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Gems Of Power: Most Powerful Comic Book Gems

MOST POWERFUL GEM'S IN THE COMIC UNIVERSE Atroducing Na 32 All- Flash ÖLER STAR SAPPHIRE Love-powered gems given to the Star Sapphires (Female counterpart to the Green Lanterns). HISTORY/ORIGIN: Parasitic crystals turned into star-shaped gems by the Zamarons. POWERS: Flight, invulnerability, ability to survive in the vacuum of space, blast powers and other abilities similar to a Green Lantern Power Ring. DC COMICS" DEBUT: ALL-FLASH COMICS # 32 DRACULA LIVES! A MARVEL COMICS GROUP THE TOMB YAZDI GEM OF Despite its power, this gem is said to be quite brittle. HISTORY/ORIGIN: Soared through the sky above Earth for an unknown period of time, until a red-skinned Aztec waist-deep in a Peruvian swamp saw it. MARVEL POWERS: Allows its owner to restructure or destroy matter on a large scale with a mere thought; projects energy blasts and mystical flames resurrection. DEBUT: TOMB OF DRACULA || # 1 NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE! DOCTOR STRANGE SCRYING GEM A magical artifact owned by Dr. Strange. MASTER OF THE MYSTIC ARTS MARVEL HISTORY/ORIGIN: Once used by Dr. Strange to summon other magic users to his Greenwich Villoge, to implore them to stop using magic. POWERS: Allows instantaneous communication between beings around the world. OG JUSTICE IEAGUF THE WORLDS REATEST HEenes ARE BACK DEBUT: STRANGE I # 4 A AMERICA BLOOD GEM A red gem that contains the soul of a sadistic slave master named Jacob Whitney. HISTORY/ORIGIN: Created by a group of slaves and used to kill their slave master. They used the power of this stone to tear Whitney's soul from his body, trapping it inside of the gem. POWERS: Sentence Stare, Necromancy, Death Sense. JLI DC COMICS DEBUT: JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA # 61 Buffy THE GEM OF AMARA A mystical ring described as the equivalent to the Holy Grail for vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. the vamire slay er. HISTORY/ORIGIN: During the 10th century, there was a great deal of interest in the Gem of Amara, with one reference indicating that the artifact resided in the "Valley of the Sun". DEBUT: THE HARSH LIGHT OF DAY (4TH SEASON, 3RD EPISODE) POWERS: Grants the vampire wearer increased abilities and complete invulnerability to all their usual weaknesses. EYE OF THUNDERA A red orb that has a cat-eye image in its center, which can change to the head of a cat. Mounted on the legendary Sword of Omens. HISTORY/ORIGIN: It has been passed down to the rulers of Thundera for generations since its inception. DEBUT: JOURNEY TO THE TOWER OF OMENS POWERS: Summon the ThunderCats, Sight beyond sight, Source of all Thunderan life. (6TH EPISODE) MARVEL COMICS GROUP MARVEL TEAM UP ALPHA & OMEGA STONES DER MAN MARVEL Alpha Stone (Emerald) Omega Stone (Ruby) with varying dimensions. MARVEL HISTORY/ORIGIN: Discovered thousands of years ago in Kree-Lar as a single stone which was cut in two; a feat that killed thousands of people. POWERS: Produces and absorbs power and energy in different forms, empower beings or objects. MARVEL COMICS GROUP E TURAL! DEBUT: MARVEL TEAM-UP I # 16 STHERDES THE MAN CALLED THE KA STONE An ancient power gem believed to be connected to the Alpha and Omega Štones found on Kree-Lar which are remnants of the previous universe. MARVEL HISTORY/ORIGIN: Used over the years by The Sphinx; the chief wizard in the court of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses Il banished due to his inferior abilities. After years of wandering, the wizard happened upon a temple of unknown origin, inside which was the mystical Ka stone. DEBUT: AND SO... THE SPHINXI (NOVA # 6) POWERS: Reality manipulation, super strength, and immortality. EXMEN MARVEL THE CRIMSON GEM OF CYTTORAK TNE ORIC PROFESS Glows red and has the inscription "Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Henceforth, you who read these words, shall becóme forevermore a human juggernaut!" ATIRING: THEMENACE OF FEACCRIBABLE A JUGGERNAUT! THE HISTORY/ORIGIN: Created a thousand years ago by the Octessence (eight might beings) due to a wager. POWERS: Bestows the powers of The Juggernaut, teleportation, and cre- ation of mystical constructs and energy blost. DEBUT: X-MEN VOL1# 12 THE INFINITY GEMS Comprised of six gems: Soul (green), Mind (blue), Power (red), Reality (yellow), Time (orange), and Space (purple). Thanos was the first to use the six soul gems in unison. He intended to destroy the universe by using the soul gems to destroy the stars. NARLOCK MARVEL COMICS GROUP 20 WARLOCK THE POWER OF. HISTORY/ORIGIN: Before being called the Infinity Gems, they were called Soul Gems. The first soul gems was the one which first appeared on the forehead of Adam Warlock which was given to him by the High Evolutionary. POWERS: Soul Gem: Steal, manipulate and alter souls; control all living life in the universe; access to an idyllic pocket-universe that is much like heaven. Mind Gem: Access to all thoughts and dreams; mentally related abilities including telekinesis; could unleash dreams, nightmares and inner demons; access to all the minds of the universe, simultaneously. MARVEL Power Gem: Access to all kinds of power and energy, duplicates any physical superhuman ability, source of an unlimited machine power supply, boost the effects of other gems. NIGHT OF THE MAN-BEAST? Reality Gem: Render scientific laws meaningless, senses useless. Time Gem: Time manipulation and transport; cause others to revert to a physicolly older or younger state; manipulate causality; trapping of enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. Space Gem: Allows its owner to be anywhere in an instant, in multiple places, or nowhere; warp or rearrange space as they see fit. DEBUT: SOUL GEM : THE POWER OF WARLOCK # 1 BRilliaNCe

Gems Of Power: Most Powerful Comic Book Gems

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