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Film Locations of the Oscar Nominees 2016

FILMING LOCATIONS OF THE OSCAR NOMINEES 2016 THE REVENANT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY ALBERTA, CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA BEST PICTURE Most of The Revenant was MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG) The majority of Fifty Shades of ACTOR IN LEADING ROLE filmed near Calgary in Alberta, Grey was filmed in Vancouver, ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE Canada, which is a remote with much of the shooting CINEMATOGRAPHY area known for its inhospitable being done around the historic COSTUME DESIGN wintery conditions. Temperatures downtown area, and around DIRECTING were usually around -30 degrees Coal Harbour. The University FILM EDITING Celsius, with one day hitting -40, of British Columbia is where MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING which resulted in the camera most of the university scenes PRODUCTION DESIGN equipment freezing. were shot. SOUND EDITING SOUND MIXING VISUAL EFFECTS CINDERELLA CAROL BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND CINCINNATI, OHIO, USA COSTUME DESIGN Pinewood Studios in ACTRESS IN LEADING ROLE Even though Carol is set in New Buckinghamshire was the ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE York, Cincinnati is becoming primary filming location for CINEMATOGRAPHY increasingly popular as a filming Cinderella, where Maleficent COTUME DESIGN location, as it still has a lot was also filmed. Locations such MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) of period architecture intact, as Windsor Castle, Blenheim WRITING making it ideal for a film that is Palace, Black Park, and the Old (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) set in the 1950s. It also seems Royal Naval College were also to be an easier place to film used for filming locations. than New York, making it more popular for directors. MON'S RESTAURANT STUNCH STRAIGHT THE HATEFUL EIGHT OUTTA COMPTON COLORADO, USA COMPTON + LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE There's a place in Colorado WRITING The majority of Straight Outta CINEMATOGRAPHY called Telluride, which is alive (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) Compton was (no surprises MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) with authentic western-style here) filmed in Compton, hotels, restaurants, and bars. California. They actually Along with the San Juan encountered some real-life Mountains in the background, violence on set, when there we can see why this was was a drive-by shooting that where Tarantino decided his took place right in front of latest film, The Hateful Eight, the cast and crew members. would be shot. Luckily, no-one involved in the film was injured. 日期 用 HAVFRVE BROOKLYN THE DANISH GIRL ENNISCORTHY, IRELAND QUEBEC, CANADA COPENHAGEN, DENMARK ACTOR IN LEADING ROLE Fans swarmed to Nyhavn, BEST PICTURE Brooklyn used many different ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE a waterfront district in ACTRESS INA LEADING ROLE filming locations, however, COSTUME DESIGN Copenhagen to see Eddie WRITING most of the filming took place PRODUCTION DESIGN Redmayne star as the Danish (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) in Montreal in Quebec, and transgender artist in The in Ennisworthy, Wexford, or Danish Girl. The area had to be Dublin, all located in Ireland. transformed, as the film is set in This of course follows the plot, the 1930s, after it was initially as it tells the story of a young considered to be filmed in Berlin. woman who migrates from Ireland to Brooklyn. CREED YOUTH LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND PENNSYLVANIA, USA GRAUBÜNDEN, SWITZERLAND MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG) Set in the Swiss Alps, it then ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE Even though a few filming makes sense that the majority of locations were used for Creed, Youth was shot in Switzerland, the primary locations were focussing on the Waldhaus Liverpool and Philadelphia. Flims hotel, and the Hotel Towards the beginning of Schatzalp in Davos. There was filming, An empty shop in also some filming done in Philadelphia was transformed Rome and Venice. into a boxing gym, where many of the training scenes were filmed. STEVE JOBS SPECTRE LOS ALTOS + SAN FRANCISCO, LONDON, ENGLAND CALIFORNIA, USA MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG) The filming of Spectre took place ACTOR IN LEADING ROLE The filming for Steve Jobs all over the world, with many ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE started at his childhood home scenes set and shot in in Los Altos, California, and Mexico, and also many in then took place in San Austria. However, the iconic Francisco. Much of the filming London buildings have always was shot in the original played a major part in the Bond locations, such as the unveiling films, particularly the infamous of the Macintosh at the Flint MI5 building. Center, De Anza College. SOTO Joyeria Uptica CINCADENTAL JOY SICARIO MASSACHUSETTS, USA JUÁREZ, MEXICO ACTRESS IN LEADING ROLE The majority of the filming for CINEMATOGRAPHY The crew filming Sicario Joy took place in Boston, where MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) decided to take a big risk when the film is set. However, filming SOUND EDITING they chose to film in Juárez, had to be delayed due to the Northern Mexico. The city amount of snow that had fallen used to be known as the over the city. There were also murder capital of the world, and a few scenes shot in North even though the murder rate Reading, Massachusetts. has declined, it still remains one of the most dangerous places on earth. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD THE BIG SHORT NEW ORLEANS, NAMIB DESERT, NAMIBIA LOUISIANA, USA BEST PICTURE Even though the previous BEST PICTURE Filming began in New Orleans, CINEMATOGRAPHY instalments of Mad Max ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE Louisiana, where the majority COSTUME DESIGN were always filmed in Australia, DIRECTING of the scenes were shot. The DIRECTING the country saw unusually large FILM EDITING cast and crew then later moved FILM EDITING amounts of rainfall, WRITING to New York. The production MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING which meant that the normally (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) team recreated the office of PRODUCTION DESIGN barren landscape blossomed the unsuccessful investment SOUND EDITING into a luscious, green land. firm Lehman Brothers, who SOUND MIXING Therefore, the red desert lands were based in the lobby of the VISUAL EFFECTS of Namibia seemed to be New York State Department of most suitable for the setting of Financial Services, where much apocalyptic Australia. of the filming also took place. TRUMBO 45 YEARS NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA NORFOLK, ENGLAND ACTOR IN LEADING ROLE The crew decided to jump in ACTRESS IN LEADING ROLE Another very popular filming the queue of films that were location is Norfolk, where a being filmed in New Orleans, plethora of films have been proving the popularity of shot, including scenes from this filming location. The star Shakespeare in Love and The studded cast including Helen Duchess. Many directors have Mirren and Bryan Cranston put this down to the fact that remained here for all the filming, Norfolk offers such a diversity following the story of Dalton of landscapes. The crew of 45 Trumbo, a screenwriter who Years also decided to film quite was imprisoned for alleged a few of the scenes in Norwich, Communist propaganda in including some iconic buildings, Hollywood films. such as the Assembly Rooms. STAR WARS: BRIDGE OF SPIES THE FORCE AWAKENS POTSDAM + BERLIN, GERMANY RUB'AL KHALI DESERT, ABU DHABI, UAE BEST PICTURE Staying true to the actual places FILM EDITING The setting for the planet Jakku ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE where the events took place, MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) was the Rub' al Khali desert in MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) Bridge of Spies begins in New SOUND EDITING Abu Dhabi. Also known as the PRODUCTION DESIGN York, and then most of the SOUND MIXING Empty Quarter, the desert is the SOUND MIXING filming took place in Potsdam VISUAL EFFECTS largest contiguous sand desert WRITING and Berlin. The Glienicke Bridge in the world, and the filming (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) connects the two cities, which is took place just a couple of where the exchange for the two hours away from the city of Abu spies was made: Abel (the Soviet Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is becoming spy being held by the Americans) increasingly popular as a filming for Powers (an American pilot location, also having featured in captured by the Soviets). Fast and Furious 7. ROOM SPOTLIGHT TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA BEST PICTURE Even though Room is set in BEST PICTURE The beginning of the filming for ACTRESS IN LEADING ROLE Akron, Ohio, the entire film was ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE Spotlight took place in Boston, DIRECTING shot in Toronto, Ontario. The ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE Massachusetts, but then the FILM EDITING film follows the story of Joy and DIRECTING majority of the filming took place in Toronto, Ontario, The film is WRITING her young son Jack who are held WRITING (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) captive in a tiny space they call (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) set in Boston, where The Boston "Room', and Joy's determination Globe newspaper investigated to escape so that her son can child sex abuse by numerous experience the outside world. Roman Catholic Priests. EX MACHINA THE MARTIAN VALLDAL, NORWAY WADI RUM, JORDAN VISUAL EFFECTS Despite being set in the BEST PICTURE Wadi Rum is a popular WRITING wilderness of Alaska, Ex ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE location having already been (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) Machina was filmed in PRODUCTION DESIGN used in several films, such as Norway's Valldal valley. This SOUND EDITING Transformers: Revenge of the also meant that the Juvet SOUND MIXING Fallen and Prometheus. The Landscape Hotel, a spectacularly VISUAL EFFECTS dusty red desert was a perfect modern piece of architecture, WRITING choice to replicate the surface could be used for the mountain (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) of Mars for The Martian, so retreat where Caleb carries out we're not surprised this is where tests on the robot. Ridley Scott decided to film his latest epic. SOURCES + REFERENCES Fly Abu Dhabi t 米

Film Locations of the Oscar Nominees 2016

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With the Academy Awards looming, we decided to take a look at the films that are nominated for any awards, and particularly where they were filmed. One of the most important aspects of a film is its v...


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