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Everything You'll Ever Want to Know About James Bond

EVERYTHING YOU'LL EVER WANT TO KNOW ABOUT JAMES BOND With SPECTRE just around the corner, wanted to look back on one of the world's most famous movie characters, and his legacy. It's easy to forget, but important to remember that James Bond's movies are based on lan Fleming's influential books This infographic looks at the fabric of what makes a Bond movie, from leading ladies, to villains and everything in between. Be sure to share with any bond fans THE JAMES BOND FILM FRANCHISE HAS MADE OVER £6,000,000,000,000 The latest book, Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horrowitz, contains previously unpublished material written by Fleming for an unfilmed television series, Murder on Wheels. The book title was revealed on 28 May 2015 to coincide with Fleming's 107th birthday THE DEADLIEST BOND FILMS THE MOST DEATHS IN A THE MOST KILLS BY SINGLE BOND FILM BOND IN A SINGLE FILM PIERCE BROSNAN (GOLDEN EYE) 47 KILLS YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE 197 DEATHS James Bond was a commander in the Royal Navy before becoming a super spy. When faking his death in You Only Live Twice he was ceremoniously buried at sea Bond's weapon of choice is the Beretta M 1934 (perhaps from his service in the Royal Navy) but was forced to use the Walther PPK in Dr. No THE SPY WHO LOVED ME THE NUMBER OF WOMEN THE MOST WOMEN BEDDED BOND HAS SLEPT WITH BY A SINGLE BOND 19 WOMEN ROGER MOORE (ACROSS 7 FILMS) 55 WOMEN "You don't need the gun" Xenia Onatopp (ACROSS 23 FILMS) "That depends on your definition of safe sex" James Bond MAKING SENSE OF ALL THE CHAOS There is much contention as to the true order of Bond movies. Many argue the Daniel Craig saga has messed up the canon somewhat, what do you think? Here's one example from start to finish. AO 01. Casino Royale (especially the ending!) 02. Quantum of Solace 03. Goldfinger 04. Moonraker 06. The Man 08. From Russia 05. Live and 07. Dr. No with the With Love Let Die Golden Gun 09. Thunderball 10. On Her Majesty's Secret 11. You Only 12. Diamonds OR Never Say Live Twice Are Forever Never Again Service 16. A View to 14. The Spy Who 13. For Your 15. Octopussy a Kill Loved Me Eyes Only 17. The Living 18. Die Another 19. GoldenEye 20. Tomorrow Daylights Day Never Dies 21. The World Is Not Enough 22. License 23. Skyfall to Kill YOU ONLY LIVE... SEVEN TIMES! FILMS STARRED IN / BOND YEARS ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING 2006 - Present Casino Royale / 95% Quantum of Solace / 65% AGE Skyfall / 92% 38 - 47 Spectre (coming soon!) PAY AVERAGE RTR: 84% DANIEL CRAIG £48,000,000 Average Per Film: £9,600,000 FILMS STARRED IN / BOND YEARS ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING 1995 - 2002 GoldenEye / 82% Tomorrow Never Dies / 57% The World Is Not Enough / 51% Die Another Day / 57% AGE 42 - 49 PIERCE BROSNAN PAY AVERAGE RTR: 629 £25,258,104 Average Per Film: £6,314,526 FILMS STARRED IN / ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING BOND YEARS 1987 - 1989 The Living Daylights / 76% License To Kill/ 76% AGE 41 - 43 AVERAGE RTR: 76% PAY TIMOTHY DALTON £5,275,844 Average Per Film: £2,637,922 FILMS STARRED IN / BOND YEARS ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING 1973 - 1985 Live and Let Die / 66% The Man with the Golden Gun / 46% AGE The Spy Who Loved Me / 78% 46 - 58 Moonraker / 60% For Your Eyes Only / 73% Octopussy / 41% A View to a KilI / 34% PAY ROGER MOORE £16,083,609 Average Per Film: AVERAGE RTR: 57% £2,297,658 FILMS STARRED IN / ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING BOND YEARS 1962 - 1971 Dr.No / 96% From Russia With Love /96% Goldfinger / 96% Thunderball / 85% You Only Live Twice / 73% Diamonds Are Forever / 66% Never Say Never Again / 62% AGE 32-41 SEAN CONNERY PAY £6,078,432 Average Per Film: £868,350 AVERAGE RTR: 829 FILMS STARRED IN / ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING BOND YEARS 1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service / 82% AGE 30 AVERAGE RTR: 82% PAY GEORGE LAZENBY £53,088 Average Per Film: £53,088 FILMS STARRED IN / BOND YEARS ROTTEN TOMATOES RATING 1967 Casino Royale (not an original Bond film) / 36% AGE 57 AVERAGE RTR: 36% PAY DAVID NIVEN N/A Average Per Film: N/A THE VERY BEST OF Q-BRANCH Many great gadgets grace the bond movies, here are few of the strangest and coolest. BAGPIPE FLAMETHROWER THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH Although James never gets to use this gadget personally, it would have been interesting to see this being used outside of testing ANTI-SHARK PELLET LIVE AND LET DIE As with many great Bond gadgets, they are often implemented in a way not originally intended by Q. Roger Moore utilises the device to make sure Mr. Big goes out in a big way CIGARETTE & TOOTHPASTE C4 LICENCE TO KILL The best gadgets are the ones disguised like everyday objects. "Dentonite' toothpaste is very deadly and does not help eliminate plaque but it may improve your breath BROOM RADIO LICENSE TO KILL One of the rare times we get to see Q operating in the field. Putting safety first and going deep undercover he hides his radio in his broom SEAGULL SNORKEL SUIT GOLDFINGER What better way to disguise your tactical espionage action than with a snorkel disguised as a seagull? It must also be incredibly water tight, as Connery reveals a crisp white tuxedo underneath BOOM BOX THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS A side project of Q's for the Americans. What better way to conceal a rocket launcher than in an oversized 80's radio? "It's called a ghetto blaster!", beams Desmond Llewelyn CROCODILE SUBMARINE OCTOPUSSY Using a mechanical crocodile suit, Bond aquatically infiltrates a tropical island. Over engineering a solution to a problem? Maybe. Something we'd see in a modern Bond film? Sadly, probably not WE'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, MR. BOND VILLAINS HENCHMEN 2 FEMALE... 24 MALE 50 FEMALE. 141 MALE 15 KILLED BY BOND 49 KILLED BY BOND NATIONALITY WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? Soviet: 7 Stateless: 2 AO Arrested: 5 ? Unknown: 24 O Afghan: 1 Killed in plane A Killed in car accident: 2 Swiss: 1 accident: 7 Italian: 1 German: 1 €9 Shot: 45 Strangled: 4 British: 5 American: 1 Survived: 44 Incinerated: 2 ? Unclear: 2 French: 1 Poisoned: 2 Electrocuted: 3 Killed by self: 2 Made-up Caribbean: 1 Painted: 1 WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? % Suffocated: 2 * Blown up: 17 * Killed by a fall: 9 Eaten by animals: 5 Shot: 9 Survived: 1 Melted in acid: 1 Killed by O Boiled Alive: 1 Drowned: 6 pressure: 1 * Killed by a fall: 2 * Blown up: 2 Impaled: 3 Lasered: 1 Thrown out Poisoned: 1 Stabbed: 2 Frozen: 1 of window: 3 Killed in plane accident: 2 * Crushed: 2 Crushed: 4 Bitten: 1 Torn to pieces: 1 Killed by pressure: 4 Impaled: 1 Stabbed: 1 WHAT WAS THEIR MOTIVE? Embarrass War: 6 MI6: 3 Nuclear Financial Disaster: 7 Gain: 10 Destroy Humanity: 2 Contral Resources: 2 EMILIO LARGO Kill James E Terrorism: 1 Thunderball Bond: 1 THE MI6 MOTORCADE While many more cars made an appearance in the form of villains vehicles and brief drives, these are the auto's that stole the show and made the movies HIGHEST BHP ASTON MARTIN DB10: 650 BHP Spectre MOST EXPENSIVE MOST APPEARANCES ASTON MARTIN DB5: ASTON MARTIN DB5: 6 FILMS Goldfinger / Thunderball / GoldenEye / ~ £1,000,000+ Goldfinger / Thunderball Tomorrow Never Dies / Sykfall / Casino Royale SOME OF THE STRANGEST VEHICLES TUK TUK DOUBLE BUMPER CAR CITROEN 2CV DECKER BUS "Is there any other protection I need" James Bond "Only from me if you don't bring that car back in pristine order" LEADING LADIES NATIONALITY | English: 20 O Japanese: 2 Malaysian: 1 Brazilian: 1 USA: 14 Serbian: 1 Filipino: 1 Moroccan: 1 French: 10 Australian: 1 Greek: 1 Jamaican: 1 Swedish: 5 Chinese: 1 Nigerian: 1 Swiss: 1 Italian: 3 German: 1 Bosnian: 1 Hungarian: 1 Dutch: 2 Polish: 1 Israeli: 1 BOND'S AGE VS MAIN BOND GIRL'S AGE BOND BOND GIRL 32 Dr.No (1962) 26 33 From Russia With Love (1963) 21 34 Goldfinger (1964) 39 35 Thunderball (1965) 24 37 You Only Live Twice (1967) 23 I On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) 31 41 Diamonds Are Forever (1971) 31 46 Live and Let Die (1973) 47 The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) 32 50 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) 29 52 Moonraker (1979) 32 54 For Your Eyes Only (1981) 23 56 Octopussy (1983) 38 58 A View to a Kill (1985) 29 41 The Living Daylights (1987) 26 43 License to Kill (1989) 27 42 GoldenEye (1995) 25 44 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) 35 46 The World Is Not Enough (1999) 28 49 Die Another Day (2002) 35 38 Casino Royale (2006) 26 40 Quantum of Solace (2008) 28 44 Skyfall (2012) 33 47 Spectre (2015) 51 + 13.5 YEARS AVERAGE: 43.3 AVERAGE: 29.8 Monica Bellucci, 51, is set to be oldest love interest for 007 since the 50+ franchise began. When she plays her role in Spectre she will be four years older than James bond A third of all girls who sleep with Bond end up facing their demise soon after. The most dangerous Bond is Daniel Craig - every girl who slept with him has ended up dead THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN: BOOKS VS. MOVIES lan Fleming wrote 12 James Bond novels and 9 short stories published in two collections. Initially the Eon series of films were fairly straight adaptations of the novels but over tim they tended to deviate more and more. Here's a look at some of the faithful and less faithful adaptions.. FAITHFUL ADAPTATIONS DR NO FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE GOLDFINGER THUNDERBALL LESS FAITHFUL ADAPTATIONS YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Retains only the Japanese setting and a few character names from the lan Fleming novel published 1964 ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE Fairly faithful adaptation of the lan Fleming novel published 1963, to the point where it ignores the events of the previous film DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Some characters and situations from the 1956 Fleming novel are incorporated but much is new LIVE AND LET DIE Takes only some character names and settings from the 1954 Fleming novel THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Takes only some details of the main villain from the 1965 Fleming novel THE SPY WHO LOVED ME As per lan Fleming's explicit instructions, takes almost nothing from the 1962 Fleming novel MOONRAKER Takes only the name of the villain and the theme of space travel from the 1955 Fleming novel FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Takes a few character names from the 1960 Fleming short story. Alsa includes material from the Live and Let Die novel and Risico, the 1960 short story OCTOPUSSY Takes only the title character's back-story from the 1966 Fleming short story but also includes material from the Property of a Lady short story (also 1966) Helping you choose your next book lulullıll |++| < вx

Everything You'll Ever Want to Know About James Bond

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