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The Evolution of Zombie Movies

Single or small groups of slow moving zombies Large hordes of zombies with the ability to run • Human > • Zombie 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's Night of the Living Dead Pet Sematary I Walked with a Zombie Some of the Best Modern Day Zombie Movies Dawn of the Dead Plan Nine From Outer Space No Movie Worth Mentioning White Zombie Zombie movies didn't is the zombie in become and prey on the living. mainstream Being a zambie is no longer in American restricted to white horror's until. This movie is considered one of the earliest zombie movies. Doctor diagnoses a wWoman with a sleepwalking disease but the natives believe she is cursed! E NOTLO started it all Strangers are thrown together when the dead rise Takes place in a mall. Lots of gore and even human brutality, making this one of the most popular movies. The Creed family have just moved in their new hoUse by the countryside. The zombie fad died down during the 90's Several movies produced but they were not successful or influential. Ever since the release of Night of the Living Dead, zombie movies have been a hit. After dying down in the 90s, the 2000's breathed new life into the world of the dead. Some of the best from 2000's are listed below. Genders begin to shift. A man this movie. There is a cemetery in the Woods behind the house. A zombie baby is born. In Haiti, a white lady, is turned into a zombie by a Slow walking and mindless, but does not limp. We also see string pulling again as aliens are using the dead as puppets to destroy the earth! Stephen King introduces zombie animals. Resident Evil Quarantine Rec Dawn of the Dead - Remake Example: Return of the Living Dead I women/men. Zombies still move Budget | $650,000 Gross $55,000,000 George A. sluggshly, but seek human Romero. Voodoo master. Incurable. flesh. IMDB 8/10 Similar to White Zombie, destroying the zombie's master ends their hold with the undead but, like I Walked with a Zombie, being undead is incurable. Budget | $11,500,000 ross $57,469,179 IMDB | 6.3/10 Budget | $2,000,000 Gross Unknown IMDB | 5.7/10 Sucessful Parody Zombie Movies Shaun of the Dead Fido ***Zombieland** The first Zombie slave! Budget | Unknown Gross Unknown IMDB | 7.3/10 Zombies spread by infection: a bite will do it! Once your a zombie, you can't go back. When the Voodoo master gets knocked off a cliff, the white zombie awakens from her zombiness. Tv Shows Dead Set *** The Walking Dead*** To kill a zombie, you have to destroy the brain. THE When the aliens are defeated, the zombie EVOLUTION OF ŽOM. JIENOVIES Lots and lots of GORE! hordes become skeletonized. Zombie does not kill people unless ordered to. Budget | $114,000 Gross $30,000,000 IMDB | 8/10 Budget | $60,000 Gross Unknown IMDB | 3.7/10 Budget | $50,000 Gross Unknown most influential movies that affected how zombies are today IMDB | 6.5/10

The Evolution of Zombie Movies

shared by kevinhadesign on Apr 04
A brief info-graph on how zombies transition to modern day zombies through film. Background Image Source: Resident Evil


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