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On Earth in 2526, soldiers are investigating the deaths of a research team studying cave systems. The Doctor is trying to convince the soldiers of his innocence when the entire group is attacked by a pair of Androids. The soldiers manage to destroy the Androids, but the Doctor discovers they were protecting a powerful bomb buried in the cave. He and Adric diffuse the bomb at the last second. The DOCTOR The TARDIS materializes in the cave. The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric explore the caverns and are captured by the soldiers, who suspect them of killing the researchers. A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor is a brilliant and eccentric adventurer who travels through time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine that's bigger on the inside than the outside. The Doctor learns that the Androids planted the bomb under the guidance of one of his oldest enemies, the Cybermen. Adric feels unappreciated by the Doctor and wants to return to his home planet of Alzarius in E-Space. As a Time Lord the Doctor can regenerate his body when it becomes injured or aged. This is the Doctor's fifth incanation. When Tegan notices dinosaur fossils in the caves, the Doctor says he's always meant to find out what killed them. The Doctor saw himself as a mentor to Adric and was quite protective of him. TEGAN JOVANKA The Cyberleader used the Androids to plant the bomb in order to destroy an important Galactic Conference being held on Earth. This conference would form an alliance against the Cybermen. NYSSA Tegan is a human airline stewardess from Australia. The daughter of a nobleman from the planet Traken. She was horrified when the Master, an evil renegade Time Lord, possessed her father and now lives on in his body. Loud and opinionated, she often describes herself as a "mouth on legs." The Cyberleader then puts his backup plan in motion, commandeering a space freighter heading for Earth. The Doctor follows the Cybermen's trail through space and takes his companions and the soldiers to the freighter in the TARDIS. The Doctor and Adric then explore the seemingly empty ship. She became an unwitting she Heathrow Airport, thinking it was an ordinary phone booth. o the Doctor when compatered the TARDIS near Nyssa is intelligent and well versed in many branches of science. She even understands some of the workings of the TARDIS and has operated it on occasion. Memorable Moments In Whostory: The Cyberleader threatens to kill Tegan, causing the Doctor to back down. The Cyberleader then belittles the Doctor for POLICE BOX having emotions, which the Cybermen consider a weakness The space freighter is commanded by Captain Briggs, who is unaware that her ship's cargo hold secretly contains thousands of dormant Cybermen in stasis pods. "EARTHSHOCK" The Cyberleader then activates his army, and wave after wave of relentless Cybermen storm the ship. The Doctor tries to defend the bridge, but a traitorous crew member helps the Cybermen overrun the ship. The Cybermen leave the freighter and join their nearby fleet. The Cyberleader forces the Doctor to take him into the TARDIS so that he can better observe the destruction of Earth. He makes the Doctor leave Adric aboard the doomed freighter as "insurance. Story 121, 1982 The Cybermen attach a device to the freighter's controls to prevent it from altering course. The ship, powered by antimatter, has now become a gigantic bomb heading straight for Earth. CYBER LEADER & CYBERMEN On the freighter's bridge, Adric attempts to regain control of the runaway ship. His actions inadvertently cause an imbalance in the warp engines, which sends the ship back in time 65 million years. The Cyberleader is undaunted by this setback; Earth will now simply be destroyed in the past rather than the present. During a scuffle with the Cybermen, the Doctor secretly palms Adric's gold-backed star pin. Cyborgs from the planet Mondas, a twin of the Earth. After years of warfare, they began replacing their failing organs with mechanical versions, until they're now more machine than organic. Their main weakness is gold, which acts as a deadly poison to them, their respiratory systems. CAPTAIN BRIGGS ANDROIDS Captain of a space freighter and eager to get her crew and cargo safely back to Earth in order to collect their bonus. Humanoid robots encountered in a cave system on Earth. The Androids were controlled by the Cybermen, who commanded them The Cyberleader forces the Doctor to use the TARDIS to follow the freighter back in time so that he can still witness the destruction of Earth in the distant past. She is initially distrustful of the Doctor, but defers to his judgement when she realizes she needs his help against the Cybermen who have overrun her ship. to plant a powerful bomb in the caves. The freighter crew leaves the ship in an escape pod, but Adric refuses to go with them, choosing to stay and attempt to unlock the computer and stop the runaway ship. This bomb was to destroy an important Galactic Conference, which the Cybermen wanted disrupted. He almost succeeds, but a wounded Cyberman shoots the navigation computer, destroying it. Adric realizes there's now no way to stop or escape the doomed ship. The Androids fire bolts of energy from the palms of their hands. Adric's last words are, "Now I'll never know if I was right." On board the TARDIS the Doctor uses Adric's gold edged star pin (that he palmed earlier) to poison the Cyberleader. He then kills him with the Leader's own gun, thus regaining control of the TARDIS ADRIC An extremely bright teenaged boy from the planet Alzarius, which resides in the pocket universe known as E-Space. CANADA! The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa then watch helplessly as the runaway freighter, with Adric still aboard, crashes into prehistoric Earth. Adric was gifted at mathematics and understood many of the workings of the TARDIS. The Doctor often allowed Adric to pilot it. The Doctor realizes that the blast from the freighter crash is what killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The explosion cleared the way for man and was destined to happen. Adric wears a star shaped, gold-backed pin that he received for mathematical excellence.


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This time instead of showcasing the various Doctors or his enemies I decided to focus on one particular episode: Earthshock, aka "The One Where Adric Dies."


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