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Friday the 13th Movie Trivia and Facts

Friday the 13th Trivia

Worldwide Box office revenue $465,239,523

166 deaths in the series

12 couples killed during or after sex

4 people fall while running

10 cars that won't start

11 total movies

1 death every 6min & 4sec

1,006 total movies runtime

6 films end with Jason "dying"

The original mask that was created for the Jason character was sculpted out of an old Detroit Red Wings goalie mask.

Jason's body count throughout the films (not including unfortunate ghetto blasters, cars, and boats) is 166 out of 269 speaking parts. In other words, 62 percent of the series' cast is murdered at some point.

Contrary to popular belief, Jason's not always the killer. In the first movie, Jason's mother is actually the killer and int he fifth one it's a policeman who just dresses up as Jason.

Camp NoBeBoSo in New Jersey was used for the cap scenes in the original "Friday the 13th"

The original conception of Jason was simply as a normal looking boy. It wasn't until collaborator Tom Savini got involved with the character creation that Jason began to appear monster like an deformed.

Parts 5, 9, and 10 have the most murders with 20 each. Parts 1 and 2, on the other hand, are almost puritan in the restraint, having just nine murders apiece.

Part 7 is noteworthy because it has 15 murders and only 21 credited actors. That means if you were in that movie, there was a 71 percent chance you would be killed.

Eleven people are thrown through windows in the series (including a windshield in the remake): eight dead bodies, two live bodies, and Jason himself (twice).

Six of the films end with Jason dying. Three of them begin with him being brought back to life -- four if you count the dream sequence that begins part 5.

Two of the films' titles contain the word "Final"; in neither case did it prove to be true.

And while you may have thought otherwise, only five of the movies were actually released on a Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Movie Trivia and Facts

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Ever wonder where Jason Voorhees, the killer in the acclaimed movie series Friday the 13th, came from; where he got his name; or why he wears that hockey mast?


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