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Fiction's Greatest Fiction

Fictions Greatest iction SOURCES FILM GAME BOOK TV SOURCE SOURCE Hitchhiker's Guide to the Back to the Galaxy Future II HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY SPORTS ALMANAC 'Don't Panic!' The ultimate guidebook, containing all knowledge and wisdom in the universe, a must have for any aspiring galactic travellers. A winning lottery card, the sports Almanac contained the results of almost every major sports game form 1950-2000. Too late now. AUTHOR AUTHOR Megadodo Publications Greys SOURCE SOURCE The Lord of The Hobbit the Rings RED BOOK OF WESTMARCH THE DOWNFALL OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND THE RETURN OF THE KING. THERE AND BACK AGAIN, A HOBBITS TALE Continuing in his uncle's footsteps this tale recalls the adventure of Frodo and the fellowship on their quest to destroy the ring of power. The tale of a Hobbit's adventure to reclaim a mountain and slay a dragon. Bilbo recounts his mission with the dwarves on their journey to the lonely mountain and the battle of the five armies. AUTHOR AUTHOR Bilbo Baggins Frodo Baggins SOURCE SOURCE Donnie Darko Young Frankenstein THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME TRAVEL HOW I DID IT Written by Grandma Death, this book explains all there is to know about time travel and unlocking the secrets of the universe; it also might actually help us figure out what happened in the film. Aptly named, this book explains exactly how Frankenstein created his monster and brought flesh back to life. Something that Mary Shelley never mentioned in her original works. AUTHOR AUTHOR Roberta Sparrow Victor Frankenstein SOURCE SOURCE Beetlejuice Harry Potter HOGWARTSA HISTORY HANDBOOK FOR THE RECENTLY DECEASED A handbook which outlines all the rules and parameters for the recently deceased, such as conducting a séance or how to travel to the otherworldly waiting room. With so many books to choose from in this series, 'Hogwarts: a history' was one of the most fascinating, containing many facts and secrets about the magical castle. AUTHOR AUTHOR Bathilda Unknown SOURCE SOURCE Bagshot Game of Thrones Fallout 3 SURVIVAL GUIDE THE LINEAGES AND HISTORIES OF THE GREAT HOUSES OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE A book detailing the history of the great houses in the Seven Kingdoms, Eddard Stark used it to discover the true secret behind Robert Baratheon's children. This handbook comprises of three chapters, namely, Survive, Thrive, and Revive. It evolves from misled information to the ultimate survival guide as the game progresses. AUTHOR AUTHOR Grand Moira Brown Maester Malleon SOURCE SOURCE The Simpsons Evil Dead NECRONOMICON EX-MORTIS HOMER, I HARDLY KNEW ME Known as the "Book of the Dead", it can harness the Forces ability to control the dead. With an unhealthy habit of attracting teenagers (or Ash) to activate its powers. Boxes of Homer's autobiography are kept in his attic, providing a glimpse into a man who's designed cars, gone to space, and eaten a few doh-nuts in his time. AUTHOR AUTHOR The Dark Ones Homer Simpson SOURCE SOURCE Tropic Thunder I'm Alan Partridge Normich BOUNCING BACK TROPIC THUNDER THE TRUE STORY The autobiography of Alan Partridge, described by some as "Lovely Stuff". It depicts his fall from an averagely successful career, spurred on by his obsessive addiction to Toblerone. From the movie about filming a movie based off a book, comes the "true" story of Sargent Four Leaf Tayback's adventures in a war-torn Vietnam. AUTHOR AUTHOR Alan Four Leaf Partridge SOURCE SOURCE Tayback The Last of Us The Babadook SAVAGE STARLIGHT COMICS MISTER BABADOOK Strewn throughout post-apocalyptic America are various editions of the Savage Starlight comic series that protagonist Ellie loves so dearly. Perhaps not the best bedtime reading for kids, this red pop-up book unleashes a supernatural entity, which torments the reader as soon as they are aware of it. AUTHOR AUTHOR Dark Horse Comics Unknown IE> SOURCE SOURCE Nineteen Metal Gear Solid 2 Eighty four 1984 IN THE DARKNESS OF SHADOW MOSES THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM Recounting the details of Solid Snake's mission to Shadow Moses Island, giving new players in the series a recap of the events that took place during the first game in the series. Known as "The Book" of the resistance, every member of the brotherhood must read it to learn the true totalitarian nature of the Party. AUTHOR AUTHOR Emmanuel Goldstein Nastasha Romanenko SOURCE SOURCE The Elder Scrolls V: O' o Futurama Skyrim ZAPP BRANNIGAN'S BIG BOOK OF WAR BY ZAPP BRANNIGAN KOLB & THE DRAGON: AN ADVENTURE FOR NORD BOYS A choose your own adventure book within an adventure game, it sees the player take on the role of Kolb on his quest to slay a dragon. This Dr. Seuss-esque book comes from the legendary twenty-five star General Zapp Brannigan, recounting the various military tactics he employed over a long career to ensure victory. AUTHOR AUTHOR myprint 247 Zapp Brannigan Unknown Full list of references available at: 80

Fiction's Greatest Fiction

shared by JadeWilliams1 on Dec 04
From the Handbook of the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice to the Sports Almanac from Back to the Future or perhaps the Wasteland Survival Guide form Fallout, we took a look at the greatest fake books ...


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