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Fictional Jewelry

Storied Splendor 40 Pieces of Jewelry From Culture and Fiction | From Myth and Culture: Andvaranaut Draupnir Philosopher's Stone Yasakani no Magatama Norse mythology Cursed ring that generates gold; the cost is misfortune and destruction Norse mythology Gold ring belonging to Odin that "dripped" eight duplicates of itself every ninth night Ancient Hinduism (possibly) Ultimate pure alchemical substance reputed to transmute metals into gold or grant immortality Japan Divine jewel that is one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan Necklace of Harmonia Cintāmaņi The Red String of Fate Hinduism and Buddhism Wish-fulfilling jewel that parallels the Philosopher's Stone of Western alchemy Chinese mythology Invisible red cord that the matchmaker god tied around the ankles or pinkies of those destined to meet each other Menat Necklace Greek mythology Cursed necklace that granted eternal beauty to the wearer but at a catastrophic price Brísingamen Egypt Necklace that served as a medium for the goddess Hathor, channeling life, fertility, and rebirth; may have functioned as a percussion instrument for religious ceremonies Crystal Skulls Norse mythology Necklace worn by Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, gold, fertility, war, and death Mexico Smooth crystal skulls theorized to be the remains of an extraterrestrial Ring of Gyges Hamsa visit to the Aztecs Tide Jewels (Kanju and Manju) Greek mythology Ring that grants invisibility; Plato used it as a device to Ancient Mesopotamia Palm-shaped amulet that bestows strength and protection, used to deflect the evil eye question the nature of morality. Agimat (Anting-Anting) Lyngurium Japanese mythology Gems that the sea god Ryojin uses to control the tides Adder Stone Welsh mythology An adder stone, found with a L ROMA hole through it, protects against disease and nightmares and will expose a witch's disguise when peered through. Medieval mythology Mythical gemstone formed from the solidified urine of a lynx, the most prized coming from wild Philippines Talisman imbued with supernatural powers, accompanied by a pamphlet of magic incantations to maximize the benefits males | From Fiction: One Ring The Pink Panther Diamond Evenstar The Heart of the Ocean amady Lord of the Rings (2003) Ring imbued with incredible power, forged in the volcanic fires of Mount Doom Lord of the Rings (2003) Jeweled pendant that Arwen gives to Aragorn as a symbol of their love The Pink Panther (1963) Large pink diamond with a flaw in the center resembling a leaping pink panther Titanic (1997) Blue diamond sought by treasure hunters in the wreck of the RMS Titanic Griever necklace Sansa's necklace Final Fantasy VIII (1999) Lion symbol worn by Squall that represents bravery and determination Dean's amulet Green Lantern Ring Game of Thrones (2011-present) Necklace clandestinely equipped with a jewel containing poison Supernatural (2005-present) Amulet gifted to Dean by Sam, believed to "burn hot in God's DC universe Powerful and versatile ring that harnesses the wearer's Holly's necklace presence" willpower to fuel it Time-Turner Rolex Submariner Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) Pearl and diamond necklace worn by Holly Golightly as she window-shopped Crenshinibon Bracelets of Submission 00 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Timepiece encasing an Hour-Reversal Charm enabling time travel James Bond series DC universe Timepiece worn by Bond, equipped with a laser beam cutter, saw, poison dart gun, and more Forgotten Realms universe A sentient crystal shard that enhances the inherent powers of its wielder, it can also erect a massive crystalline tower. Metal cuffs worn by the Amazons that can deflect weapon fire and absorb the impact of a long fall Mockingjay pin Cameo brooch Satine's necklace The Hunger Games (2012) Katniss's tribute token that Gone With the Wind (1938) Golden brooch that belonged to the costume designer's mother would evolve to become a symbol of rebellion Ruby and diamond necklace Moulin Rouge! (2001) The most expensive piece of jewelry ever created for a film, it features 1,308 diamonds totaling 134 carats. Arquilian Galaxy Amulet of Mara Pretty Woman (1990) The scene in which Richard Gere snaps the jewelry box on Julia Roberts's fingers was improvised to evoke genuine laughter from her. Morrigan's necklace Men in Black (1997) Skyrim (2011) Tiny galaxy that that dangles from a cat's collar, sought after Enchanted amulet that allows the wearer to propose marriage to another. as a source of subatomic energy Daenerys's dragon choker Dragon Age: Origins (2009) Necklace worn by Morrigan, a Witch of the Wilds who can shapeshift into animals Daryl's ear necklace Game of Thrones (2011-present) Silver dragon that encircled Daenerys's neck as she attended the reopening of Daznak's pit Black lace choker The Walking Dead (2010-present) Necklace crafted from the ears of slain zombies The Infinity Gems 000000 Downton Abbey (2010-2015) Elaborate black choker worn by Lady Mary Crawley Marvel universe Six immensely powerful gems that grant omnipotence and omniscience when united; each one has unique powers. LARSON JEWELERS boo000

Fictional Jewelry

shared by paullemus4 on May 01
Here is a collection of various jewels and jewelry from popular fiction stories.


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