The Game of Thrones Guide to Book Marketing

THE GAMEOF HRONES BOOK MARKETING Hardhome oint GUIDE TO T Whitetree Castle Black Eastwatch- On the HBO® series Game of Thrones, no one is safe. Political backstabbing and actual stabbings are constant risks along with frozen zombies and flying dragons. Although the self-publishing world may not have direwolves or beheadings, the competition is bit as fierce. Let's take a look at the singular trait of some every Thrones characters who have survived and how you can emulate them to rule the world of self-publishing. The Dreadfort Winterfell Jon Snow (Determination) Although Jon Snow technically died at the end of season five his resurrection by the Red Witch at the start of season six qualifies him for our list. You don't need magic to persevere through uneven book sales. Simply stay focused on your marketing plan and be prepared to adjust as needed. Ramsgate White Harbor Moat Cailin Tyrion Lannister (Intelligence) What Tyrion lacks in size and strength, he makes for with dn a keen wit and a sharp mental acuity. Use your intelligence to devise a comprehensive marketing plan that includes an author platform designed to drive sales. And remember those who An author always pays his debts. help you along the way. The Strongsong THeart's Home Blecktyde Seagard The Eyrie Cersei Lannister (Beauty) M PIO Vale of Arryn Oldstones The Bloody Gate With her green eyes, golden blonde hair, slender figure and fair skin, Cersei's stunning beauty is well known throughout the seven kingdoms. One of the most basic yet essential parts of book marketing is a book cover design. Work with a professional designer to ensure your book cover gets noticed. emp Redior Wick gh Hear Fair Isle Faircastle Antlers Golden Tooth Pinlamaiden Rook's Rest Dragonstone Stony Sept Petyr Baelish (Cunning) arsfield iskendale Sharp Point Lord Baelish has proven to be a master of political maneuvers designed to feed his own ambitions. A shrewd touch with your book marketing will be key to your success as well especially when it comes to pricing strategies, genre selection and social media marketing tactics. Landin Bronzegate I Goldengrove Evenfall Hall Bitterbridge Felwood Old Oak Grassy Vale Long Table Daenerys Targaryen (Thick skin) Summerhall Ashford Daenerys walked into her husband's funeral pyre three dragon eggs and emerged unscathed as the Mother of Dragons. Developing thick skin about unflattering reviews will help your marketing efforts if you also learn from helpful criticism and ignore the mean-spirited variety. with Crow's NeK lackhaver Sea of D Chaston Grey Oldtown Kingsgrave The Tor Uplands Yronwood Thost Hill High Hermitage Skyreach ree lowers Sunflower Hall Hellholt Sandstone Red Dunes

The Game of Thrones Guide to Book Marketing

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Only a handful of characters on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones have survived all five seasons. Each has a unique attribute that has contributed to their longevity. We explore how authors can use t...


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