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The Garden of Fantasy Flora: 80 Plants from Fiction

THE GARDEN OF FANTASY FLORA: 80 Plants From Fiction LOVELY Kirby series Deceptively cheerful and cunning flower that drains Kirby's health. AMRITA VEIN Dragon Age: Inquisition Rare, desert-thriving plant that earned freedom for the mage who studied and cultivated it. WHOMPING WILLOW VEGETABLE LAMB OF TARTARY Medieval Mythology Harry Potter Violent, mobile tree that protects certain locations. Plant that gives birth to lambs attached to a flexible stalk to permit grazing on nearby vegetation. FIRE FLOWER BLACK MERCY SIMBELMYNË AUDREY JR. Little Shop of Horrors Mario Series DC Universe Middle-earth Alien plant u Flower that endows the hero with the ability to hurl firebals. Alien plant-like species that feeds on a host while simulating a blissful dream. Small white blossom that often blooms year round atop the graves of kings. that needs human blood to survive. POD PLANT ADRICORN SONGBELL PLANT World of Warcraft Light and dark blossoming Plant that sprays interlopers plant that yields Motes of Harmony. MANDRAKE Harry Potter Tuber that cures petrification and, when fully grown, emits fatal screams. Star Trek Pokémon with peace-inducing and mind-controlling Johto-native fruit that can be hollowed out to make special Poké balls. Omicron spores. PAOPU FRUIT LAGANADHYLLIS SIMNOVORII CANDYDOD BUD THISTLE BRANCH Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Kingdom Hearts The Sims Part-bovine plant that will produce a life-extending potion after devouring a Sim. Pikmin Star-shaped fruit that the eternal represents t entwining of two people's destinies. Large flower that spits out Pikmin seeds that match their color. Flowering plant that has defensive alchemical value. KONOHANA Okami MAGEBULB PLANT YGGDRASI. Norse Mythology PEASHOOTER Plants vs. Zombies Warrior plant that shoots peas at oncoming zombies. World of Warcraft Massive ash tree that connects the nine planes of existence. Divine tree that houses the wood sprite Sakura and is a guardian entity for Kamiki Village. Plant that absorb the untapped magic from within the soil. GNARLTREE NIGHTLOCK The Hunger Games Plant with poisonous berries that will kill anything that consumes them. BANORA WHITE Final Fantasy VI: Crisis Core Colloquially referred to as a dumbapple, this fruit blooms at random times of the year. MALLORN Middle-earth Star Wars Majestic elven tree that serves as a structural support for elven homes. Swamp-dwelling tree that spawns by detaching white spiders that root their legs into bogs. TESLA TREE PIRAHNA PLANT Mario Series SENZU BEAN Dragon Ball Z Mystical bean with incredible restorative properties. TRAMA ROOT The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Root with minor calming and magical properties. Hyperion Cantos Tree that stores electricity until it surges out a Carnivorous, pipe-dwelling plant that bites and spits firebals. nd burns away all surrounding vegetation to create fertilizer. CLOUD FLOWER Mario series BARNACLE TREE OBLIVION MOSS WROSHYR TREE Medieval Mythology Tree with barnacles that open up to birth geese. Dungeons and Dragons Black moss capable of stealing memories from sentient creatures. Star Wars Flower that transforms Mario into Cloud Mario. Colossal tree that serves as support for Wookiee cities on Kashyyyk. ODDISH KATNISS PLANT The Hunger Games Aquatic plant that provides sustenance, also known as arrowhead. MAGIC MUSHROOM BOKO BABA The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Pokémon Cowboy Bebop Weed Pokémon that resembles a blue radish. Delicious mushrooms that induce intense hallucinations when consumed. Fanged carnivorous plant with teeth that drools purple saliva and attempts to eat humans CACTUAR Final Fantasy series CRIMSON NIRNROOT Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SAD SAC KINGSFOIL (ATHELAS) Middle-earth Metroid Prime Sweet, fragrant plant that explodes when disturbed. Healing herb that is truly powerful in the hands of a king. Giant sentient cactus that attacks intruders with thousands of needles. Scarlet plants that glows and emits an off-key hum. DIRIGIBLE PLUM Harry Potter Plum tree with floating fruits that grow upside down. HEART'S DESIRE My Little Pony Flower that grants your heart's desire MUSHROOM Mario series GROOT Guardians of the Galaxy Helpful fungus that restores health and Tree-like creature that can grow rapidly and control nature. boosts speed. when consumed. NIDHREDIL Middle-earth SUNFLOWER Plants vs. Zombies Cheerful, sun-producing plant that protects its RED WEED War of the Worlds GREEN HERB Resident Evil Small white flower that first blossomed to greet a beautiful and courageous elf named Lúthien. Invasive plant that reproduces explosively when exposed to water, believed to be responsible for the rlet Herb that restores heath, often administered as a spray or pill. comrades in battle. scarlet hue of Mars. TRIFFID The Day of the Triffids Mobile, poisonous plant-lke creature, speculated to be extraterrestrial in origin. FLOWER OF LIFE KITE-EATING TREE SEA FLOWER The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Robotech Plant that releases a steady source of energy when prevented from flowering. Peanuts Deciduous tree that slowly devours kites snared in its branches. Exotic blossom hat has an oceanic aroma. GROM SBLOOD GYSAHL GREENS RASHOVNIK Slavic Mythology MOLY World of Warcraft Vibrant plant that grows in places inhabited by demons. The Odyssey Herb that can be consumed to render an individual immune to magic. Final Fantasy Series Leafy vegetable favored by chocobos, similar to catnip for felines Magical herb with the power to unlock any lock and uncover anything hidden. THORIAN WHITE CLAUDIA DYSON TREE REVIVAL ROSE Mass Effect Silent Hill Freeman Dyson Hypothetical genetically-engineered plant that could grow on a comet. Yu-Gi-Ohl Sentient plant with mind-controlling and telepathic abilities, exerts control with pain-inducing spores. Mystical flower indigenous to the Slent Hill region, used to create the drug PTV. Plant-type monster that resembles a rose with an eyeball center. OLD MAN WILLOW HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOM COMPLEX BELLFLOWER FELANDARIS Chrono Cross Deep blue flower that blossoms only in Fossil Valley. Dragon Age: Inquisition Thorny, skeletal shrub that grows only where the Veil is thin. Middle-earth X-Files Sentient, cruel-hearted tree with hypnotic powers. Complex of hallucinogenic mushrooms that trap humans underground while slowly digesting them. GOLDEN ADPLE AERITH'S FLOWERS Final Fantasy VII ALTAIREAN BOUQUET TREE PERUVIAN PUFF PEDDER Drake & Josh Sweet, fiery pepper that is illegal in the US fo causing kidney failure and chapped lips Minecraft Futurama Rare fruit that restores hunger, cures zombie villagers, and improves chances of horse-taming success. Aerith made a living Tree that gives people certain flowers by by seling flowers that she e cultivated abandoned church, request and Delvers them by branch. | within an KODAMA BOMB FLOWER The Legend of Zelda Plant with an explosive fruit that will detonate shortly after being harvested or when exposed to fire. TREE OF SOULS Princess Mononoke Forest spirits whose lifeforce is bound to the BIAND B2 Bananas in Pyjamas Anthropomorphic bananas that live with stuffed Avatar Wilow-like tree that serves as a spiritual connection to the Na'vi diety Eywa. health of their plants. animals and work as beach patrol. GLOW-UP BULB Yu-Gi-Ohl Lotus-like blossom with a violet eye in its bulb. ANCIENT FRUIT Chrono Cross Fruit cultivated by the Beeba tribe that is used to tame Wingapedes. SHAMBLING MOUND Dungeons & Dragons Sentient pile of rotting vegetation that suffocates prey with slime. LULLABEE TREE Edge Chronicles Eerie tree with glowing turquoise leaves that emits a comforting and hypnotic hum. IFA TREE Final Fantasy IX TRUFFULA TREE The Lorax BLACK LOTUS Magic: The Gathering SPRIGGAN The Elder Scrolls Magical tree that fiters the souls returning to the planet's core. Vibrant tree with silken tufts and a butterfly milk aroma. Entity made from wood and mystical energy that enthralls nearby wildlfe and protects its domain. Rare blossom with mana-rejuvenating powers. AvasFlowers SOURCES Better Flowers Lower Prices

The Garden of Fantasy Flora: 80 Plants from Fiction

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Plants? Yup plants! Plants are a bigger part of the fiction we love than most people might realize. Iconic flowers, trees, bushes, herbs, you name it, are in all of our favorite television series, mov...




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