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Festival Survival - need to know guide

wipes Festivals we .com Need-to-know Guide Around the World. The biggest festivals World... GLASTONBURY England ROSKILDE Denmark ROCK WERCHTER Belgium ROCK AL PARQUE Columbia TIN THE PARK Scotland EXIT Serbia COACHELLA California, USA READING/LEEDS England SZIGET Hungary PUKKLEPOP Belgium The World's Biggest Festival Glastonbury in numbers ENGLAND 175.000 people per day over days which is equivalent to the entire population of Peterborough (UK) or Chattanooga, Tennessee! CHATTANOOGA Population: 175,000 Toilets: 4,500 1:38 DID YOU KNOW: Glastonbury only introduced lavatory facilities in 1983 - a whole 13 years AFTER it started! Bars: Showers: 20 300 BEERS! 1:8,500 1:567 Taps Cows L100 350 for drinking and washing: who wander the festival fields: 1:1700 1:486i TOP 10 Festival Essentials #welovewipes 1. Wipes The famous Wet Wipe Shower: Use a handful in the comfort of your tent to give yourself an all- over freshen-up, or grab some all-in-one shower- wipes – one big sheet of moist, fresh goodness. Start with your face though! Wipes are also great to clean mud and spills off your belongings and yourself. And let's face it - you're probably going to get muddy. Avoid the overwhelming stench from festival toilets by holding a scented wipe over your nose. It's much better than holding your breath! Use anti-bac wipes to clean icky toilet and your hands before and after using them. Also carry medicated wipes for those unexpected cuts, grazes and bee stings. Sunscreen wipes are great for making sure you're protected from the sun's rays (if they make an appearance!) Plus they're easier to carry than a lotion bottle and you can keep them on you for unpredictable weather. If love is in the air and you do find yourself getting down and dirty with a fellow festival- goer, first of all, make sure you're using adequate protection, secondly, show how considerate you are afterwards by offering your partner a wipe for their intimate areas - before and/or after is your choice! 2. Portable Phone Charger Don't get lost from friends just because your phone has lost battery - always have a backup! 3. Travel Pee Bags For those times during the night when trekking in the dark is just not an option! deposiphooo 4. Poncho Because you KNOW it's going to rain. 5. Sensible Shoes You're probably going to be doing a LOT of walking and jumping around - open shoes are just asking for dirty and potentially broken toes when in the middle of a mosh pit! 6. Sunglasses Protect your eyes from the sun and still look reasonably cool minus makeup and/or sleep by masking those tired eye with your trendiest shades. 7. Dry Shampoo Great for getting the grime out of your hair without the hassle of having to find running water. 8. Mini First Aid Kit An essential in case anything goes a bit 'Pete Tong' (wrong!). 9. Teeth-cleaning chewing gum Convenient when you can't be bothered to dig out your toothbrush - or you wake up in someone else's tent. 10. Head Torch Great for finding your way around in the dark - just make sure you don't trip over those tent ropes! Always use products in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions Don t worry.. Be Appy! Think smart and travel light. We've found some of the most useful and handiest ll AT&T 3G FREE smartphone apps available to make your life that little bit easier once you hit the festival site! And don't forget to download your festival's own official app if it has one! Search your app store for other great geo-location and 'festival survival' apps Search your app store for other great friend-finding apps Festival Ready Find My Friends From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, Festival Ready is a complete package that includes 3D navigation that even lets you pinpoint your own tent to help you find it again., weather forecasts, camping tips and a sound flare -- just in case your festival experience turns into an extreme adventure. Survive the inevitable with Find My Friends!, an app that helps you to trace your friends again after splitting up to watch different acts. The app plots locations on a map, making it easy for you to pin down their whereabouts. You can also put your friends without smartphones onto the map by sending them an invite via text. Search your app store for other great music identification apps Search your app store for other great battery management apps Shazam Battery HD+ It's been around for a while, but, Shazam is still great for identifying that last encore from a b-side you haven't heard of. Better yet, the LyricPlay function will bail you out of the embarrassment of not knowing the words to the track everyone else is singing along to during the headline act! With all of these apps to enhance your festival experience, it would be a disaster to run out of juice. Battery HD+ ensures you don't get caught out by helping you get the most out of power you have and manage what apps are draining your battery the most. Search your app store for other great utterly pointless but fun apps Search your app store for other great music streaming apps Virtual Zippo Lighter Deezer Brilliantly combining safety with comedy, Zippo brings festival- goers the virtual lighter. Now you can put your lighters in the air without burning any hair. Genius! A lesser-known but great music streaming app that gives unlimited listening to artist-based and themed radio channels to help you keep the party going back at your tent! Remember! Some apps need access to 3G and are data heavy. so check your coverage and data allowance first! Finally. Is the music still ringing in your ears? Did you have a wild time? Did things get messy? Was it just pure awesome? Share your photos with us on social, use the hashtag or tag us ! f @welovewipes or #welovewipes 8* WeloveWipes P we wipes .com @welovewipes or #welovewipes Sntognam Sources: Festival Facts http://w Don't Worry, Be 'Appy!

Festival Survival - need to know guide

shared by welovewipes on Jul 09
Festivals can be a messy business (in more ways that one) but that is all part of the fun. One thing on the mind of all festival goers the world over is how to survive the mud and long waits for the ...






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