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Fiorucci - A slice for everyone

1. Real estate representative and Milanese politician arrested in the act of bribery 2. Notice of investigation for the Ex Premier with the assumption of corruption and possesion of stolen goods 3. Inquiry into a large Italian business, born from the fusion between public and private chemical companies 24. Awell-known English lawyer accepts a bribe to bear false witness, paid by an emissary of the Ex Premier 4. Arrested president of the largest national 25. Inquiry into the acquisition of a Serbian telephone company: presumed bribes to two Ex Premiers energy company 43,7 NEMPLOYMENT (%) U 5. 11,6 Authorization to proceed for organized crime on behalf of the Ex Premier The top part of the share allows to compare over time (from 1992 to today) some indicators of economic nature, the trend of the citations of the terms "corruption" and "bribery" in the daily newspapers Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, the perception of the Nation's corruption such as it is represented 26. Bankruptcy of a large Italian food company: the company president is investigated for corruption UNEMPLOYMENT (96) 6. GOVERNMENT DEBT (% OF GDP) 1.988,4 at the Ex Premier after he exits a hotel in the capital city Crowd launches coins in the annual index of International Transparency. Having to confront indicators with different units of measure, the trends have been arranged based on autonomous grids in function of the maximum and minimum peaks of the values. GOVERNMENT DEBT (MLD e). 1.694 27. Ilicit bankruptcy and stock manipulation of a large Italian food company 3.199 7. FISCAL PRESSURE % 9.108 Arrested the ex president of an important Italian industrial and financial group CORRUPTION Sources: Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Istat, Transparency International 28. Bribing system on the supplies 2,99 of the largest Italian 8. UNEMPLOYMENT (%) GOVERNMENT DEBT (MLD €) energy company Suicide of two well-known national corporate executives, under investigation at the time * REPUBBI Y 29. Governor of the National Bank under imvestigation for abuse of authority RIBER GDP (MLD €) 9. GOVERNMENT DEBT (MLD €) GDP (MLD C) 1.580 Arrested two executives GOVERNMENT DEBT (MLD C 1.209 of an important industrial and financial group (CORRIERE DELLA SERA) 30. Well-known entrepreneur under CORRUPTION (LA REPUBBLICA GOVERNMENT DEBT (MLD €) GDP (MLD €) FISCAL PRESSURE UNEMPLOYMENT (96) investigation for the takeover bid DEBT (MLD €) BRIBERY (CORRIERE DELLA R of an editorial group 10. CORRUPTION PERCEPTION INDEX with the accusation of stock manipulation Heath scandal: Ministerial ---- ---- GDP (MLD €) and public official on pay roll of numerous pharamceutical companies 31. Football scandal: gifts in exchange UNEMPLOYMENT (%) 959,1 for favorable arbitration. Many football clubs are retrograded GDP (MLD €) 11. GOVERNMENT Scandal devastes the national Secret Service, concerning the management of reserved funds DELLA SERAY or penalized GDP (MLD €) RIERE. 829,8 32. Scandal in the entertainment 5,5 IBERY (CORRI 1992 --- 12. 1993 business: extortion to vip indemnity Arrest warrant for a notable Italian entrepreneur for huge bribe to a public official 1994 CURRUPTION 1995 1996 (CORRIERE DELLA SERA) 1997 1998 33. The President of a region of Central 1999 2000 40,4 Italy arrested for bribery 2001 2002 103.6 13. 2003 2004 Detention order for brother of the future Premier for presumed bribes to bank officials 2005 34. Wire tapping between a public official and an entrepreneur: agreements for post earthquake contracts 1. 2006 12. 14 2007 2008 19. 2009 2010 21. 2011 2012 14. 2013 24. 25. Eight years imprisonment sentence for an executive of an important Italian industrial group 26. 35. Inquiry into contracts, villas, escorts, employment and luxury automobiles concerning some public officials 27. 28. 30. 18. 39. 15. BUSI TESS 35. 13. Ex Premier escapes to Tunisia 20. 46. 36. Minister under investigation for the illicit 29. JUSTICE 22. 16. possession of a home in the capital city Arrested the Ex Minister 40. of Health for criminal conspiracy and corruption 34. 37. Premier under investigation for bribery 2. 36. POLITICS 45- in the escort scandal 17. Conviction for four national politicians for their involvement in the illicit bankruptcy of an Italian bank 38. Scandal on fixed football betting breaks out: games fixed by players and executives 15. 33. 41. 37. 47. 18. 16. Judgement in the trial that involves a company controlled by the Premier: mandatory compensation of 560 million euro 39. 43. Commitment for trial for the Ex Premier and other public spokesmen for bribes to the respresentatives of the Finance Police SPORTS 31. Each element represents one of 47 events concerning the phenomenon of corruption in Italy from 1992 to today. 17. 42. 19. 32. 40. Political respresentative under investigation for corruption and bribery in the inquiry of an industrial area in Lombardy ENTERTAINMENT Conviction for twenty-three people on trial for the fusion of the two Italian chemical poles Each element is positioned horizontally with respect to the year of the event and vertically in function of the thematic category of reference. The shape of each element univocally represents the details that characterize it. crimes convictions 20. Arrested a representative of the Magistrate for presumed corruption in the trials referred to the Ex Premier's holding 1-50 units (approximate calculations) Political representative under investigation: subtracted large sums from the party of which he was treasurer 41. 38. The central component shows the territorial importance of the event, the top part the prominent traits of the event, the bottom part the roles covered by the people involved. 10. 21. 42. Health scandal breaks out "Palazzi d'oro" scandal: cement lobby and bribes under observation by Public Prosecution in a region in Northern Italy second thematic RELIGION SECURITY category (possible) 43 Treasurer of a party under investigation for the transferring of public funds to the family of a well-known politician 22 Corruption for High Speed Trains: nine arrests and swamps of searches Relationship between the numbers of offences, charges and convictions for the crimes of corruption, bribery and instigation for corruption 1. 44. first thematic category corruption CUSTOM 1. 23. Bribe scandal involving an Italian company that deals with the lottery system instigation for corruption 44 Leak of news and reserved documents number of total clicks on the corresponding event page on (from 2008 to December 2012) Sources: report 2010 Servizio Anticorruzione e Trasparenza del Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica; report GREC0 di valutazione sull'Italia (year 2012) relative to the internal and external relationships of the Holy See bribery : Arrested respresentative of a political party accused of embezzelment and stealing a large sum of money 45. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 46. Deficit for a notable bank of Siena 2009 47. President of a region in Nortern Italy under investigation for corruption in the scandal of a well-known hospital foundation possession of stolen goods perjury A slice for everyone local regional O national • abuse of authority embezzlement illicit financing deficit organized crime bribes bribery corruption The history of corruption in Italy international central component significance commitment for trial detention authorization to proceed inquiry extortion upper wreath event's details contracts fraud compensation protest bankruptcy stock manipulation from 1992 to 2013. criminal conspiracy imprisonment involved sentence notice of investigation Italy has become one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. careers lower wreath prime minister ex prime minister regional president ex regional president political representative *color palettes of all the visualization have been carefully picked only from Fiorucci salumi images. Traditionally, bribes in Italy were paid in cold-cuts, which is why corrupt politicians are said to "eat pork". This map illustrates the reach of corruption and should be kept as a reminder of the damage done. Enjoy, if you can. minister ex minister official other entrepreneur man of justice large corporate executive TRADITIONAL COLD-CUTS Fiorucci) SINCE 1850 (a09 10 %) 18ad NaNNHIAO FISCAL PRESSURE % FISCAL PRESSURE % PERCEPTION INDE CORRUPTION LICAL scandal HEALTH arrest escape suicide

Fiorucci - A slice for everyone

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This ad was targeted to the press and news journalists that covered in detail the campaign that Fiorucci - an Italian cold-cuts brand - did to expose the issue of corruption. Italy is in fact one of t...


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