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Game of Thrones Rich List

GAME OF HRONES WESTEROS RICH LIST NUMBER ONE TYWIN LANNISTER £6 BILLION ESTIMATED NET WORTH RICH ENOUGH TO BANKROLL THE FAILED MONARCHY OF THE BARATHEONS WHILE 'ALWAYS PAYING HIS DEBTS', WE ESTIMATE TYWIN LANNISTER IS WORTH A WHOPPING £6 BILLION. TYWIN IS THE HEAD OF THE RICHEST FAMILY IN THE SEVEN KINGDOMS. HE CONTROLS MANY OF THE GOLD MINES ACROSS WESTEROS AND HIS HOME - CASTERLY ROCK - SITS ON TOP OF ONE. ASSETS: 3 Million Gold Dragons: loaned to the crown 1 Million Dragons: 2 Million Dragons: Reserves (A Lannister always pays his debts!) Loans & various investments TOTAL: 5 Million Dragons: Gold mines, lands, harbors, & property 1 Million Dragons annually: Taxes from Westerlands liege lords 12 MILLION GOLD DRAGONS * 1 Gold Dragon = 1 UK Cow/Horse (£500 average UK cow/horse value). MUMBEA TWO LORAS & MARGAERY TYRELL (HOUSE TYRELL) £2,912,000,000 ESTIMATED NET WORTH ONE OF THE GREAT HOUSES OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS, HOUSE TYRELL IS THE SECOND WEALTHIEST HOUSE IN WESTEROS. THEY OWN THE RICH, FERTILE FARMLAND OF THE REACH, AND THEREFORE OWNS THE BIGGEST SHARE OF CROPS IN WESTEROS. THE REACH IS ALSO THE MOST HEAVILY POPULATED AREA OF WESTEROS. THUS, HOUSE TYRELL COMMAND THE LARGEST ARMY IN THE SEVEN KINGDOMS. NET WORTH: WE ESTIMATE THAT THE REACH IS PRETTY SIMILAR TO THE DUCHY OF CORNWALL, BUT CONSIDERABLY BIGGER. IN 2011, THE DUCHY OF CORNWALL WAS VALUED AT £728 MILLION, GIVEN THAT THE REACH IS DESCRIBED AS 'ONE OF THE LARGER REGIONS OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS' WE DECIDED THAT THE REACH MUST BE AT LEAST FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF DUCHY OF CORNWALL. The Reach' = 4x Duchy of Cornwall @£728m ea = £2,912,000,000 %3D TUMBER THREE DAENARYS TARGARYAN £227,040,00O ESTIMATED NET WORTH DESPITE NOT OWNING LAND OR GOLD, DAENARYS SITS PRETTY ON OUR RICH LIST DUE TO HER PENCHANT FOR KEEPING PET DRAGONS AND COMMANDING A LARGE ARMY OF 'UNSULLIED' (SLAVE SOLDIERS OF THE UTMOST DISCIPLINE). BASED ON OUR CALCULATIONS, WE ESTIMATE DAENARYS TARGARYAN'S NET WORTH TO BE SOMEWHERE WITHIN THE REGION OF £227 MILLION. ASSETS: 8,600 'unsullied 3 Dragons Calculating the cost of the 'Unsullied' army: "Three ships full of costly goods are enough to buy a thousand of Unsullied." A Song of Ice and Fire Calculating the value of the Dragons: A 65' Baltic Trader ship is selling for £220,000. Daenarys traded 1 of her dragons for 8,600 Unsullied. Therefore, it stands to reason that 1 dragon is worth £56,760,000 3 x 65' Baltic Trader = £660,00o £660,000 is the estimated cost of £1,000 Unsullied Therefore, 8,600 Unsullied are worth approximately £56,760,000 -Therefore, 3 Dragons are worth £170,280,000 KUMBER FOUR PETYR BAELISH (LITTLEFINGER) £34,758,100 ESTIMATED NET WORTH DESPITE HIS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, PETYR BAELISH IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL FIGURES IN WESTEROS. HE IS THE 'MASTER OF COIN' – RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL MATTERS. HE ALSO OWNS AT LEAST 3 'GENTLEMEN's CLUBS'. HAS THE UNIQUE ABILITY TO BE ABLE TO RUB TWO GOLD DRAGONS TOGETHER AND BREEDA THIRD'. NET WORTH: IN ORDER TO CALCULATE PETYR'S WORTH, WE HAVE DRAWN COMPARISONS WITH MODERN DAY EQUIVALENTS AND COMBINED THEIR NET WORTHS: The UK's Master of Peter Stringfellow Coin' is Chancellor owns a number of George Osbourne. He is worth an "Gentlemen's Clubs’ He is worth an estimated estimated £4.3 million £30,458,100 -£34,758,100 NUMBER HOUSE MARTELL – £25,000,000 House Martel rules over Dorne, one of the nine constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms. The Martells reside in Sunspear, the capital of Dorne. NUMBER HOUSE ARRYN – £23,000,000 House Arryn rules over the Vale, one of the nine constituent regions of Westeros. They reside inside a castle known as the Eyrie, a fortress considered by many to be impregnable. NUMBER HOUSE BARATHEON £20,000,000 While on the Iron Throne, Robert Baratheon borrowed an estimated 6 million Gold Dragons from the Lannisters and the Iron Bank of Braavos to fund his expensive hobbies. Given Eddard Stark's astonishment at this figure in A Game of Thrones, we can assume that 6 million Gold Dragons was a staggering amount of money to owe. Due to this crippling debt, The Baratheons must be in a worse financial situation than most of the other Great Houses (even though they are currently the ruling house of Westeros). NUMBER 8 HOUSE GREYJOY – £17,000,000 Rules over the Iron Islands, a harsh and unforgiving environment. Resides in the castle Pyke. NUMBER HOUSE STARK - £10,000,000 House Stark rules over the North, one of the constituent regions of Westeros. Their home is Winterfell. All but de- stroyed, House Stark is a shadow of the Great House it used to be, though there are bannermen who are still loyal to this ancient and respected family. NUMBER 10 IRON BANK OF BRAAVOS - £??? Braavos The Iron Bank of Braavos lent money to the Iron Throne during Robert Baratheon's reign to fund his expensive hobbies. We suspect that the Bank of Braavos is likely to hold more money than even the Lannisters, but since Braavos is located across the Narrow Sea, we didn't feature it in our Westeros Rich List. The Iron Bank has a fearsome reputation when collecting debts. SOURCES Images Copyright 'Game of Thrones' Home Box Office Inc. (HBO) Freedom finance

Game of Thrones Rich List

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After a lot of research into both the books and the series, we have created what we believe is an accurate depiction of what each of the richest Game of Thrones characters are worth! Check it out and ...


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