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Every Simpsons Episode Ever

552 DAYS OF SPRINGFIELD: A PERFECTLY CROMULENT INFOGRAPHIC We've done the unpossible! Yes, we've tagged each and every episode of The Simpsons according to its primary focus. This kind of thing is endlessly debatable-- which is why it's fun!-but we'll argue that there are 25 types of episodes, based on the main character or a recurring theme.* Revealed below: How many flashback episodes have there been? When did Lisa emerge as a primary character? Unanswered: What exactly is in Malk besides Vitamin R? Number of episodes that focus on Homer HOMER No surprise: more than one-quarter of all episodes-28%-center primarily on Homer Jay. 155 EPISODES Episodes that focus on Homer so far Episodes that focus on Homer per season Season All other episodes so far S1 S13 S25 Dear BART LISA 66 EPISODES MARGE Internet, would you please stop PMarge in t drawing N The Simpsons' middle child receives the most attention during later 74 EPISODES Bartmania trailed off 48 EPISODES quickly, but 13% of all episodes focus on Bartholomew J. nude? Playboy already did it. seasons. S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S13 S25 TREEHOUSE OF HORROR 24 EPISODES THE SIMPSONS GO TO MR. BURNS 15 EPISODES 16 EPISODES Mnin Kang and Kodos never miss an episode. S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 Did Marge and Homer grow up in the 70s or the 90s? Well, it depends on which season you're watching. STORIES / ENSEMBLE 13 EPIŞODES FLASHBACK SIDESHOW BOB 11 EPISODES 12 EPISODES himi S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 KRUSTY THE CLOWN 11 EPISODES GRAMPA MOE SZYSLAK 11 EPIŞODES 10 EPISODES "Maaaaaaatlock!" UMALME DUff S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 NED FLANDERS 10 EPISODES America's favorite evangelical? Yes indeedily-doodily! CHRISTMAS 9 EPISODES SEYMOUR SKINNER 6 EPISODES S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 CLIP SHOW 6 EPISODES VÁLENTINE'S DAY Obviously, the 6 EPIŞODES source of more compelling plot lines than Thanksgiving. APU NAHASAPEEMAPETILON 5 EPISODES SQUE S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 FLASH FORWARD 5 EPISODES MILHOUSE 4 EPISODES CROSSOVER 4 EPISODES Includes The Critic, The X-Files, 24, and we counted Lego. In season 26: Family Guy. IT STINKS! S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 EDNA KRABAPPEL 3 EPISODES MAGGIE 1 EPISODE We decided to give her Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two), She earned it. OTHER 27 EPISODES S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 S1 S13 S25 *Of course some episodes are more than just one type of show, but we've taken Shary Bobbins' advice to heart and done a half-assed job. It's the American way! Beutler Didn't Do It, Nobody Saw Us Do It, Ink There's No Way You Can Prove Anything

Every Simpsons Episode Ever

shared by beutlerink on Aug 28
552 episodes of the Simpsons, dozens of major characters and several recurring themes: we tagged every single episode as one type (yes, just ONE) of episode or another and here's what we found. Unsurp...


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