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Elegant Easter Egg Designs

* Elegant ** EASTER EGGS EASTER EGGS, WHETHER EDIBLE OR PURELY DECORATIVE, GIVE EVERYONE A CHANCE TO SHOW OFF THEIR CREATIVITY. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR DECORATING EXTRAVAGANZA GO SMOOTHLY AND YOUR EGGS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER. HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT HARDBOILED EGGS I Step 1 Make sure your dozen of eggs are at room temperature. ( Step 2 Place your eggs in a large saucepan and cover them with one inch of cool water. Step 3 Slowly bring the water to a boil over medium heat. When the water starts to boil, cover the pan and remove it from the heat. ( Step 4 Let your eggs sit in the pan of water for 12 minutes to cool down. Step 5 Transfer your eggs to a colander and place it under cool running water to stop them from cooking. Dry them off and you're ready to decorate! TIME TO DECORATE SICK OF USING DYE TABLETS AND VINEGAR EVERY YEAR? TRY THESE DECORATING TECHNIQUES TO ADD A LITTLE EXCITEMENT TO YOUR EASTER EGG HUNT. Sorbian eggs Natural dyes » Speckled eggs Decorate with feathers, bees wax, and acrylic paint to make these elaborate creations. Search for them on the web for some beautiful and intricate inspiration. Use onion skins, leaves, rubber bands and a cloth to create naturally dyed and beautifully textured easter eggs. Crumple aluminium foil and dab the egg with different colors of acrylic paint for a fun and layered look. Tissue paper eggs No-dye Get wild with tissue paper, scissors, decoupage glue, and a paintbrush to create your beautiful tissue paper creations. Glue buttons, wrap yarn, use stickers, etc. Get crafty without a lot of mess! Sources: Happy Easter lemon ly

Elegant Easter Egg Designs

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If dying eggs is part of your Easter celebration ritual, we have an infographic for you! If you’re a little bored with the way your eggs have been looking the past couple of years, take a look at ou...




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