILLION $888 MILLION ¥91 BILLION $1.6 BILLION ¥164 BILLION GODZILLA 2014 GODZILLA 1999 BROOKLYN BRIDGE, USA ATAMLCASTLE JAPAN, In the 1999 Godzilla film, Godzilla is lured onto the Brooklyn Bridge and gets entangled in the cables. In 2007 it was estimated that it would cost $320 million to build the Brooklyn Bridge today. Based on this. the approximate cost of building it today would be. TOKYO TOWER JAPAN In the 1962 film King Kong vs Godzilla, the monsters can be seen destroying Atami Castle. Based on the cost of castle reconstructions in Japan, we estimate a castle like this would cost this much to replace The Tokyo tower is a popular target in the Japanese Kaiju film genre. wherein it is regularly destroyed and rebuilt. In 2000, the tower was mortgaged for 10 billion + inflation = $13 £218 MILLION MILLION £83 MILLION $366 MILLION / ¥38 BILLION $22 MILLION ¥2 BILLION $139 MILLION / ¥14 BILLION GODZILLA 1999 KING KONG VS GODZILLA 1962 GODZILLA 2000 COSMO CLOCK 21 FUKOUKA, TOWER, JAPAN TOTAL In his 1992 film Godzilla vs. Mothra, Godzilla fires his atomic ray at the Ferris wheel but it ends up crashing on him instead. At 112m diameter, Cosmo Clock 21 wheel is around the same size as the London Eye at 120m, which cost £70 million pounds to build in 1999. With the cost of inflation, we estimate the cost of this to be £2+ BILLION Tallest coastal tower in Japan - pushed over by Godzilla in the 1994 film Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla. Cost V6bn in 1989 + cost of inflation. £102 £74 MILLION. MILLION $3.3 BILLION / ¥338+ BILLION $172 MILLION ¥18 BILLION $124 MILLION ¥13 BILLION GODZILLA VS SPACE GODZILLA 1994 GODZILLA vS MOTHRA 1992 PERAPERRGHE DID YOU KNOW? ICAN DANCE! FACT #1/ EARTH DEFENDER! From about the 1970s onwards, Godzilla seems to stop intentionally destroying our cities and takes on a kind of 'hero' status. From here onwards the only damage he does is either by accident or done while defending the earth from various other Kaiju monsters. GRRRRI FACT #2/ THE SCARE HEIR FACT #3/ HOME SWEET HOME In 1996, the original Godzilla actually dies after his heart suffers a Godzilla spends most of his days in a nature reserve called 'Monster Island'. Introduced in the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla lived there with other Kaiju monsters such as Rodan (a giant pterodactyl), Mothra (a giant moth), Anguirus (a giant stegosaurus and Godzilla's best friend), Gorosaurus (a giant theropod), Kumonga (a giant spider), Minilla (Godzilla's son), Baragon (a giant horned dinosaur), Manda (a giant serpent) and Varan (a really fast, gliding dinosaur). nuclear meltdown. His son - Godzilla Junior - then replaces him as King of the Monsters. ANG! FACT #4/ MONSTERS HAVE FEELINGS TO0! KE Godzilla can talk, dance, has feelings and even has manners. He is often saddened by mankind's continuous abuse of the planet. In "Godzilla vs Gigan" (1972), Godzilla and his best mate Anguirus can be seen talking in Japanese. The dialogue between Godzilla and Anguirus goes like this: Godzilla: "Hey Anguirus" Anguirus: "Whaddaya want?" Godzilla: "Something funny's going on. You'd better check." Anguius: "Oh, yeah!" Godzilla: "Hey Anguirus, come on! There's a lot of trouble ahead!" IT'S NOT OVER YET! KODZILLA 2014 15 COMMNG!!! HOOS REFERENCES: Freedom finance CITIES DESTROYED LAS VEGASUSA 2014 HONG KONG1996 TOKYOJAPAN 1954/1985 AVEETETITER ATAMI JAPAN 1962 KYOTO JAPAN 1993 YOKAHAMAJAPAN 1992 INFANT ISLAND FICTIONAL1964 NAGOYA JAPAN 1964N SOLLGEL ISLAND FICTIONAL1967


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Since he first devastated Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has destroyed countless famous landmarks during his rampages across the last 60 years. Freedom Finance decided they wanted to get an idea of how much ...


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