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Glass Sipper: Your Guide to Drinking Glasses

Glass Sipper Your Guide to Drinking Glasses SYI! !ferl.1YBYLlaƁ Stemware Water Goblet Unique features: Fill: 7-8 oz Largest in a set of stemware Tip: Used in formal dining Red Wine Fill: Unique features: Slightly tapered upward 4-6 oz Tips: Fill 1/3 of glass with red wine for comfortable sipping Hold the stem when drinking Tulip or White Wine Unique features: Fill: Similar to red wine glass but smaller 3 oz Tip: Fill 1/2 of glass when drinking white wine Dessert Wine Unique features: Fill: Similar bowl to a white wine A few ounces per glass glass but smaller Tip: Dessert wines typically have a higher alcohol content, making a smaller wine glass perfect for a smaller serving Flute & Coupe Glasses Cocktail Glasses Unique features: Fill: Stemmed triangle shape glass Rounded or flat bottom 7 oz Tip: Often mistaken for martini glasses, cocktail glasses have smaller bowls with rounded or flat bottoms Martini Glass Fill: Unique features: Bowl is fully conical at the bottom and larger at top 8 oz Tips: Shape prevents ingredients from separating Long stem prevents hand from warming drink Margarita Glass Unique features: Fill: Shape is associated with blended fruits 8 oz Tips: Rub rim of glass with salt or sugar Specifically for margaritas Hurricane Glass Fill: Unique features: A glass tumbler 20 oz Tip: Used to serve mixed drinks Aperitifs Snifter Fill: Unique features: Narrow top Wide bottom Short stemmed 4-5 oz Tips: Hold glass bowl in hand to heat the alcohol Used for cognac or beer Sherry Glass Fill: Unique features: Narrow top 3-4 oz Tips: Used for serving aromatic, alcoholic beverages: Sherry Layered shooters Port Aperitifs Liqueurs Cordial Glasses Fill: Unique features: Small stemmed glasses Hall full Tip: Used to serve after-dinner liqueurs Absinthe Unique features: Fill: Reservoir glass with a small bulge at the bottom to mark dose 1.5 oz absinthe 6-7.5 oz after Short thick stem and faceting to enhance absinthe's waters added appearance Tips: Use special spoon to dissolve a sugar cube in the glass Used to sweeten the drink and counteract its mild bitterness Tumblers Old-Fashioned Glass Unique features: Short tumbler Wide brim Thick base Fill: Old-fashioned Double glasses old-fashioned glass 6-10 oz 12-16 oz Tips: Used for serving alcoholic beverages like whiskey with ice cubes Also called lowball glass and rocks glass Highball Glass Fill: Unique features: Glass tumbler 8-12 oz Tip: Used for serving highball cocktails and other mixed drinks Collins Glass Unique features: Fill: Cylindrical in shape Narrower than a 10-14 oz highball glass Tip: Used to serve mixed drinks Shot Glass Unique features: Small glass Fill: Small Single Double 5-1 oz 5-2 oz 1-3 oz Beer Mug Stein Unique features: Traditional beer mug Wide thick walls Fill: Half liter Full liter Used to serve RED ALE Anything robust with deep flavors Red ales Lagers Porters Stouts Pilsner Glass Fill: Unique features: Tall, slender, and tapered 7-13 oz Three types of pint glasses: Standard Footed Exaggerated Tips: Shape allows foamy head to form Used for pilsners and German beers American Pint Fill: Unique features: Simple cylindrical shape Wider at top 16 oz Tips: Also called shaker pint Used for lagers or brown ales Imperial Pint Fill: Unique features: Similar to American pint Slight ridge toward top 20 oz Tip: British version of the pint glass Weizen Glass Unique features: Fill: Slightly wider at top Narrow at the bottom 17 oz Taller than a pint glass Tips: Width releases aroma Used to serve wheat beer and provides room for thick, fluffy head Knowing what type of glass to use can enhance the flavor and experience of drinking your favorite beverage. Brought to you by: In partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co. --)

Glass Sipper: Your Guide to Drinking Glasses

shared by Ghergich on May 06
Do you know the difference between a highball and Collins Glass? Step up your bartending skills by checking out this guide made up of 21 different glasses and learn what drink goes in each!




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