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Drive Another Day - Bond cars through the ages

007 DRIVE Another Day BOND CARS THROUGH THE AGES 007 has always had a way with his cars. Whether its's a pristine Aston Martin or a Renault Taxi, the man in the tux knows how to steer things into his favour. From racing through the streets of London to skidding an invisible car across a frozen wasteland, James Bond has done it all in all manner of vehicles. Join us as we take a look at the best of Eon Production's Bond's cars. We break down the costs of purchasing the vehicles today, as well as providing some stats that'll help you decide whether you want to go secret agent or just stick with your family car. KEY AVG. COST (TODAY) TOP 0-60 MILES MAIN SPEED TIME PER GALLON GADGETRY THE SUNBEAM ALPINE SERIES I| Dn. No (1962) £9,400 99.5 MPH 13.6 SECS 25.8 NONE Q BRANCH FACT The low height of the car allowed Bond to slip under a crane blocking his path. BENTLEY DROPHEAD COUPE PARK WARD from Russia With Love (1963) £59,900 - £100,000 95 MPH CAR PHONE Q BRANCH FACT There is no model named the "Bentley Mark IV - the name is thought to have been created by lan Fleming and used erroneously ever since. ASTON MARTIN DB5 Goldfingen (1964) · Skyfall (2012) 144 MPH 8 SECS SMOKE SCREEN, GPS DASHBOARD, EJECTOR SEAT, GUNS £595,100 15 Q BRANCH FACT The GPS dashboard was taken straight out of the novel but in the book, Bond struggled to track Goldfinger after a series of wrong turns. LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CONVERTIBLE Thundenball (1965) £20,522 122 MPH 9.6 SECS 13.2 NONE Q BRANCH FACT This was a hire car for Bond when he was in Nassau. It was a new "65 model with front disc brakes and revised frontal styling. TOYOTA 2000 GT You Only Live Twice (1967) VHS, CAMERAS, TWO- WAY RADIOS, VOICE- CONTROLLED RECORDER £756,323 135 MPH 10 SECS Q BRANCH FACT Toyota built just 351 of these rare vehicles between 1967 and 1970. They are now highly sought after and one recently sold at auction for £756,323, making it the most expensive Toyota ever. ASTON MARTIN DBS On Hen Majesty's Secnet Senvice (1969) £75,683 140 MPH 7.1 SECS 17.3 NONE Q BRANCH FACT Teresa Tracy' Bond, James' wife, is shot and killed while sitting in this car. FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Diamonds Ane foneven (1971) £16,300 117 MPH 8.3 SECS 16.1 NONE Q BRANCH FACT Bond puts this car on two-wheels to slip through an alley. Surprisingly, he comes out of the other side on the other set - a famed continuity error. 1963 CHEVROLET IMPALA CONVERTIBLE Live And Let Die (1973) £32,748 94 MPH 14.4 SECS 18.5 NONE Q BRANCH FACT Driven by Roger Moore, this is the only Chevy Bond car that the secret agent has ever driven. AMC HORNET X The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) £1,200 101 MPH 12.7 SECS 20.1 NONE Q BRANCH FACT Stolen from a Bangkok showroom and used to perform a corkscrew jump, a one-take CCI stunt is now infamous in Bond history. 1976 LOTUS ESPRIT S1 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) SUBMERSIBLE MODE, MISSLES, DYE SLICK, MINES, TORPEDOES £7,700 135 MPH 6.8 SECS 32.8 Q BRANCH FACT The actual Wet Nellie' model submarine car went to auction for over £600,000. LOTUS ESPRIT S3 TURBO For Your Eyes Only (1981) turbo £9,300 150 MPH 6.1 SECS 17.6 SELF-DESTRUCT SYSTEM Q BRANCH FACT The gadgetry in this car was toned down to match the film's more serious tone. RANGE ROVER CLASSIC CONVERTIBLE Octopussy (1983) 96 MPH 15.7 SECS 16.8 Q BRANCH FACT The car tows the box containing Bond's Acrostar Jet. 1984 RENAULT 11 TAXI A View To A KilL (1985) £400 86 MPH 20.2 SECS 42.6 NONE O BRANCH FACT This car is commandeered by Bond and later ripped in half during a chase. No small scrapes will suffice for 007. ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE VOLANTE The Living Daylights (1987) 5.3 SECS MISSILES, LASERS, TYRE SPIKES, ROCKET BOOSTER £86,448 160 MPH 13.3 Q BRANCH FACT With its 5.3 second 0-60 speed and a top speed approaching 160 mph, this was the fastest four-seater production car in the world. 1988 LINCOLN MARK VII LSC Licence To Kill (1989) 137 MPH 8 SECS 20.3 Q BRANCH FACT A surprisingly fast car for its non-athletic shape, the Lincoln Mark VII LSC is a prime example of an American muscle car. BMW Z3 GoldenEye (1995) STINGER MISSILES, RADAR SCANNER, PARACHUTE £4.250 121 MPH 9.9 SECS 36.7 Q BRANCH FACT The car was a controversial choice, as it was the first non-British made car to feature as Bond's main form of transport. Nevertheless, the Z3 was one of the few not destroyed by the end of the film. BMW 750İL Tomonnow Neven Dies (1997) £3,950 TEAR GAS, ROCKET LAUNCHER, RE- NFLATING TYRES 128 MPH 6.3 SECS 15 Q BRANCH FACT The car is also equipped with machine guns according to Q, but these aren't used in the film. BMW Z8 The Wonld Is Not Enough (1999) £178,778 168 MPH 4.7 SECS 15 MISSLES, TARGETING DISPLAY, REMOTE CONTROL Q BRANCH FACT The car was another limited edition entry, with BMW producing Just 5,703 ASTON MARTIN V12 VANQUISH Die Anothen Day (2002) £65.000 190 MPH 5 SECS 11-18 ADAPTIVE CAMOUFLAGE, SHOTGUNS, ROCKETS, REMOTE CONTROL Q BRANCH FACT Only 1,489 models of the car were built before it was replaced by the V12 Vanquish S in 2005. ASTON MARTIN DBS V12 Casino Royale (2006) • Quantum of Solace (2008) £180,812 191 MPH A SPARE GUN, DEFIBRILLATOR 4.2 SECS 18 NO FRILLY GADGETS Q BRANCH FACT The hidden defibrillator was likely inspired by the Goldfinger novel, where a compartment was found under the seat of Bond's car. ASTON MARTIN DB10 Spectne (2015) £327,412 200 MPH 3 SECS TBC Q BRANCH FACT Only 10 DB10's are being made specifically for Spectre. However, fans can expect that the new DB9, to be released in 2016, will be a close approximation of the Bond experience. SOURCES Figures are taken from a voriety of motoring sources - some may be factory estimations or approximations. id=1061050 007 bond_cas.pho enaultownersclub.comten11.shtml http/ https:/ Alpine licance to-thrilhtml 4.htm hemnings.comvhnitories/2007/09/01/hm_feature19.tml cars88621/sunbeamalnine dr-no1962 carandclassic cOutt93.5%20tre etican/2585ht minrorco.ukhewsluk-news/Imilion-james-bond-shyle aston-6154859 gbelassiccars.oo.ukaston_martin_db5.html goidfinger-carsells-5674328 007 jamas.comigadgetslaston_martin_db5.php htp/, Mm 2 continental lincoln 2en sedan/1964. Html https/'this-1-2-million-toyota-nearly tripled-in-value is ttr-1B5OSODO https/ htp//007rarelers.blogspot.V201406/007 vehidechevrolet-impala live-and html automobile-catalog.comimakelamchomet amc 2gerhomet amc 2gen hatchback/ 007travelers.blogspot2014/07/007-vehicle-amo-hornet-man-with- giden htni nabude automobile-catalog.con/car/1971434290Motus asprit html http:janesbond Esprit S1_(1976) httpanesbond Turbo p automobile-catalog.con/makaland-roverirange_rover_1genrange rover 1gen19e0. htmi automobile catalog com/malarenaulnnv1984 html martin-anwe.vantage volart1987.tml https/ Aston_Martin V8 stonmatin.conenheritagepast-modelve-vantage automobi viilgeneration 1980) roadter1995. html Httolamestond wikia.con/ikBMW. 23 http:jamesbond 750L reviow Httpswww.fueleconomy govtegnolrames/13617.shtml z8-spotted/32271 carfcar-reviewbw/6/207699 http/jamesbond wilda.con/k/BMW_Z8 2002 aston_martin vanquishviwall.html htninan tegvetenmse-tocte-in 2000-gtisno-the srea p loy.0 tml http//blog and james-bond-the-names-2000gt (1969 DBS specs) https/ skprice guide/l967-Aston Martin lgen mustang_1gen_nach_1971.html uk/best-can88620tord-muntang-mach-1-damonds are-loreer-1971 Articles/2012/1029Bond-can ona budget usatul-size chevecletfger full-size impala 2gen_convertibie/1963 html courtesy of Ocreative 9commons

Drive Another Day - Bond cars through the ages

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007 has always had a way with his cars. Whether its’s a pristine Aston Martin or a Renault Taxi, the man in the tux knows how to steer things into his favour. From racing through the streets of Lond...


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