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Einstein's Guide to Storytelling

einstein's guide to storytelling Storytelling takes place both in your heart and brain. It combines strong feelings with chemical reactions in the insular cortex which results in goose bumps, tears and other strong feelings. VS. classic . storytelling goose bumps • insular cortex strong feelings • emotional More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle compiled the first documents of Classic Storytelling and the idea of catharsis 30/60/30min A classic story usually is Introduction/Main Struggle/End. This is the classic 3-act-scheme, used by most of the hollywood movies and comes from the idea about a hero and a villain. I am the hero in this case. of classic theater scripts 2300 years ago. согрогаte storytelling Comes from the early marketing techniques where you use parts of the classic storytelling to market your product/service. It is the idea of showing your prospects what your company stands for. 4. categories of well- balanced storytelling clients future founding myth insight perspective perspective product brand service vision passion need why how values method in creation where utopia, the future how we sense company comes from, values etc what and meaning for the products causes want it awareness modern storytelling Transmedia storytelling: Has its core in classic storytelling and combines different channels and media: infographics & videos for example Sp red thread Modern storytelling: This is smaller stories derived from the bigger picture, this is why TV-shows are so popular now. Shorter episodes keeps people from getting bored but makes them want to watch the next episode this is modern storytelling Cvjsual Q Pull over push: Let the audience think for themselves and attract them rather than force them. To create an amazing story you have to mix some classic storytelling, a little bit of corporate and an ounce of modern storytelling. It is when you master that formula when you can call yourself a genius. modern coгporate mix mix mix storytellingmachine classic 2015 Cijsual Resources: Storytelling, Die Zukunft von PR und Marketing by Petra Sammer Integrating language skills through storytelling by M.N Atta-Alla Storytelling as an instructional Method: Descriptions & Research Question by D. Andrews & H. Donahue red thread

Einstein's Guide to Storytelling

shared by vjsual on Jun 18
Einstein was one of the smartest people who ever walked on this earth. Now he is back and with all his knowledge he has compiled an Infographic about everything you ever need to know about Storytellin...


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