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Fictional Vehicles and Fictional Features

Fictional Vehicles and Fictional features The DeLorean Time Machine Back to the Future The Flux Capacitor Without a flux capacitor, you can get a DeLorean Requiring 1.21 gigawatts of power, this device, created by Doc, makes the DeLorean travel for an average of about $89,000 backward and forward in time. DeLorean DMC-12 Baby Supernatural The Trunk This car has come to This bad boy has enough ammo to fight vampires, ghosts, wendigos, and demons. represent brotherly love, but you can snag one in excellent condition for approximately $17,600 1967 Chevrolet Impala The Batmobile Batman (TV Series) The Rocket Exhaust Sadly, the original Batmobile was modeled after a car that no longer exists, but you can get an official replica of the Batmobile for only The duo's car was equipped with everything one would need to fight bad guys: a bat-deflector, bat-ray, bat-zooka, bat-scope, etc. But the rocket exhaust flashed in $150,000 almost every episode of the 1960s TV series. 1955 Lincoln Futura (Concept Car) Mach 5 Speed Racer Button A: The Auto Jack The show was animated, but the car closely resembles several racecars of the time, There were controls labeled "A" to "G" in the Mach 5 that including the Aston Martin DBR1, which recently went for helped Speed Racer. He could use rotary blades and even a homing robot (read "drone"). But it was famous for button A, $32 million the auto jack, used to jump short distances. Aston Martin DBR1 KITT Knight Rider Artificial Intelligence This beauty is one of the cheapest cars you can purchase on this list, often going for as little as Powered by a sentient supercomputer, KITT has many features, but one of the most famous is its $6,300 personality. It has learned to communicate with humans with the dry charm of a sarcastic butler, voiced by William Daniels (also known for his role as Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World). 1982 Pontiac Trans Am James Bond's Aston Martin Goldfinger and Thunderball The Ejector Seat James Bond is famous for owning the best of the very best of luxury vehicles. You can get one of these babies without the ejector seat for anywhere between This car had all of the normal features... you know, like pop-out machine guns and bulletproof glass. But it also had little added benefits the world's greatest spy would need, like an oil slick, radar tracking, and switchable license plates. Our favorite feature? The ejecting $450,000 $4 million and passenger seat. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Proton Cannon If you're a super-fan looking to re-create this classic car, you might find a hearse or ambulance version of this vehicle for an This car was a lemon, with the Ghostbusters needing to replace parts all of the time, but the proton cannon made this a smart vehicle to catch ghosts with while driving around in New York City. average of $25,000 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Agent K's Crown Vic Men in Black Rear Exhaust Thrusters You won't be able to Like James Bond's car, this fast vehicle also featured a red escape traffic with it, but you will be able to cruise around in a classic car for button, which allowed the car to go so fast that it defied gravity for a bit in a congested tunnel to Queens. only about $2,000 1987 Ford Crown Victoria Bumblebee Transformers A Transformer Learning to drive is much easier when your car can transform into a sweet, caring, and awesome Autobot. You can snag a non-transforming 1977 Camaro for about $10,000 Note that Bumblebee got an upgrade in 2010, and you can snag a yellow-and-black version of that car for $37,295 1977/2009 Chevrolet Camaro The Gadgetmobile Inspector Gadget The Flexible Body The gadgets are the point of this amazing vehicle, but gadget-less, you can get one for about The Gadgetmobile had a lot of useless gadgets and was as flexible and changeable as its owner. But the fact that it could change from a police car to a van might be its most useful feature. $10,000 1983 Toyota Supra Black Beauty The Green Hornet The Weaponry Sorry, this is a cheat. We couldn't decide between those Nothing quite beats that three-coat paint job, but .30-caliber machine guns, the stinger missiles, and the grill-mounted flamethrower. you can snag a good-quality Imperial sedan for about $12,000 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown Sedan The Bluesmobile The Blues Brothers A Giant Speaker For bringing those sweet tunes to the public, the boys strapped a collection of giant speakers to their stunt car. The only problem is that the cigarette lighter You can get a reasonable price for your own Bluesmobile at $6,000 doesn't work. 1974 Dodge Monaco Herbie The Love Bug A Personality These cars are very popular (this movie is one of the reasons for This anthropomorphic Beetle won the hearts of many Disney fans in the 1960s. The film spawned a franchise of six total films and a great deal of previously scoffed-at Beetles. its popularity) and somewhat difficult to restore, so you'll likely pay more if the car is in good condition: about $27,000 1963 Volkswagen Beetle The Interceptor (aka The Pursuit Special) Mad Max The Concorde Front-end These gorgeous old cars go for a fairly typical price for a Supercharger In an awesome, dystopian world with Mel Gibson taking down bad guys in a dusty landscape, this protruding supercharger actually did nothing. (It sure looks cool, though.) classic vehicle: $35,000 1973 Ford Falcon GT Automan Automan The Automatic Man A regular 1980s-era Lamborghini Countach that The creator of Knight Rider also brought us this early 1980s classic. Resembling Tron, the Automatic Man is doesn't resemble Tron or materialize out of thin air will cost you about really a program brought to life, and with the help of the "cursor," he can draw a $200,000 three-dimensional wireframe and make vehicles appear out of thin air. Lamborghini Countach The Flying Ford Anglia Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Magic! Grab a magic-less, personality-less version of this beloved car for We're not sure what spells Arthur Weasley employed, and it's surely not Ministry of Magic, but the magic is what makes this beauty fly! Too bad this car got whomped by the Whomping Willow later on. $6,000 1959 Ford Anglia The Monster Death Race M134 Miniguns This movie is full of Frankenstein's car is shameless product placement, but it sure battle-tested and loaded with some crazy weaponry, the most notable being his terrifying twin miniguns. does make the 2006 Ford Mustang look sexy. Snag one for about $8,000 2006 Ford Mustang GT The 2054 Lexus Minority Report Autonomous Driving Capabilities It's strange that this might be just around the corner, but this futuristic concept is one of the things that make this vehicle so cool. It can also be driven vertically. This car is one of a kind, made by special request for Steven Spielberg himself. The car went on sale a few years ago for an insanely low price: $25,000 Lexus 2054 Concept Car The Autojet THX 1138 Super Speed George Lucas's first feature film included a pretty cool car, which the protagonist had to escape with. Fashioned similarly to a police vehicle, the car went very fast and cut through several barriers like butter. Used racecars went for a song back in those days, but today, they go for about $800,000 Lola T70 MK 111 The Wraith's Car The Wraith The Ability to Vanish Spoiler alert: The best part about this car is that it seems to help the driver come back from the dead. It also pops in and out of Supposedly, only four of these vehicles exist, and the cost to make the original was nearly $1.5 million. One earlier model went on sale for about existence in an electric $300,000 cloud, like a ghost. 1986 Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor Sources: CarBuying strategies

Fictional Vehicles and Fictional Features

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20 cool fictional vehicles and their awesome features from movies and TV shows.


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